Singapore and social media through Erin’s eyes

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class and an interview with Erin Loechner of CLementine Daily

The Bloesem Team had the pleasure of having Erin (of Design for Mankind and Clementine Daily) and her family here this week for Bloesem class and we took the opportunity to ask her some questions while we had her here! Read on to find out more.. Also all the pictorial enjoyment that is about to ensue is kindly brought to you by Erin’s instagram feed.

(If you are interested in joining Erin’s last 2 Blogging and social media class, head over to Bloesem class or drop us an email before it’s too late! Erin heads back Sunday.)

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class and an interview with Erin Loechner of CLementine Daily

Bloesem Team // What do you feel is the biggest difference between your experience teaching in Singapore compared to elsewhere?

Erin Loechner // I was actually surprised at how small the difference between Singapore students and U.S. students are! They’re proactive, interested and right on the cusp of truly tapping into the beauty of social media. It’s been such a delight to witness the similarities in knowledge and passion – all the way on the other side of the world!

BT  // A recent survey revealed that Singapore is one of the most socially connected countries on earth. Some free advice for Singaporean companies to effectively utilize social media for their business?

Erin’s answer and more after the cut..

EL  // I think the key to succeeding in social media is to remember that what’s ordinary to you is often extraordinary to others. Never be afraid to share the details of your life or business, even those you feel are mundane. I promise; it’s fascinating to someone out there!

My other tip is to create a social media policy for yourself or business. Outline a few key ideas and goals – what message are you trying to convey? How can you accurately reflect your brand on your various channels? Social media – in my opinion – is about informing, inspiring and engaging your loyal audience. Write down some direct avenues you plan to do this so you can help focus your energies on growth, influence and building your tribe.

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class and an interview with Erin Loechner of CLementine Daily

BT  //  Name one thing you notice that you think is very unique about the social media trend in Singapore.

EL  //  I actually love how social media conveys the same message universally, no matter where we are: it’s a window into the lives or ourselves and those around us. I see food photos on Instagram, funny GIFs on Facebook, beautiful imagery on Pinterest and news updates on Twitter.

It does seem as if Singapore locals embrace chats like QQ and Whatsapp more than in the states, which shows there’s a growing trend on a desire for privacy or exclusivity among networks. This is still a developing trend in the U.S. as well – one that I’m excited to watch unfold!

BT  //  What is your most favourite dish that you have tried in Singapore?

EL  //  Definitely the hot dog and ginger carrot juice at Kith Cafe. Everything that gem serves is amazing! We’ve visited at least once daily. 🙂

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class and an interview with Erin Loechner of CLementine Daily

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