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Do you wanna be a BLOG BOSS too? Or learn how to become one just Like Stefanie, Holly and me? Then sign up for the next Blogging Your Wayan awesome e-course founded by best-selling author, freelance journalist and stylist, Holly Becker from decor8.

Blog Boss is for those who know the basics of how blogging works (how to write a post, how to publish a post, how to add images to your posts, how to comment, etc.) but want to dig deeper into how to really think about blogging in a whole new way in order to enjoy it more, reach a broader audience and for personal growth and business success.

Some of the topics ‘Blog Boss‘ will be covering: 

* HOW TO deal with copycats, content theft, and other naughty people

* PINTEREST tips and tricks

* HOSTING 101: Meet ups, events, workshops and more!

* Overcoming BLOG ENVY

* Work Life Balance as a mom, wife, etc.

* BLOG Etiquette online and how to deal with people who have none!

My role will be more specifically about combining my life as a mother of two, living in different countries in the world and be a professional blogger.

If you think this is just what you were waiting for then SIGN UP here! The three of us will be very happy to welcome you.

Or WIN a FREE SEAT ($129.-) by leaving a comment below telling us what you would liketo learn during this         e-course. One person will be chosen randomly and announced next week on Wednesday 20 February.

WINNER IS: Sonia Barrigas

Your online teachers: Holly from decor8, Stefanie from ohhhmhhh and Irene from Bloesem

..Blogging Your Way


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  1. Steffi

    OMG I’d love to be part of this next e-course, so I’ll take the chance, today. I’d love to learn something about the legal and business background of blogging and about combining the life as a working mom and blogger. Moreover I’d love to learn from you three about how to make my blog better.
    Best wishes,

  2. Mijk

    I would love to learn how to balance all of my skills and interests in one cohesive blog. I think I have à certain way of doing things that connects all those things but I finding it scary and hard to present it that way.

  3. Anni

    OK. This could be jumping in at the deep end. I’m thinking about being a business blog boss for nearly 2 years now, but I didn’t manage to start it. Will I be able to spent enough time for it? Who likes to read it? Do I have enough content for it? Well, this could be the perfect chance for me to find out…
    Best regards,

  4. Bea

    I think I know a lot of stuff about blogging already, but there has always been this threshold to REALLY start doing. Actually the topics really interest me and I hope to get the kick to actually start blogging seriously. 🙂

  5. Sofia Henriques

    Hi There. My name is Sofia and I am a visual designer aspiring to be a visual/lifestyle/editorial stylist(I just do not know how to do it yet). I surf the web and passionately share pictures and images that I find worldwide and I think will make someone else day too.I thought about bringing this inspirations all together in one facebook page destined to do so (for now I just share them on my personal facebook page and pinterest, If I could I would turn this into my professional work cause it is so effortless and I love it so much. To make it a little bit more realistic and possible I would need to put up a facebook fan page and a blog. To make it really work I would need your help to structure, organize, search and pass my passion the best way possible. Would you help me? Pick me! Ho please pick me :)*

  6. Valentina

    Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity! I have been reading about this course on decor8 website and it really interests me!
    I’d love to learn more about how to find my own inspirations, ideas and develop a unique way of creating content. Also I’d love to learn about hosting events and workshop in my city, I wouldn’t even know where to start on this last subject, so it would be really cool to learn from Holly and the other experienced bloggers! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Kirsti

    I would love to attend the next course. Now that I am a mom, soon to be going back to work (where I also work with social media), I would love to get som tips andt tricks on how to balance everything. I would also like to learn more about hosting events etc.

    Wow, it would me amazing to be a part of the next course 😉


  8. Lisette

    Oh wow, what an amazing opportunity! Thanks for the offer! I started my blog now almost two years ago and have been working hard to create content and reach as many people as I can. Despite my efforts, I do suffer from blog-envy every now and then, and have also on occasion suffered from blogger’s block (does one call it that?)… I would love to learn how to overcome these two hurdles, and get to grips with self-motivation, reaching a wider audience, etc. In short, make my blog as interesting for others and myself as possible.

  9. K Devereux

    I would love to orbit in your universe. I know it’s random (or are there NO mistakes in this world?) Pick me!

