Atelier Solarshop in Antwerp



I already knew Antwerp is one of the coolest places in Europe .. lot's of design and fashion boutiques and the best croquettes in the world :):) … the next time I am visiting I will definetly make a stop -over at Atelier Solar shop

What started as a pop-up shop I believe has turned into a permanent shop selling fantastic vintage pieces. The "PLIA" foldable chair by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli has been on my wish-list for a long time. And look at the acapulca chairs in the image all the way below … grap them, they are to cool!



Recently, Studio Attenzione visited Antwerp too and discovered this remarkable store in a former solar panel shop. It is the place from Jan-Jan Van Essche and his partner Piëtro Celestina, who met each other at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, and share the love for the love for aesthetics, Antwerp, fashion, art and design.                   [MORE IMAGES]

They captured the zeitgeist of what is going on in nowadays interiors. People are longing for spaces and objects with a soul and a deeper story, in the things they surround themselves with. This means gorgeous vintage stuff, well crafted accessories, handmade fashion and much more.Atelier Solar Shop is right on the spot and we love it! Take a look at: Dambruggestraat 48, Antwerp.







Photo credit:
Atelier Solar Shop
Renilde De Peuter
Niko Caignie


..Atelier Solar shop
..Studio Attenzione

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