Bookreview and Giveaway: Furniture Makeovers


Good morning lovely readers, I am still enjoying vacation time in the Netherlands and am not posting  so regular as I normally do, but today I am very happy to have a book-review and Book GIVEAWAY for you just before the weekend starts.

Bloesem is part of a blogtour organized by Chronicle Books to help spread the word about this must-have book: Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair from Knack Studios. Photography by J. Aaron Greene and foreword by Holly Becker.


Finally then… for all of you who had been hoping for guidance on how to restore, revamp and transform your vintage furniture finds…the wait is over… even for those of you blessed with two left hands (no offense, dear husband… ) furniture makeovers have never been this accessible and, simply, lots of fun to learn… enter Barb Blair with her new book Furniture Makeovers, published by Chronicle Books. Many of you will have come across Barb’s Knack Studio – a blog, studio and online shop full of furniture make over inspiration!

As a keen collector of vintage furniture, it is great to get some hands-on advice, tips and tools, discovering clever tricks to personalize those special finds… even better, with my newly acquired make over knowledge (that is, after reading the book which I haven’t done yet…only browsed through the lovely images which are actually an excellent DIY manual by themselves…), there are no limits to what you can do with partially damaged, worn and torn or faded vintage pieces… come to think of it, someone should write a book on vintage ceramics makeovers, or perhaps I am getting carried away now… 🙂



 – WIN a copy of Furniture Makeovers – 

Are you interested in the book … sure you are … well there are two ways of having a chance to win:

1.) just leave a comment below telling us about your makeover plans

2.) and/or leave a comment on Bloesem’s Instagram tagging a friend at the same time for another.

This giveaway is CLOSED ,runs until Friday 2 August and the winner will be announced on Monday 5  August here on Bloesem Living.

WINNER IS HomeMarit at instagram

 – Good Luck ! – 


ps. Jan shared one of the awasome DIY projects from the book over at poppytalk last week … Using Découpage … you know that age-old technique that was used centuries ago in places like France, China, and Russia.
Furniture Makeovers is available over at AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound, or Chronicle Books.

All images are by Irene Hoofs, founder of Bloesem.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Chez chouke

    I live in a onehundred years old house and I recently reveiled a beautiful paneled door that was hidden behind an ugly layer of hardboard. I’m so exited about this treasure and just can’t choose what to do with it. Keep it wood, paint it pink? Or white? Or…
    I’m always full of redecorationplans so this book would be great!
    Have a great time in Holland and maybe you can visit my beautiful old town, Dordrecht.

  2. Julie

    We are in the middle of building our home.. so exciting. The design is very modern but i have a few old pieces saved up that i cant wait to work on. I am a little obsessed with old drawers – i have a couple of big ones – one i would like to turn into a small table with a piece of glass on top making it a ‘mini museum’ and the second one an interesting shelf…

    Enjoy your holiday x

  3. Coki

    My makeover plan for the summer is to paint the kitchen:
    walls in petrol blue
    furniture in yellow

  4. Pernille

    Being a student I’m poor as hell and live in a small rented apartment. I’m not allowed to paint my walls in funky colors or do other large changes in my home, so the only thing I can do to spice it up, is to buy new stuff or make it myself. I cant affort big, expencive furniture, so used furniture is often the way to go. But old furniture can be ugly as hell. Therefore it would be nice with some inspiration on how to get startet.

  5. Nelly G

    I love to collect old small furniture pieces to make over. I consider myself still a newbie at it though. This book and her author are just so inspiring.

  6. afunhouse

    What a wonderful giveaway, thank you! I adore Barb’s beautiful and inspiring blog. I am on the hunt for a big, old bed with thick, turned posts to refurbish – I’d love to use Barb’s book to guide me through the process 🙂

  7. Findhika P.

    My makeover plan is to repaint and fix my grandfather desk.
    It’s a mid-century style desk with one drawer. It’s hard to find this kind of desk today and I’m so excited to start the makeover!

  8. Roos verstraeten

    I am 150 yrs old and have been in the family for 5 generations! I used to be a ktichen cabinet, a wardrobe, a toys collector, the 4th generation even used me as a blackboard 🙂 and now I am the “piece de resistance” in a living room in Ghent! I’d love to be able to tell my stories for another 150 years!

  9. Kris

    What a great book! Also love the design. 3 years ago we bought an old house (1937). The first thing I bought was an old cabinet that I wanted to redecorate. Unfortinately after rebuilding the house I got back problems that ended with an operation. But! This isn’t a sad story :). Everything is okay now but I still didn’t redecorate the cabinet! So I think the book would really inspire me 🙂

  10. abby

    Ive been collecting a few pieces to make over this summer and need the inspiration push!!

