Giveaway : Two rolls of wallpaper from Hibou Home


{Giveaway will be open until June 17}

What you can win this week :: your choice of not 1 but 2 wonderful rolls of wallpaper from Hibou Home. The rolls have a retail value of $215.- …

What you have to do :: Just leave a comment below and let us know  which Hibou Home wallpaper design you would choose?

You have a second chance to win if you re-pin the Top Image to your own Pinterest boards using #BloesemGiveawayHibou

Winner will be announced here on B:Kids on Tuesday 18 June.

Winner is: Nicole Dow



We thought you might like to know that Hibou Home was just highly commended for Best Interiors Collection at Junior Magazine’s Design awards!


.. Hibou Home Wallpapers

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Linda Kaal

    They are all lovely! but I think I would choose Into The Wild. (Because it looks a bit like a forest and the surname of my Partner and kids also means forest..)

  2. anouk

    Oh…. so hard to choose! But I really like the “Into The Wild”. It would be perfect in our new room.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Rahel

    Oh- those are lovely wallpapers! I think the “Into The Wild” one would be great for my kids. I also pined it on pinterest (not sure I did this the right way).

  4. miet aertsen

    i prefer ‘into the wild’ in grey/storm green. Would be nice in our new home…

  5. TraceyB

    My favourite is the Pirate Seas design – perfect for my older kids.

  6. Jessica

    Into the Wild in grey/storm green would be perfect for my little man’s room. Funny, I already pinned that image a while back, when it featured on here, I think. Wherever I initially saw it, I loved it and would certainly love to win a couple rolls (-;

  7. Marieke

    Into the wild. Because my son is getting a new room and his second name is wolf. If he talks, he’s only calling out animalnames.

  8. Faye

    I’m having a heated internal debate between “Into the Wild” and “Enchanted Wood”.

  9. Piia

    Wow, thanks for the opportunity, would love to win the Secret Garden!

  10. Bonjour Juliette

    Oh i would have “animal parade” in mint green /whiteand i’m sure my beloved nephew would love dreaming surrounded by these beauties… But i do love “into the wild”in grey / storm green too… Now i’ll be dreaming about forests and animals instead of working, ha!

  11. Helene S

    I’m in love with “into the wild-Storm Green and Taupe on Soft Grey.”
    My Godson will move in a new house (with his parents of course!) soon and i’m in charge of decorating his room. It would be PUUURFECT!

  12. Christine

    Wow, beautiful shop. I would pick Secret Garden in Blush pink.

  13. philomeen

    ik vind “into the wild” in grey/strom green echt fantastisch mooi.
    om een beetje verliefd op te worden.

  14. Kristin

    Decisions, decisions. Secret Garden or Enchanted Woods? And what colors? I don’t know how I would decide, but I have the perfect place for either in my almost-four-year-old’s room. I’m so excited about this!

  15. Lara

    Pirate Sea or Into the Wild! We’ve been really into maps around here lately.

  16. Tara

    All of the choices are so great! I would love to win the animal parade however. It would be the perfect accent for my daughters room!

  17. Els

    I recently discovered your wonderful blog! This is in fact the first time I apply for a give-away… *bloos bloos*
    But according to my 4-year old the into-the-wild-wallpaper is “ggggrrrrrrrrrrraaf”!

  18. Laura

    I’m having such a hard time deciding because I love them all! But probably the Cactus Cowboy or Pirate Seas for my little boy.

  19. Sharon Earls

    Into the Wild took the place on my wishlist previously held by Cactus Cowboy. It is the coolest wallpaper around 🙂 Fingers Crossed

  20. Sharon Groot

    I’d choose Secret Garden. For my “mom’s only” secret place in the house.

  21. Sylvie

    I love The Into The Wild Wallpaper! Thank You For The Opportunity To Win Such Fun wallpaper!

  22. Blythe

    Wow they’re all amazing! I’d have to choose “Into the Wild”. It would be perfect in my new baby’s bedroom.

  23. Marcha

    Prachtige behangetjes hebben ze! Ik kan bijna niet kiezen tussen Into the wild en Animal Parade…en dan al helemaal niet tussen de kleuren 🙂 Toch kies ik dan voor Into the wild.

  24. Ruben Koeweiden

    I would like to win Secret Garden. It would really make me (a guy) very happy.

  25. Gili Spiegel

    secret garden probably (i can look for those options for hours!)

  26. Anna

    Wat een leuke give away! Hert, wolf, beer, ik zie mn dochtertje al de diertjes zoeken en aanwijzen voor ze gaat slapen, dus daarom kies ik graag voor into the wild. 🙂 groetjes

  27. majia

    I would choose “into the wild – grey/storm green” – my favourite!

  28. Eva

    I love the enchanted wood and animal parade. Can’t choose, they are all so cute!

  29. Elise Vandeputte

    This is so funny, I am dreaming about the ‘Into the wild’ paper for a while now. And today I see this giveaway on my favorite blog! I am pregnant from a baby boy and decorating his room, but since I am also getting married, my budget is very limited so I really hope I win!

