We are going on vacation with Anki from Zilverblauw


We are Going on Vacation with Anki Wijnen from Zilverblauw

and we are we going to…
since our oldest son is born, we're visiting the Dutch coast almost every holiday. Casper's parents are owning a summerhouse located close to the beach. It perfect, because everything we need is around; a highchair for our baby, a baby bed, toys, etc. The house is surrounded by a big garden where the kids can play as much as they want. There are hardly any cars or other traffic and the beaches are quiet and beautiful. (and the cleanest of Holland!) My husband Casper loves bird watching so the big nature area nearby is also a big plus.


Who are you bringing along?
Casper, my husband, Wolf, our oldest son (5) and baby Mus. (almost 1) And most of the time, a lot of friends come to visit us and stay for a couple of nights. Especially in the summer that's great; we're hanging around at the beach, the children are playing together and we're having barbecue's in the summerhouses garden. Perfect.

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Where do you stay?
The summerhouse is located at a part of Holland that's called Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The Netherlands is a crowded country, but Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is really peaceful.


How do you get there?
By car, which is always challenging because our car is very small so we can't bring a lot of luggage.

What do you bring?
As little as possible, haha! Especially clothes and stuff we really need.


What can the kids bring?
Fortunately there's a lot of stuff around in the summerhouse, so the kids don't need to take along much. Wolf can bring some of his favorite toys; that's all the needs.
Where do you usually search for travel ideas?
We don't really do that.


Any travel tips?
Try to pack the luggage without the kids around. Our kids always get nervous and nasty when they see us packing. Like they know being nasty is the last thing we need at a moment like that.

What are must-see places in the world according to you?
In addition to our holidays at the beach, Casper and I try to visit a big city together every year. Last time we've been to Copenhagen and boy, we loved that place! But we also love Barcelona, Berlin and London. We enjoy every city trip together, it's really quality time for the two of us.

Greetings, Anki



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  1. Victoria

    We’ve had some great days at Cadzandbad on the Dutch coast. These photographs remind me of it. We’ve been there on gorgeous sunny days and also in snow storms when we built a big snowman on the beach!

  2. Oliver

    These photographs remind me of it.I can remember the happy time of my childhood life!Wish you have a better life!

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