Project #144: origami star light string

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

Origami star light string by Véronique from Pichouline
what you’ll need:
*A4 paper
*string lights
*cutter / scissors

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

Step 1 – make the star:
Cut  strips of paper +/- 12mm x 29,7mm. I’ve tried to make some bigger stars using the same ratio but they are not that “strong” than the smaller sizes.

The best result you get when you us thin paper with one coloured side.

Step 2:
Make a knot at the edge of the paper. Tighten knot gently and flatten.

Step 3:
Turn around. Fold the surplus of the paper inside the star. If it’s still too long, cut off.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

Step 4:
Wrap the paper around all the sides of the pentagon, the paper will go in the opposite direction, keep wrapping, aligned with the sides of the pentagon, until you get to the end of your strip.

Step 5:
Fold the end of the paper inside. Your star has to look like a flat pentagon.

Step 6:
Push the sides of the pentagon, very gently and slowly. The easiest way is to use the side of your fingertops.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

Step 7:
Make a little cross incision in one side of the star.

Step 8 – string lights
Attach all the stars to your string lights.

Bloesem Kids | DIY Origami lights garland

All images by Véronique

.. Pichouline

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Ananasa

    This is just such an amazing idea! Really beautiful in its simplicity!
    Thank you for your creativity!

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