  30. Reagan

    The enchanted wood print is adorable! My pick for sure!

  31. Grauwels Jana

    Entchanted wood in blue and white for my little (15 months) princess. She will be so thrilled with the cute animals on her wall. I can allready hear her say: “Woo, woo” and then she will clap in her hands. She is so found of animals.

  32. Tine

    Omdat het hert en de ijsbeer boven het bed van onze dochter zich liever ‘into the wild’ zouden voelen, willen wij graag dit mooie behangpapier winnen…

  33. OnePerfectDay

    These are soooo beautiful!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    I wouldn’t know which to choose between Into The Wild, Enchanted Wood and Cactus Cowboy!
    But I’m sure I’d somehow manage…..

  34. Yulia

    Adorable wallpaper! I love Secret Garden collection ♥♥♥ pin it to my board “Products I love”

  35. Suzie Q

    Mijn favoriet is zeker en vast Into The Wild!! Wonder mooi behang! Het zou perfect passen in onze met dieren gevulde babykamer.. 🙂

  36. Lenneke

    The ‘into the wild’ (grey-storm green) would be perfect for the playroom. With a box filled with customs they could imagine and play all kinds of adventures in this room!

  37. Victoria

    I would love to win the “Into The Wild” wallpaper, it would fit perfectly into the the new room I’m planning for my son, I know he would absolutely love it.

  38. Caroline

    Animal parade is the perfect decor to make a cosy hide out for our little rascals. Love it!

  39. Claireth

    I love the Enchanted Wood, but my 9-year old will definitely go crazy for the Gymkhana! Thank you for the giveaway…

  40. Bara

    the very first one featured, INTO THE WILD! it’s like living in a forest.

  41. ingrid

    into the wild is awesome! this would be perfect since we’re rennovating and having a baby any day!

  42. liz

    I adore their wallpaper! I’d love Secret Garden for my 10 year old girl… it’s just perfect for her age, not too young but not too sophisticated either, just right! (And 2 rolls would be just the job, I only want to do one wall!) xx

  43. Sarah Millington

    My baby boy would love ‘Into The Wild’ in Grey/Storm Green, he’s a little on the wild side so it would be perfect! Such a gorgeous design for boys, he’s sure to love it for many years to come! X

  44. Angela

    oh, how adorable! we LOVE the stone/arctic white “into the wild”

  45. Aurélie

    My favorite is “Enchanted wood”. So cute!

  46. Aurélie

    My favorite is “Enchanted wood”. So cute!

  47. Anna

    Great wallpaper wow! I would pick ‘into the wild.’ But its a pretty tough choice, they are all so beautiful! Thanks.
    BTW always have loved the kids crafts on your blog, we are big fans and creators.

  48. Jenni

    Fantastic wallpaper!!! Into The Wild in Grey/Storm Green is perfect for girl or boy! Has to be this one, Thank You!

  49. Katie

    Oh they are all so lovely but Into the Wild is wonderful. It is simply adorable.

  50. Nitasia Timms

    I love them all, but it would come down to “Enchanted Wood
    An enchanting world of whimsical woodland folk.” Thanks for the chance!

  51. guilla

    into the wild is my favorite, its work on a girl or a boy room either! lovely!

  52. Nicole Dow

    Thanks for the giveaway! Animal parade is my favorite so sweet and subtle and the rabbits dancing? Perfect!

  53. Erin McIntyre

    I’m sitting here waiting for my baby boy to arrive. He’s 4 days late so far! Winning Into the Wild this for his nursery would really cheer me up! I know he will be a little adventurer.

  54. Adrienne Rush

    I would choose Into The Wild in Arctic White for my mixed nursery.

  55. Helena Rinsema

    I would choose ‘Into the wild’.
    We are re-building our new home: It would be great to use this wall-paper in my working space.

  56. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Gorgeous wallpaper – absolutely love Into the Wild! My boys would love it for their new bedroom 🙂

  57. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Gorgeous wallpaper – absolutely love Into the Wild! My boys would love it for their new bedroom 🙂

  58. Jet

    My daughter Anna (2,5) ‘mommy, mommy I looooooove this… look, look, look’ 🙂 And I know for sure that Anna’s younger sister Doortje will love it as well. Because she loves everything that her big sister does. It will fit perfectly in the bedroom of my two cutie pies.

  59. eef

    My 2 little men would love Pirate seas in grey/black..

  60. Zélia Martins

    My daugters bedroom will be lovely with wallpaper secret gardem moobeam

  61. Zélia Martins

    My daugters bedroom will be lovely with wallpaper secret gardem moobeam

  62. Afke

    Nice give-away! If i win i will go for the ‘into the wild’ it will fit in our home perfectly:)

  63. Jorinde Krosenbrink

    Lovely, lovely, lovely, I love “into the wild” wallpaper!

  64. Marleen van den Heuvel

    Into the Wild, voor onze kleine die eind november verwacht wordt graag!

  65. Annemieke W.

    Irene, ben al jaren een volger van je blog, nog nooit een comment achtergelaten. Maar nu moet ik wel want m’n dochter vindt het Roze paardrij-behang “zoooo prachtig”. Steekt mooi af bij de oude balken in haar slaapkamer!