  10. Catalina

    that would be just perfect for me (and everybody 🙂 ) I’m just in the moment that I would love to know how to go further, I have a blog, flickr account, domain name… need to jump!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Patti

    Hello! I am a graphic designer and stationer. I am also a blogger and recently restarted my blog last November. I am ready to take my blog to the next level. All the topics in this course are of interest for me. The work-life balance stands out to me. I am at the age where having a family is in the near future. I can’t imagine right now managing having a family, running a business and a blog at the moment. I know it can happen and will happen, but I am looking for guidance and would love to learn from bloggers I have been reading for a long time.

    Thanks! xx

  12. Judith

    Wow, I would love to learn how to become a “Blog Boss”!
    Learning how to stay consistent, mixing different subjects and how to balance it all, from Holly, Stefanie and yourself sounds like a beautiful opportunity! Have a lovely weekend!

  13. Sonia

    I would love to became a ‘blog boss’. I blog personally since 2005 but professionally, and with professionally I mean blogging as a complement to to my webshop and not as main ‘core business’, since 2010. I think that after the facebook and twitter hype blog will be ‘the big thing’ in 2013 but maybe in another format? More magazine like I think. I would love to learn how to bring blogging to the next level and make it my own building a small community of readers with the same interests.

  14. Akiyo

    I’d love to learn more about work-life balance as a mother! 🙂 Any time I think I’ve got the hang of it, something completely throws me off track.

  15. MelissaW

    I’ve been trying to start a blog for years. I want to overcome my fears, and create a great blog.

  16. Judy

    I would like to learn more about molding my ideas into a recurring concept. And learn about your thoughts about how much of your life you open up to the outside world. It sounds like a very inspirational course!

  17. Inez

    Hi, I would love to learn more about the effect of good pictures, what are good pictures to put on a blog, more about the look and feel of a successful blog.

  18. Rach

    Oh Gosh – how great would it be to win! I’d love to learn about hosting meet ups. And pretty much everything else as well!

  19. Anne Marie

    I would love to learn skills that help me become a better blogger. I have been blogging for a few years now, just as a hobby. Right now I am at the point where I need to profesionalize it or reconsider my blogging life.

    I am already working on the design of my blog. Getting a spot on your course would take me to the next level content wise.

    *Crossing my fingers*

    Wish you a nice week end!

  20. Lesley Myrick

    How awesome! I’d love to learn more about work/life balance. I don’t have kids yet (but want to in the near future) and getting prepared for balancing a husband, kids, job, and blog would be a huge asset. Thanks so much for offering a free seat! xo

  21. Katrina@exscapes

    oh my goodies! This is something I truly could use. I’ve in dire need of employment (1.5 yrs since graduating college), and my blog is one way to strengthen my skills/resume/fun factor. I really need to know how to take my blog to the next level. It’s slow learning, and this course sounds like it could indeed do that. yay!

  22. Leslie

    I would love to learn more about how to be a better blogger and the challenges that come with it!

  23. Ashley

    I have wanted to take Holly’s workshop for ages! I would love to find some more balance in my life between work/blogging/real life. It gets so difficult sometimes!

  24. Enney Rush

    I would love more insight into the tactics for producing original content whilst living a true family life, is it possible?

    And events organization would be a wonder for me, being two and a half hours from a big city I know I will have to create my own fun.

    Thank so much for the chance ladies.

  25. Robin Reilly

    Where to start! I’ve been blogging for one year now and I do find at times(most times!) I’m just scrambling at night to get a post up (like today’s!). A LOT of time I wonder why I’m doing it, because I have so few followers, but I believe I have potential! I would love to figure out how to take it up a level. I do have children and am self employed so blogging comes after my other priorities and then there’s the pinning distraction… I’m not even going to talk about blog envy! I know I could benefit from a “Blogging Your Way ” course! That said I should stop reading my feeds and commenting and get on with Friday’s post!

  26. Nydia Bonilla

    This is so interesting to me. I have loved seeing people who started blogging and then turned their blog into a platform for making a living doing what they love. I would really like to learn about how to spot the things that people are responding to about my blog and how to use these things to increase traffic and maintain readership loyalty.

