Monday’s quick start: a round-up of great Apps


Perhaps you remember this gorgeous app, Count the Animals by appracadabra. Great to tell you that this app has won many awards. Studio appracadabra  launched a new iphone and ipad App last week, called Theater and it's is just as perfect!

With ‘Theater’ children make up the the best stories. They can build a magical forest, play with knights in shining armor and pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood.


Download the full version of Theater here.
Or try the FREE lite version of Theater here!

~ More  App_Geom-e-Twee Presshere  Prestobingo Apps ~



Press here … for dots, dots and more dots…who doesn’t love dots! This app is so wonderfull and made for kids of all ages. This app is inspired by the best selling picture book named Press Here. The app consist of 15 games/activities which help you kids discover shapes, multiply, hear sounds and see and lean colours.  So let their imagination run wild and start having fun with the Press Here App available here on iTunes


PrestoBingo Shapes is one of the many educational apps for your kids. What makes this app so special? Well let me tell you, this colorfully and interactive app challenges your kids in a fun way to find and count shapes that are hidden in the pictures.  Also the graphic details in this app are so beautifully done that it looks like you were reading a children’s book or a nursery rhyme. It may sounds easy enough but along the way you will find out that is more challenging then you might expected it to be. This app is here available in iTunes..


Scribble Press is an amazingly crative app and I am wondering if there is an app designed similar to this one but then for adults.

Don’t you just love it when your kid tells you a story that he or she made up themselves and shows you the drawings that belongs to that story?

Well this app helps your kids to share their own stories and drawings. Let them be creative and fantasize about magic, dragons, princess or even talking animals… With this app they can create their own ebook and share them with others. And who knows maybe they will be the next Roald Dahl or J.K. Rowlings 🙂 … available right here.


Geom-e-Twee … the name of this app is clever and funny at the same time… I just love a good word play, although I am not good at it at all…. but this app is designed for your kids to create art and at the same time teach them about the mathematical lessons like angles, ratios, and symmetry that are hidden in the colourful app. …. you can buy it here.

Hope this round-up is helpful and your kids will enjoy them, thanks to Rachelle who helped me find them ~irene xoxo

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