Giveaway : Two necklaces from my shop Bloesem Wear


What Two of you can win this week :: I will be giving away (two) pearls necklace from my Bloesem Wear collection. The necklace is made of 11 freshwater pearls rated AA+. Threaded together with beautiful off-white Italian cotton from Carta inc. An adjustable ‘doggie’ closing with 2 golden beads suitable for girls between 4-12.

Two readers will win one of these necklaces: … pearls with a cashmere cotton pompom or (your choice) pearls with a linen flower.

What you have to do :: Just leave a comment below and let us know which necklace from Bloesem Wear is your favorite.

You have a second chance to win if you re-pin the Top Image to your own Pinterest boards using #BloesemWearGiveaway

Winner will be announced here on B:Kids on Tuesday 2 July.

I love the classic feel of pearls … but believe stringing them onto a modern cord will make them more perfect for girls … I often wear pearls, a simle white blouse, some jeans and a rope size necklace of pink pearls .. you can’t go wrong!

Pearls for you that fit perfectly with these girl necklaces are the Italian Cotton roped pearls necklaces. Would be so nice to see mama and daughter wear the same … if only I had a girl 🙂

Winners are: Tess and Leila




.. Bloesem Wear 

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Nikki W

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite – I love them all! My faves are Pearls for Girls, Cinnamon in Yellow and Pearls and Pom-Poms … so sweet. 🙂

  2. Becky

    Sprout in Strawberry is lovely. My daughter would be delighted with any of these necklaces.

  3. tess

    Pearls in pink. Fresh and modern take on a classic design. The more you look the more you see. For grown up girls like me!

  4. Mar Montoya R.

    i really love pepper in blue!! and i really wanna win this 🙂

  5. Patricia

    Pearls in Pink for me and Pearls and Pompoms for my little one! Love it!

  6. Gaëlle Yin

    I love the Pepper and Yellow one. In fact, I love them all !
    And I have re-pinned it on Pinterest…

  7. Gaëlle Yin

    I love the Pepper and Yellow one. In fact, I love them all !
    And I have re-pinned it on Pinterest…

  8. Adrienne R

    It is such a close call but the pearls in cotton just beats out pepper blue. thanks so much for the chance to dress it up, best wishes for this collection.

  9. Marta Zygmunt - Kisielewska

    Dear Bloesem,
    Both of them are amazing :)My doughter fall in love with pompon one 🙂

  10. Sato H

    I love ‘Pearls in Pink’ – very basic essentials but with a neon twist! Pearls with linen flower for little one please 🙂

  11. Chantale

    These are so beautiful! I also love the simpler necklaces like Cinnamon which can be worn everyday. ♡!

  12. Van

    I love them all of course! But Pears and pom-poms and Pepper in blue are my two top faves!

  13. Van

    Um that would be Pearls and pom poms, not PEARS and pom poms. Ha ha ha. I like pears too though.

  14. Kellie H

    Such a great shoppe! I love the pearls with linen flower for girls! I like the Linea. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Zouze

    Love the necklace With linen flower. Beautiful shop.

  16. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Your new collection is absolutely stunning, so delicate – hard to choose a favourite but I was immediately drawn to SENNA IN STRAWBERRY!

  17. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Your new collection is absolutely stunning, so delicate – hard to choose a favourite but I was immediately drawn to SENNA IN STRAWBERRY!

  18. Anne Maynard

    My daughter would love the pearls with linen flower! Very sophisticated!
    I have repinned to my kids board immediately 🙂

  19. Martha Moger

    Oh.. these are so lovely they make my heart ache! But pearls and pink pompom is my real favourite. I am re-pinning pronto!

  20. Rebecca

    Oh the doggie necklace is my favorite and my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday is coming- she’s the reason we got a puppy!! She wold LOVE this big girl necklace, she’s had lots of practice with big sister’s jewelry.

  21. **gaelle**

    very very nice ! I love the pearls in Pink. Have a nice day.

  22. Torrey

    Pearls in cotton is my favorite. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Daniela Garza

    I love pearls and pompoms! What a great way to capture innocence and fun in one piece! I love the juxtaposition of the textures. My other favorite is pearls for girls. Again the combination of materials and subjects. This piece evokes grace and the delicate moments of time like a beautiful flower we have to take it in and enjoy it!

  24. Stephanie l.

    My girl loves the pink Pom…….. **like**

  25. Sjekkie

    Love the pearl- pink- pumpkin for girls…and the pink pearl for myself…so fresh, new and classic! My daughter Belle Loves Loves Loves necklaces, and especially your Bloesem Wear ones. She was soo proud when I allowed her (for the first time) last week to wear her last years Bloesem Wear necklace to school….and she came home without it…it has disappeared, and no one knowes where it is…so….

  26. autismvox

    Sprout in aquamarine is my favorite. Love the pale greenish blue and the name from the natural world.

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