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As some of you may know, when I am not online I am usually busy making things and since a year or so I have had this passion for making jewelry (remember BKids Wear Neon)… experimenting with all sorts of designs I finally made a necklace for myself which received many lovely responses from friends and, most importantly perhaps, from my husband (who, actually, is supposed to buy me jewelry rather than letting me make my own)… so I thought why not make an entire collection for moms, daughters, tweens and their friends and present them to you… not that I had a lot of spare time to do this but I managed to squeeze in a couple of extra hours every day to craft what I think and hope you agree is a lovely collection of easy-to-wear affordable funky jewelry..

so Bloesem Brings Beads and Braids this summer…

All pieces come in very limited editions, carefully placed in beautiful gift boxes and are handmade by me, using materials that I love such as pearls, real silver, gold filled beads and some of my favorite gem stones…and last but certainly not least…genuine Italian cotton ribbons from Angela Liquori and… of course lots of thread!

Making jewelry is like yoga, at least to me, and I highly recommend you try it yourself…nothing is more rewarding than making something with your own hands, wear it and have people notice it as an unique piece… why don’t you give it a try and order the DIY kit that I prepared and includes all materials you need, except the tools. 


 Now let me tell you about pearls… my own research (including again my husband…) tells me that  most men have this secret love affair with pearls and find women that wear them…, well, simply irresistible…. which sounds like a good thing to me… but personally I have never been a big fan of traditional pearl necklaces… giving our men the benefit of the doubt, I have tried to come up with a more contemporary and nonchalant version of the classic pearl necklace… I love how the pearls go together with the beautiful Italian loose weave ribbons from studio carta inc.

Do you ever Wear Pearls? Love to hear your thoughts!                                    …… MORE








All images are made by me, Irene Hoofs. 

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  1. Chez chouke

    Looks great! And pearls, well I always love them on petit parisienne ladies but for me they don’t look so pretty. Love it how you mixed them with the ribbon!

  2. Lisette

    Congratulations! What a lovely collection! I’m not much of a pearl girl, but I like how you’ve mixed them up with ribbons and other beads. My favourite is the silver beads + coloured strings necklace – love it!

  3. Marjolein

    Beautiful Irene! I love your collection! You are so amazing, finding time for that too!!
    I immediately bought one. I love them all, and after carefull deliberation thought to choose the leather flower gem for a happy colourfull summer. I love pearls when put together in an orginal way like you do. And I also have a pearl necklace where the pearls are quite playfull in three different strings. And a very old bracelot of my mum that she received from her dad bought in Japan. Classic but beautiful.

    Lots of luck with your new webshop! XXx Marjolein

  4. Stephanie Maignan

    beautiful, irene! nice to see you having so much creative energy:)

  5. Dear Demoiselle

    These are just incredibly pretty Irene! The colurs are delightful… I love the pearl/ribbon ones in particular. I have a bracelet with pale pink freshwater pearls that I wear quite often (it’s just a simple souvenir from Grand Central in NY, but it’s a nice memory for a Scandinavian girl). The DIY kit is a great idea; I agree wholeheartedly with what you write about making things with your own hands!

  6. Lisa

    Such amazing collection!Love pearls!
    All the accessories are so cute!

  7. Kathy W

    Love your pearl necklaces! When I was working (now very happily retired), I wore pearls quite often. They look good with pretty much everything and they always made me feel a little bit like Grace Kelly.

  8. fenny setiawan

    Irene, I just found this collection, Such a gorgeous collection. My birthday coming this week and I am so gonna order for my self haha… lovely!

  9. Maslinda

    This is such a beautiful collection..Pearls are so amazing with a classical sense..I do wear pearls especially on my ears..
    I totally understand you when you say that the creation of jewelry feels like yoga.. Jewelry give me the same feeling.. <3

  10. brooke

    Oh my goodness irene! These are so beautiful it hurts! I love the color combos and the mixed yarns. Stunning and Simply smitten. Well done. Xo

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