We are Going on Vacation with Isabelle Mcallister from Dos family


We are Going on Vacation with Isabelle Mcallister from DOS Family

and we are we going to
A road trip in California. To live the large american way. Starting in LA going to Grand Canyon, Vegas, San Francisco and back to La trough Highway 1 along the coast.

Who are you bringing along?
The family. These images are from when we where just 3 of us before my son was born. Me, Erik and Della.


Where do you stay?
We booked online via hotels.com. Just a couple of days before we got to a new city so we could stay a different places as long as we wanted. We stayed at very affordable hotel Nikko in San Fransisco where they have rooms with two walls just made of glass – like sleeping on top of the city! And when passing Highway 1 don't miss the crazy and eclectic Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo  in Vegas you get great big rooms very cheap.

Thailand Slippers IsabelleMcAllister10  Packingcar Dalarna_cabin

How do you get there?
By airplane from Stockholm to LA. Then we rented a car with child seats and all. Remember everything is big in USA. Rent a bigger car than maybe you would do normally – it's easier to drive around. And don't forget a GPS!



What do you bring?
Not to much. I love to shop abroad. It's like my mind is in a better shopping mode when I travel.

What can the kids bring?
I always pack a small backpack for the kids with new drawing stuff, new markers, some toys, a bottle of water and small books. The backpack is from Swedish Fjällräven and comes in every color. (http://www.fjallraven.com/outdoor-equipment/backpacks-and-bags/kanken-mini). Then I always pack a larger bag for the kids that I carry with dvds, cookies, fruit, some extra change of clothes, dipers and such. So it's near when we need it.

Where do you usually search for travel ideas?
I collect them from friends and i have a special map on my computer where I save tips that I find online in magazines and on blogs. I also ask our blog-readers.



Any travel tips?
Don't worry to much to travel with kids my experience is that they both behave and enjoy themselves more than I can imagine on forehand. We have been traveling as much as before with the kids. And it's great to go when they are babies. A portable dvd or such is great. For flights and long waits but even to take with if the parents wants to enjoy a nice dinner somewhere.
If the kids get pain in their ears when you land- ask for a hot towels and cups. Place the hot towels in the cups and put them around the ears. It lightens the pressure and get them thinking of something else. It worked when I was a kid and still does.

What are must-see places in the world according to you?
So many places. I love Brazil – everywhere. Great people, food and life Sao Paulo is like Gotham city and Rio like a piece of art. New York is fun even for smaller kids with lots of museums and great parks. For shopping and inspiration – nothing beats Tokyo. Thailand is so easy with the kids – (I included some images from Le Meridien in Koh Samui – a hotel I adored with a swimming pools just outside your door.



And of course please come to Sweden. We have a great beautiful archipelago outside Stockholm, look here the old summerhouse and stockholm is a great town in the summer. I recommend Story Hotel  or Lydmar or red apple apartments and look at Dalarna, the images below, where we spend most of our summers.

..DOS Family

All images by Isabelle Mcallister



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  1. kids clothing

    California is the third-largest state in the USA, and you could easily spend weeks navigating its blue highways and rural byways, safely distant from the nerve-jangling, always-jammed interstate system. These classic road-tripping routes are soaked in enough epic scenery to make each deliciously slow, winding mile of your detour worthwhile.

  2. Anne

    I love the little Fjallraven backpack. Did you sew that application over the Fjallraven logo? How clever! I do wonder if this affects its resistance against water?

  3. Sarah Benson

    i second the madonna inn recommendation – you can also just stop for lunch, they have a fun restaurant. i can’t wait to visit stockholm one day!

  4. Daphne Michaels

    Yes. When researching and getting ideas for your trip, you should not just resort to one medium alone. You can ask your friends, read travel magazines, and browse websites and online communities. That way, you can narrow down your list of options. And thank you for sharing your list of must-see places in the world! Testimonials help future travelers know what to expect and what not to miss in a certain country.

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