We’re not KID-ding around!

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

With our online store fully up and running, we though it’d be nice to introduct some of the members of the Bloesem.co family to you. The BU! Blankies flew off the shelf and we’ve only a few left till we get more in but for now, here are a few of our other gems you can find in our online store. We mainly ship in Asia but if you would like to order from anywhere else you should just drop us an email and we can try to figure something out.

I have to say, one of the “hottest” items in the shop are these weave mats. We have almost every color of the rainbow all bundled together sitting near the window (comes in a few different sizes as well) and almost everyone has to stop for a second look at the colorful feature in the window. Perfect for a child’s room, these colorful mats can be whiped down easily with a wet cloth so parents, you won’t get a mini heart attack everytime some kinda juice of sorts spills. Also they really brighten up the room. A great affordable piece for a mini room makeover.

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

What else is there??

These adorable bread boards from Snug studio are just the perfect setting for a after-school snack or sandwich for the kiddos. Literally cute as a button! But that doesn’t mean us adults can’t have our fun. When the kids are done, we bust out of cheeses and voila! Cheese platter time.

The mat you see here under the bread boards, is part of the Brita Sweden collection of mats we have. Made of vinyl, they are perfect for homes with pets or children, just wipe it down with a wet towel, no more fur or dust caught in the rugs we have at home. Also its not slippery, many customers have asked us that and we walk on one every single day and have no problems with slipping at all.

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

On the way to the online store is a range of kids clothes, and we are pretty excited for that!

The pouch is from Darling Clementine, and they have a few more cute patterns in different sizes. Wash bags, make up pouches, we have it all, we have you covered. (You can find more pictures of the pouches below.)

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

These vintage letter stamps are a kid favorite! Kid’s love coming in and go straight to play with these stamps.

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

This sweet keecie  tweet bag is just a right size for little girls to stash their little accessories and coins and feel like a little lady. (It comes in a few other colors too!)

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem.co Kids collection

There are still so many more things we will be adding to the online store in the very near future so do check back with us! Or visit us at the Bloesem Creative Space to see the items for yourself, you are sure to fall in love with them.

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Image credits: All photography and styling by Zara and Irene from Bloesem.

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