Fenny reporting from Budapest

I am glad to be back here and to contribute my travel post about this precious space. It has been a while since my last write up about one of the restaurant's in Kuala Lumpur. Recently, I had a trip to several countries in Central Europe with my friends, and we ended our trip at the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe, Budapest.

Report written by Fenny from F to Fabulous



When we first arrived at Budapest central station, we didn't have any idea what this city could offer. The station looked old and torn, and the weather was just way too hot and dry for us. We completely looked like aliens from another planet, because this city is not a popular destination for Asian's or at least for Malaysian's, so we obviously seemed losted. Our first move was to find a taxi which could bring us to our hotel, we booked a renown hotel chain with the hopes they could guide us on what to do in this city for several days. We found the taxi, and the driver was genuinely pleasant, he spoke English well too, we thought, "hey this is a good start!"                                    [MORE IMAGES]


Right after we got settled in, we explored the city. We did not join any local tours for the first few days of our stay, we just strolled along  using the friendly city map. Normally when first timers come to Budapest they will focus on the area along the Danube river, visit the undoubtably beautiful tourist attractions, we did that too! But we also decided not to limit our selves to only exploring the tourist area. We walked along the small alleys, exploring residential areas, small shops and where locals mingle. Walking and getting lost was magical, I expected those unexpected interesting places along the journey of getting lost. Besides, locals were extremely helpful to show us the way to explore.



My admiration goes to the local designers and indie shops who  we encountered along the small roads that we accidentally discovered. I am not sure how they survive by having  their shops in the quiet alley, but I guess authenticity and passion wins in the end. Another part that I personally loved was the dining places that we visited during the trip. We were spoiled by cozy interiors in old buildings, and an outdoor colorful dining area during the Summer, of course the hungarian food was so tasteful too.



Budapest is definitely a place that I would love to come back to, I fell in love with the hospitality of the people, and the activity the city endlessly offerd. 

My next travel report for Bloesem’s readers will be about a tiny old town in Belgium that offers lots of charm. I'll see you again soon. I hope you enjoyed this report!


..Report written by Fenny from F to Fabulous

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  1. Clare

    I lived in Budapest for a year and loved it – although living without a car and with 3 children under 3 was a little tough at times! I have great memories of the food, the quaint alleyways and the beautiful geraniums that even the ugliest buildings had flourishing in window boxes. I love the gorgeous photos you took on your trip. Thanks!

  2. Reka

    It’s heart warming to read your story about Budapest, I was born there. Thank you for the nice words it’s lovely that you had a great time! 🙂

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