  27. Anna Fane

    I would love to take this course now that I am blogging. So many things to learn and Holly is the best. I would also like to learn how to take great photos…

  28. Zjizjipke

    I would love to join the e-course, so I’m volunteering for the free spot 🙂 I’ve been blogging for two years now, but I would like to take my blog to a new level, more pro, more direction… What I hope to learn from such awesome bloggers? How to define my own style and get it out there to the readers!
    Love, Zjizjipke!

  29. Inge

    I would love to learn how to reach a wider audience and how to connect with other bloggers to work together and support each other. This e-course would come at an amazing time for me, since I’ve really committed to my blog since I relaunched it in October and have exciting plans for the very near future. Thank you for this giveaway!

  30. Polly Rowan

    I would love to learn how to balance blogging with life, and how to improve the look and content of my blog as well. I would love to be part of this course!!

  31. Haikje

    I love attending Holly’s courses! And how nice that you will be teaching there also! I did BYW BootCamp and it was fun! Just very inspiring to be in the online classroom with other bloggers and receiving great tips and tricks! This class I would like to learn more about credits & legal ownership on the internet. I always try to credit and if necessary ask permission. But it seems that in the online world a lot is just being posted and Pinned without any credit whatsoever.
    See you in class (I’ve already registered :-))!

  32. Nicola K

    I think everyone thats commented here would probably benefit from this course. So many hurdles to overcome! I second all of the comments above. Whats proving extra difficult for me is staying power. Sometimes I have LOTS to share and sometimes, well nothing. How do you balance it out a bit? (balance seems to be the key word for many of us).

  33. Aneta

    Taking part in these courses would simply give me a huge positive kick to realise the ideas that have been piling up in my head for some time 😉 plus, it (the course) would give me more ‘tech know how’ to show my projects to others. plus, who wouldn’t like to be a part of bloesem gang ? 🙂

  34. Anu

    I took BYW 2 last summer and it was really useful and fun! This time I would be most interested in work-life balance topic as I’m expecting our first child and have little doubts how I can manage all the things smoothly after the baby arrives… 🙂

  35. se7en

    Oh what an incredible GiveAway… After nearly five years of blogging I need a total revival on our site and just don’t know where to start. I was so quick to dive in and blog and I love it!!! But I think it is time to just pause and learn!!!

  36. january

    i would looove to win this e-course!! i am on the verge of investing in myself and finally opening my own business and i would love to learn more about incorporating my brand and blog into one and using them together for further success!!

    january, x

  37. Alison Kurke

    I’d love to take part in your course! I have begun several blogs but feel at sea about how to really make the most of a blog to move in a new direction in my life and career. Taking your course would help me so much to focus and make the most of my written presence online. Many thanks for being online and for doing what you do to inspire others! Alison

  38. Courtney

    I would like to learn how to be intentional about making time for blogging in the midst of life. Also I have been struggling with creating content that my reader want. I would love to be part of this course.

  39. Anneke

    Hello! What a great give away, I’d love to win this e-course.

    I’ve had a blog / 365 day project ( and after a short blog-break I started to miss it and started a new picture blog ( But I also really like to write more, but what is interesting for blogreaders? How do I write and maybe evenso important, what not to write?

    Hope to be the one hat can start this e-course!
    Greetz, Anneke

  40. Alex

    I daydream a lot about starting a new blog but it has been mostly ideas in my head. this course will help me take the next step. i would love to learn about hosting events and ways to develop fresh ideas.
    groetjes, Alex

  41. racheld

    Wowsers, just what i have been looking for and dreaming of. I started a blog a while ago but don’t know much at all about blog world – just have loads of ideas and thoughts in my head. Also starting a business and want to blog to go along with that. Would absolutely love, love, love to be part of something like this and soak up lots of info! Thanks for doing this.

  42. (Michele ) The Hills Are Alive

    After some more how tos. Have blogged for years with no readers just for myself really but want to know if and how to evolve the blog now that I do have readers. Keen to hear how others manage issues around privacy/security with children, and deciding whos story is it to tell etc. Also would love more info/direction on using Pinterest and better use of photos that sort of thing, dont want to turn my blog into a carbon copy of anyone elses so I guess its all about finding my voice or rather maintaining it/highlighting it i guess.

  43. OnePerfectDay

    This sounds great!