  66. johanna

    Oh my, this is a perfect and utterly fantastic giveaway!!!
    I’m hopelessly inlove with the wallpaper “Into The Wild” (Grey/Storm Green).

    xo /Johanna

  67. Casa e Cose

    Pirate Seas and Into the wild for my 2 boys!!! Love having a wall near their beds with those designs. Very cool and sweet and fun!

  68. nine|tree

    I would choose 2 rolls of Into The Wild. This print is amazing, and I can’t get enough of the bear! Great great give-away, thank you.

  69. nine|tree

    Also, I pinned the image on my pinterest board

  70. Jennyroo

    My little pirate would love the Pirate Seas wallpaper in Marine Blue/White. Perfection!

  71. karolien

    ‘Into the wild’ is my absolute favourite!

  72. kathryn

    without a doubt, Into the Wild would be my pick!

  73. Hannah miller

    Into the wild is my favourite and my sons. He wishes to become David Attenborough when he is bigger so this will definitely trigger his imagination.

  74. Nicole

    My 5 year old would LOVE the pirate seas- thank you!

  75. kate lee

    We live in Canada so “Into the Wild” would be apropos.

  76. Claartje Jansen

    Love Enchanted Wood and Animal Parade!

  77. Gabbi

    Would love to decorate my daughter & son’s room in our little cabin with “Into The Wild” and bring the forest inside! Currently redecorating our little hide away from the busy city life. At the same time letting out the crafts and handy woman in me 😉 This beautiful wall paper would finish things off and certainly mean a new crafts challenge for me.

  78. Anoek Vos

    Mijn persoonlijke favoriet is cactus cowboy. Maar mijn zoon voelt zich meer een piraat dus zonder twijfel pirate seas om zijn kamer om te toveren in schateiland.

  79. Marjolein

    I love the Secret Garden Blush Pink! Would look great in my girls new rooms…

  80. Erna

    Animal wood for my boys and definitely secret garden for my little princess!

  81. Agata

    Definitely I would love to win Into The Wild! It will be so perfect for a boy room , with a dark toddler bed. Fingers xxxx


    So lovely, the green Animal Parade, i almost hear the music of the parade…

  83. Hannah miller

    Into the Wild is mine and my sons favourite wallpaper. My son loves it, I would bring to life his ambition of being the new David Attenborough. Thank you for the opportunity to win some rolls.

  84. Marije

    Wow, the animal parade, I think the mice are great and a parade is allways fun! It will defenitely inspire my little girl to make even more music everyday! In mint/white it will perfectly fit into my own style too!

  85. nauli

    Into the wild, in exactly the color featured here: grey/ storm green would be awesome for my little babies room!

  86. Tanagri

    Sans hésitations Enchanted Wood peony/white !!! j’adore
    Thanks for this gorgeous blog

  87. sonja janmaat

    Ah I love this, their wallpapers appear so timeless!
    I would choose the Mint Green/White ANIMAL PARADE to redo the current little girls bedroom and transform it into a more unisex kids room before the arrival of baby N.2, a little boy!

  88. chrizje

    Into the wild! With three girls in the house, I wouldn’t keep it, but give it to dear Finn. He is so sweet! And the son of my friend Mel (also known as gekke griet ;)).

  89. Meg

    I love the Enchanted Wood print – especially in the Lilac/Aubergine color combo! So sweet and perfect! (Although, all of the prints are absolutely adorable!)

  90. Renske de Haas

    Love the mint green Animal Parade! Those subtle little details but so very cosy for a childs playground!

  91. Elliesee

    Enchanted wood! My twins girl will turn 4 and are due for decoration in their room.

  92. Abby

    I MUST have cactus cowboy, for my own li’l cowboy. He is only 2, but sometimes he even sleeps in his cowboy hat!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Kelsey

    i feel like i’ve scrolled past this giveaway like four times today in rss feeds, and keep thinking: wallpaper! SO DIFFICULT. and keep going.

    but my heart loves wallpaper (animal parade!) and now i’m entering, because the world needs more wallpaper.

  94. Lara Corr

    Animal parade or secret garden 🙂 All classics!

  95. Faye

    Oh Into the wild is my absolute favorite. My friend has just given birth to a little boy called Jacob Fenrir and this wolfy woods wallpaper would be brilliant in his nursery! 🙂

  96. cynthia

    Enchanted Forest in Duck Egg Blue/White is lovely!

  97. Pernille Thomsen

    Before our son was born, we lived in Houston, Texas. It was a time with huge steaks, rodeo and a lot of trips to the wild, wild West. We often talk about “back then when we were tumbling with the tumble weeds”. With Cactus Cowboy, we will be able to bring a little bit of that adventure into our son’s new room. And at the same time give it a cool contemporary look.

  98. Jill harland

    Enchanted wood to enchant my little ones for years to come x

  99. Sandra

    Amazing wallpaper – The Secret Garden design is just what I dreamed of….

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