  11. SIgfrid

    My makeover plan for the summer is to paint my kitchen-table, but cant deside in which colour…

  12. Christy Sharafinski

    What a beautiful (and practical) book!

    My hand-me-down kitchen table is in need of some real TLC. I “refinished” it a couple years back. And within a week, I had peeling sections. I’ve never gone back to take another shot at it. I just hide it under a tablecloth. Bummer. I can really use some help!


  13. Miss Crumpet

    I have been hoarding preloved mid century modern furniture that needs some serious TLC and don’t know where to start! This book looks like my saving grace.

  14. Siobhan S.

    We have some bookcases which were purchased very cheaply when we first moved in together about 14 years ago. We are still quite attached to them so i would Love some inspiration to give them a makeover and a new lease of life!

  15. Sylvia

    This book looks great!
    We have a brick-wall in out livingroom that we should do something about.
    A kitchen who shall have a new look, wihout spending a lot of money
    And an entrance who need to be done something NEW with.
    Happy saturday.

  16. trae trae

    I so want it, I have an old old oak buffet witha center curved glass door and 2 side doors with a colored glass, top and bottom drawers….. I see it WHITE OR stripped in heathered BUT would love to win the book and get some other perspectives ???

  17. Lucila

    I would love to paint an oak table in bright yellow, and don’t know how to do it. I think this book will help with that and other DIY projects I have at home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Lauren

    The book is a must have! I have bare white cupboards only and want to work on filling their spaces with minimising large doors and using the space for something else!

  19. Stephanie K

    OMG i sooo want this book! my living room could do with a redo and this book could help me with inspiration and tips!


  20. Marit

    I would love to win it, why? I have an old desk and it’s waiting in our garage for a make over for over a year now! I need some help 😉
    I will show you on IG.

  21. Lisette

    As lover of all things furniture this is defenitly a MUST HAVE book! Would love to win this! I’ve read about it on this blog trough Zite and will share the news!

  22. saliha

    Hi, I want to participite lottery. but, I living in Turkey. does the problem for you?

  23. appoolika

    I have a collection of dark colored furniture that I would love to make-over. This book is so wanted!


  24. Julie N

    I am moving into an old house. I am so lucky that the preivious owners are leaving behind some old furniture, and I would love to be able to fix them up!

  25. Inge

    So far the only ways I practice to ‘makeover my furniture’ are painting over & adding wallpaper. Getting to know other techniques is therefore very wanted as I love KRINGLOOPWINKELEN 🙂

  26. Bianca

    I need inspiration for a makeover of the vintage rocking chair I bought at the Queensday fleamarket last year. I love rocking chairs, but it is still in the basement because it is painted really ugly green by the previous owner… I just can’t figure out what to do with it…

  27. Marleen

    We love doing stuff with our furniture. We made a dining table out of pipes and kitchen doors. The only thing we still have to do is the attic. I would love to re-do the old closets we have here. They are used for storage, but i would like them to be all white (instead of white, brown and black) and make my own leather doorknobs and get glass doors on it.

  28. Anouk Wagenaar

    This week I am moving to a new house with my three boys and husband. To make myself feel at home it really helps to give a personal touch to the furniture and to do a furniture makeover really makes me happy. I have an old piano that needs a makeover and I dream of many more makeovers I can do with any vintage furniture. For now we live in an empty house with filled boxes, so I just keep on dreaming this week……

  29. Georgia

    It would be wonderful win this book! I would love to makeover my wardrobe and need some inspiration. Congratulations for the worderful blog!

  30. Kim Welling

    Hi there! We’re expecting a little one in december and are making design plans for the nursery. My man has a great eye for vintage furniture but sometimes it needs some restyling… We have a little crib, dresser and a wall waiting for a new and fresh color, print or creative splash. This book would be an inspirational help to get this room up and ready and… the prettiest room of the house to start his/her life in!

  31. Béa

    Hey Hey,

    The few pieces of furniture we got months ago from my mom and my uncle are still begging me to do something to revamp them everytime I look at them…so this would be per-fect!!!
    Good luck everyone!

  32. Jenny

    Als ik dit boek zou winnen, dan zou ik het mijn lief kado doen. Hij vindt het heerlijk om oude meubels op te knappen en er zijn eigen draai aan te geven. Het is een droom van hem om daar meer mee te doen. Ik zou met dit boek maar wát graag een steentje bijdragen aan het realiseren van die droom!

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