Giveaway: stationery from Egg Press


Welcome Egg Press, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a set of gorgeous 75 Sweet Pattern designs from Egg Press. They can be customize as either birth announcements, or as kids stationery. A $365 value! 

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what is your favorite new retro kid's name? For example, Mabel, Dottie, Burl…


Since 1999, Egg Press has been industriously creating original, fresh, inspiring, handcrafted letterpress greeting cards and lifestyle products that connect and enrich people’s lives. 

..Egg Press

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Emma, congratulations!!

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Finch

    My favourite retro name – I can’t pick one, but my favourite two are Pearl and Iris.

  2. gracie boyer

    I love these so much. My favorite retro name is either Mabel or Maggie. They are on my baby name list.

  3. Angelique

    My favourite name is Cato. It’s short, fancy and very retro!

  4. Terumi

    Love the name Arlo: not sure if it’s actually retro but it seems like its from another era. And Atticus.

  5. Luisa

    I love the name Jane. And any flower name: Lily, Daisy, Violet.

  6. Amber SJ

    Audrey, it is my great grandmother name <3

  7. olga

    My favourite polish retro name – ZOFIA 🙂 (used from the 12th century)

  8. boo louis

    Either Rose or Ruby and i’ve named both my girls like so!

  9. Sonia Simón

    My favourite retro name ist: Adelaide.
    Other Adelaide: Adelaida in Spanish, Adelheid in french, Adélaïde in Italian…

  10. maggie graham

    My favourite retro name is Maisie. So sweet.

  11. Ingrid

    My favorite is Lena, for a girl,I think it’s a sweet Dutch retro name..
    and for a boy it will be Gijs…Love the stationary!Have a nice day.

  12. Maya

    My favourite israeli retro name is Naomi.

  13. Heidi Fitzgibbon

    My little brown eyed boy is named Finnbar … a little retro, a lot Irish! we love it (and him!) Hx

  14. Pernille Andersen

    My mom’s middlename is Thora. It’s danish, and I really like it.
    Also Magne or Frank for a boy, is cute.

  15. bec

    Too cute! A friend today called his new baby girl Elsie – retro yet so pretty!

  16. jen

    I love all of these retro names. Rowan is beautiful, as is Rose.

    Thank you for the chance!

  17. Rebecca

    If I had a girl I wanted to name her Hazel. But we had a boy and named him Maddox.

  18. Camilla

    How fun! I’m due in just a few weeks and plan to use my all time favorite retro name. Colette. This would be perfect!

  19. Jennyroo

    Cora and Hattie for girls, Hank and George for boys!

  20. Christine Steven

    I love the name Harriet. I’ve never actually met one (other than the spy 😉 though. The stationary is so lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Laura

    My favorite is Hazel – the name of my eldest daughter <3
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Catherine

    I’ve always been a fan of Martha because I babysat the most adorable Martha as a teenager.

  23. Alice

    I know it’s kind of timeless, but Henry for a boy.

  24. Siobhán

    Gosh, there are so many! At the moment, I love the name Buddy for a boy and Penny for a girl 🙂

  25. Laura

    Virginia… it’s my grandmother’s name and if we have another girl, that’s what we’ll call her.

  26. marcellemariko

    My favorite names are: Bronx & Brooklyn for a boy & girl.

  27. brittany

    Ohh so many favorites but most of all..Hattie.

  28. Lisa-Joan

    Benedict for a boy and Deirdre for a girl. 🙂

  29. Silja Kristjansdottir

    Apple and Poppy are my favourite.

  30. Kristen

    We went with Everett for our little guy. If a girl ever graces our family she will be named Willa

  31. Erin

    We have a Dean, which I think it kind of retro 🙂

  32. sacha

    My grandmother’s name was Lorna and I love that. I also really like Lucy.

  33. Jennifer

    Adeline for a girl or Theodore for a boy.

  34. Libby

    Climbing buds is my favorite… it combines a Marimekko feel with a summer afternoon in a hammock. Love.

  35. Emily K

    Gee, if I were expecting I’d be writing these names down, they’re all awesome! 🙂 I’m quite partial to Betty, there’s just ‘something’ about it. I also like(d) Jake, Harry and Charles, but these names are quite common now so slightly losing there appeal to me sadly, still, they’re still great names!

  36. Anna

    My favorite is Lieve, no idea if that’s retro or not. Thanks for this give-away!

  37. Karo

    For a girl: donna or regina
    For a Boy: christopher

  38. Nine|Tree

    I agree with a lot of the commentators that Ruby for a girl is a adorable girls name (in Dutch I will probably turn it into Roeby). For a boy I am thinking of Raf, also a Dutch name (don’t know if it’s really ‘retro’, but still oldfashioned I think).

  39. Katie

    I love these sweet girls’ names:

  40. Stephanie Moon

    My husband and I are expecting our first child this November, and last night, he sheepishly and excitedly told me he had a name if our baby is a boy. He said I couldn’t laugh. “Orville.” Orville Redenbacher? Like the popcorn? I asked. “No. Orville like the Wright Brothers,” he said, smiling and burying his head into the pillow. “We could call him Orvie for short…”

  41. autismvox

    Charlie for a boy (cheating a bit as that is actually my son’s name) and for a girl, Helen.

  42. Victoria

    Ruby is my fave and I have a very cheeky 3 yr old one at home!! And for a boy I really like Oscar. Love the stationery.

  43. flavia

    my favourites names are: amaranta and aureliano, as the protagonist of cien años de soledad, gabriel garcia marquez!

  44. Hilla

    I love Audrey and Isabela…both elegant and regal

  45. keren

    Eva, for my grandmother, Josephine, for Jo in Little Women, and Harper, for Harper Lee.

  46. Anne

    Thanks for the chance, great giveaway! Names: I like Louise, Josephine and Madeleine, among others 🙂

  47. Maaike

    As I’m expecting in August, I will not reveal the retro-name foremost on my mind. 🙂 Second-best: Ethel.

  48. anne

    Edith and George 🙂 wouldn’t those be the cutest twin names??

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