Class Alert: Felt Flower Making Class with Rubyellen Bratcher

Bloesem Class Alert | Felt flower making class with Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

Class Alert: From Felt to Flowers with Rubyellen Bratcher

Bloesem Classes are not only a great way to pick up a new skill, it’s also a great chance to meet the bloggers and personalities you have been following online and never thought you would have a chance to come face to face with and learn from them!

A few months back, a customer came into the store and was enquiring about the upcoming classes. She told us she really wanted to attend our classes but she was just waiting for Rubyellen of Cakies to teach a Bloesem class. And Tah-dah! It is happening! Rubyellen will be teaching us how she creates these fabulous felt creations!

Rubyellen Bratcher is a maker and a doer, author of the new book Let’s Sew Together (congratulations Rubyellen!), and pens the popular lifestyle/craft blog Cakies. In addition, she contributes craft and party styling for various blogs and magazines. She has been featured in Family Fun Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Babiekins, Mollie Makes, Apartment Therapy, Design for Mankind, and many other print and online venues. A former elementary school teacher, she is a mom to four girls: True, Brave, Soul, and Glow. Rubyellen and her family live in Southern California and you can follow her daily chronicles and makings at

Bloesem Class Alert | Felt flower making class with Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

This will be creative workshop designed to teach you how to create gorgeous blooms from wool felt. These blooms made from felt can be used to transform a bag, used as an accessory to spruce up an outfit, added to a vase, or bundled together into a bouquet, wreath, or wall hanging, the possibilities are endless! After the class, your mind will be spinning with all the fun creations you can make with your felt flowers. You will get several patterns to take home to keep working on your craft, ideas on where to look for more floral inspiration, and how to use your new skill to create flowers using other materials.

Bloesem Class Alert | Felt flower making class with Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

Of course all the materials needed for this 3 hour flower making fun are included, plus an extra goodie bag to continue making flowers, bouquets and other beautiful things at home. Accompanied with some nice food and drinks, it will be a fun time of using your hands to create and engage with others who love creating just as much as you.

Bloesem Class Alert | Felt flower making class with Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

We make sure we don’t miss out on all her great DIY projects with her fun instagram sneaks! Here are some of our favorites, but we suggest you hop over there and start picking your own favorites..

Bloesem Class Alert | Felt flower making class with Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies Blog

We get excited everytime we line up new classes with all our great teachers, but what’s even better is the delighted comments from students when they know someone they really admire will be teaching a class.

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