    Any tips or tricks to finding a balance between work, family and blogging would be so very much appreciated!
    Not that the rest wouldn’t come in handy too….

    Thanks for the free pass oportunity!

  44. Souraya | Binti Home

    Since 2009 im blogging for my own. First it was just to show other people what i like and my work. but now it becomes almost another company next to my job as an interiordesign/photographer. i would love to join Holly’s E-course because i think there is so much more to learn and i think this ecourse will be a great opportunity! I cross my fingers, i would love to join. Kind regards, Souraya | Binti Home

  45. Fleur

    I am a Dutch stylist and I love my work. I hope to find ways to combine my work and my blog better, so I can spread my ideas and inspiration to everyone who wants to see. Can’t wait to go one step further with my blog……..I’m hoping I can join. Love, Fleur from Stijlbloem

  46. nienke

    We’ve almost started our new blog. We like to post something to think about/spice up your life daily. But that might be too much (work), next to parttime jobs and XS-kids. Really like to hear how you think about that. And all the other howto’s, tips and tricks are very very welcome.

  47. ibabe

    Just because I will probably loose my work soon…and not to become crazy at home trying to know what I have done wrong. To start to manage my own blog and be able to develop what could be a dream…

  48. joke

    I am blogging for nearly two years now. I am getting a lot of positive response and my audience is growing, but I still would like to reach more people. All in all a very interesting process with lots of room for improvement. Therefore I would love to join this course.


  49. ute (durbanville)

    I would love to take part at BLOG BOSS. I already did the Blogging your Way 2.0 years ago and it was really inspiring. Actually I think I need a little kickass because of my blogbreak during maternity leave.


  50. Nicolet

    I wanted to go to the in person training in december but it was fully booked so this might be de perfect opportunity to get started (again) before the next in person training starts!

  51. Kerry

    There are so many great blogs out there, how do I ‘compete’ for an audiences’ attention? Wanting to have a perfect blog is getting in the way of actually blogging, how do I gain the confidence to put my ideas out there without worrying if its ‘perfect’ or not…

  52. Outi Santaniemi

    Oh I’d love to participate! These days I blog for myself in my personal blog and for my small business that I only established in last June with a friend. I’m also trying hard to combine working life with being a mother – soon to be a mother of two, that is! Good tips on how to reach a bigger audience and how to use blogging as an effective business tool would be much appreciated. 🙂

    Outi S.

  53. Jenny Huang

    Would love to learn how to manage the day to day and also to still have some privacy and security protection within the blog.

  54. Gina

    I would be so happy to win this!
    It’s the perfect online-love-e-course!
    Dear “Randomness” Please pick me! I’ll be a great student 🙂

  55. Virginia

    been blogging for a long time, but never quite got it right. would LOVE to take this class, especially since I have to take a little sick leave from my work in the coming months….

  56. cathy @ ma vie trouvee

    I need to update my blog with a fresher look – and would love to learn more about protecting all my original photos from theft! Have taken blogging your way 2.0. Thanks!

  57. Trina

    Despite having a blog and also a Facebook page in connection with my career I have such ambivalent feelings about social media that I often don’t use them or feel uncomfortable doing so or question whether it’s a productive way to promote myself. The whole thing of it feeling like it’s about “me” feels uncomfortable!- This course really appeals to me as it sounds like it deals as much or more with the the etiquette and “emotional” side of blogging more than the technical.

  58. S.T. LeGray

    What a great opportunity – Post and Possibly Win a Seat for the course + the real treat of engaging with such successful entrepreneurs/bloggers! My blogging seems to get underway with a spurt of energy and then all too soon it sputters out. I am quick on the draw to get my “Guest Blogging Notification” page in place, but in reality I drag along with great trepidation and guilt. I know that breaking this cycle is through better planning and execution, but I am sure that I need guidance from someone who has gone beyond this point.

  59. lorie

    I have just entered the world of blogging, and would love to find out more about using pint rest alongside my blog. There is soooo much to learn, and I would love to have fantastic folks like you to learn from. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  60. christine from decorated life

    I’ve already done the course and it is fantastic!! I would love to do it again – the internet changes so quickly and there is so much to learn in this space. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you gorgeous ladies!

  61. Meritxell

    I’d love to attend Blogging Your Way! I’ve been blogging for an online design marketplace for the past year and now I am willing to start my own blog to share inspiration, beauty and ideas that changed my life. Thank you for sharing and giving this opportunity. Have a lovely day!

  62. Meritxell

    I’d love to attend Blogging Your Way! I’ve been blogging for an online design marketplace for the past year and now I am willing to start my own blog to share inspiration, beauty and ideas that improved my life. Thank you for sharing and giving this opportunity. Have a lovely day!

  63. Boglarka Toth

    I would love to learn about how to utilize social media networks in my blogging.

    And all the secrets and tricks that made your blogs so great! 🙂

  64. Noortje Emmerink

    I would really love to learn how to get a broader audiance, using social media. I find all the different platforms kind of overwhelming and I honoustly wonder how everyone can keep up with it all. It can take me up to a few hours per day keeping track of blogs I love and all the information that is shared on Twitter and Pinterest. I would love to get help on balancing work and my personal life!

  65. Andreia

    All the listed topics for this ecourse are really important for me.

    I’m not earning money directly with my blog. It is a window to my handmade business, but I think I’m not reaching the right target audience through the blog (the majority of readers I think are other creatives). The topic: how to find the right audience to the purpose of one blog?

    I’d love to win this because I really need to reinvent my blog!

  66. Nelleke

    Hi Holly, Stefanie, Irene
    I really want to learn more about being really authentic with your blog and making a living out of blogging. I love what I am doing right now but I want to reach a higher level. Thanks!

  67. Karen

    Holly, Stephanie and Irene, I would like to overcome envying all of your blogs please! Among learning the new skills your e-course has to offer. My little blog is growing slow and steady, and I recognise that it’s due time I update my blog skills to keep up. Thank you for offering this course to all of us.

  68. Katka

    Wow what an amazing gift! I’ve been shown the light about blogging for a creative business but as a new comer to blogging there is just SO much to learn. It would be amazing to learn from 3 such talented, inspiring and awesome gals such as you! Thank you for this chance:)

  69. Mar

    Wow! Such an amazing course!! I would love to learn every single topic you have included in the course index!! Good luck with this new project!

  70. Debbie

    I am just starting out and would love to be able to develop a clear path as well as gather the insight that the three of you have.

  71. malgorzata sz.

    well, my blog seems to be dying so i desperetly need a boost and i’m sure this fantastic e-course would be a more than great opportunity to get a kick i need.

  72. Saskia

    I ♥ Blogging!

    I’m following so many blogs for so long… Time to start my own!

  73. Magda K

    How to be a good mother and find time to run blog at the same time?How to do it to create an inspiring place? I would love to take part in the course and get all the questions answered by you, three lovely ladies!!Thank you for an opportunity to enter.

  74. Krista Purcell

    This is just the info and excuse I need to get back to my blog that I haven’t touched for years.
    How incredibly inspiring. I would lve to win this and learn from you amazing and talented women. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I need to start doing something with all my ideas.

  75. Eva

    Hi Holly! I’m a freelance graphic designer wanting to start a blog. I love to learn the creative aspects of blogging as well as the business side of it. My question is, how difficult is it to make a living directly from a blog based on your experience, or does it make more sense to have a blog linked to a core business instead? Thanks! Hope to be in your class! 🙂

  76. Babette

    What a wonderful Give-away! I would love to win a free seat. Since a short while I have started my blog, Broesj. It started out as a overall nice blog with EVERYTHING I liked, did, visited et cetera. I knew that was too much. Now I’m trying to focus more on writing about brooches. But what language should I write…. Enligsh? Dutch? Both? Is writing about brooches not to narrow to have as a niche? Well – so much to learn. I would love to have a seat in the course!

  77. malgorzata sz.

    if it’s still possible i’d love to be a part of this e course! Learning from Holly and her mates + the class participants, their energy and sharing, is the best experience and a lot to learn from!

  78. Ildiko

    I was searching for blogging courses, and I think I just have found the best! My oppinion is that you only can learn from people how are already successful in the topic.
    I am starting a new blog and would be glad to hear about creating original content. And as I am expecting a baby I am also interested in your experience with life ballance between family and business!

  79. Catalina

    I would love to learn how to keep balance between a good communication level with readers and not to go too personal

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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