Giveaway: a child’s stool from Ekobo


Welcome Ekobo Ecology and Design, wer're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a Mini-Mello pint sized bamboo stool from Ekobo. Your choice of color – though blue has been discontinued. 

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what is your favorite Ekobo product and in what color?


Ekobo is an eco-friendly enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of contemporary hand-crafted home accessories made from a natural and renewable resource: bamboo. They combine modern aesthetics with local craftsmanship to sustain artisanal communities, while promoting bamboo as a socially and environmentally responsible.


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Mus, congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. Mira

    well, I just love this lovely chairs, but am slightly indecisive about color – if I have to choose would go for green or strawberry red (pink):))

  2. Anne

    My favorite would be the Mini Mello (in pink), but I also really like their large serving bowl. Great giveaway!

  3. MevrouwWalvis

    My kids would love the stools! Aqua or orange, I can’t decide!

  4. summer

    Those stools are fabulous, but I’m also in love with the bamboo fruit bowl – in green.

  5. Heidi

    I LOVE the MINI MELLO Bamboo Stool in red and my daughter would too 😉

  6. laphra

    i love the chamallo tables, in lagoon or white.
    perfect with a mini mello, in white, lagoon or lime 😉

  7. Valerie

    I already got the Bamboo salad bowl (globo) with the spoons, in red and green, and also the large serving bowl in red, … I like tour products so much! My kids will be so happy with a Mini Melo red 😉 But I have 3 kids so I would have to buy for each of them!!! :-))

  8. Elizabeth Fitzgibbons

    We LOVE Ekobo. All-time favorite is mikoto large in lime! But those Mini-Mellos are adorable.

  9. els

    I love the rondo plates, especially the one in lime!



  10. Troodia

    It would definetely have to be the MINI MELLO stool in red and green!! Practical and cute! Zoe would love it! And how about the CHAMALLO tables!! What great design!

  11. Rosanne

    Wow, this is the best give-away ever! I love the mello. My favourite product is the mello large, and the colour of choise would be lagoon…Now just keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  12. Anna Donado

    I love the MINI MELLO Bamboo Stool, in all the colors, but especially in red. Great products!

  13. Rebecca

    I love the stools. I like the green color the best.

  14. Lizette

    the mini mello in green is adorable but looking at the other Ekobo products is so hard to choose! some favorites are the black mello large (stands apart like a well designed piece of furniture), the fresco bowl of fruit (what a classic), and the maxi plato serving tray (beautiful).

  15. Staci A

    The stools are wonderful. I love how bright they are, especially the lime! The Modulo large in mandarin is great too!

  16. Steph

    I love the Mello because it looks like a piece of candy! Fav color is lagoon, followed closely by mandarin.

  17. Sarah Benson

    wow – i love the mello, particularly in mandarin! i also love the fresco in tomato. nice!!!

  18. Patrick

    Absolutely love the Mini Mello in Prune! Great product!

  19. Chloe

    I love the GEMO spoons in white! Lovely!!

  20. Laura

    I love their laundry baskets, and I think they only come in that gorgeous turquoise color (works for me!!!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Melanie Miller

    I am smitten with the Fresco bowl in green, but, I’d have to say my FAVORITE thing from Ekobo is the MELLO Medium in Aqua!! So amazing! Like Candy!

  22. Tanja

    My favorite is probably the mini Mello in prune, although the strawberry red is pretty as well. I just love the fruity names.

  23. knobz

    Fresco in green. But there are many “tolle” things – not easy to decide.

  24. Kyra

    I love the Lagoon color! And, the laundry bins are probably my favorite item but I love these cute mini mellos!

  25. Ana Lilia Valderrama

    definitely the mini mello in tomato or lime. it’s such a cute and unique design! i can totally see my 8 month old baby boy sitting on it to rest after taking a few steps, once he begins to walk.

  26. marleen

    their sculptural products out of natural materials and their choice of 1950’s colors! what’s not to like? the mikoto knife stand might be the smartest product but not as much fun as these big colored pebbles for children (and to rest my feet 🙂 guess which color my daughter ruby would like?

  27. Olivia

    I like the styles of the laundry hampers. The lime color is my favorite.

  28. Ian

    I think the spoons are cool looking. The lime color would match my son’s room!

  29. Vicky Wang

    I love love the Mello Medium in lagoon!! My daughter would love this in her room!

  30. Lorane

    I love th emedium mello in lagoon color, so cute.

  31. serena

    ….. everthing is “beau” at ekobo… i lOve the lagoon color!!!

  32. Su

    definitely the mini mello – the scale is JUST Right! Red or Orange – you almost want to bite into one they look so delicious!

  33. Hiskia

    Wow… well, this is a combined-choice: I like the mini mello the best, Isis likes it best in pink 😀

  34. mirabelle

    These stools are pretty much my pick – love the lime, but my daughter might choose the pink – we shall see if we are the winner! 🙂

  35. Marieke

    Supernice to see an eco-give away! I always try to live as ‘green’ as possible, and i love design, but these two things are not always easy to combine.
    I love the Mello stools, all sizes. Too bad blue is not available anymore, bright yellow would be nice too. Now Lagoon would be my pick.

  36. Laura Noble

    I love this cute kids stool. If I was choosing something for me it would be the Maxi Plato serving tray in smoke!

  37. Aubin O'Brien

    I love all of their products but if I were to pick I’d go with the lagoon laundry hamper for myself and I’d have to pick the mini melo in mandarin for my son as it would be a fun addition to his nursery!

  38. Leanne

    This mini mello is it! I think I’d like the orange to go in my daughter’s room.

  39. jojoebi

    I love the stackable plates, the round ones.
    as for the seat, I like the orange but my son says green!

  40. Debbie Kim

    I love your bowls but this kid stool in lime would be great too!

  41. anne

    wow I really really hope I win this one!! I love their plates and stackable trays, but mostly these awesome little stools. I’d want one in every color, like the picture 🙂 orange if I had to choose just one.

  42. hanna

    I like the large bamboo stool in mandarin.

  43. Jennyroo

    I love all the Mello stools, the large size in Black would be so dramatic in my living room! Plus my little ones will love the Mini Mello, too!

  44. Sharon

    The Mini Melo in Mandarin is the one I like the best. Nice color and useful stool with the added storage. Very cool.

  45. sage raval

    I love the knife blocks. We have three!
    Love everything about Ekobo!

  46. sacha

    This would be great to win- my daighter would go for the green and my son for the orange! My favorite thing is the Maxi Plato- nice for dinners outdoors in the summer!

  47. Nadine

    All the products look great, never heard of Ekobo before. I really love everything in the Lagoon colour, it’s so springy/summery 🙂 the Ringo Laundry bin looks amazing, but the stools in any size are my total favourite, in Lagoon colour of course.

  48. Claudia

    Ringo laundry! It’s a nice way to store..Lagoon color is very cool.

  49. Charlotte

    i think my favourite is either the laundry bin or the occasional tables. I love the depth of the colours.

  50. Silja

    It sure is hard to choose – but I think I have to say that mello > are my favorit of the ekobo line.

    I would love to have a green mini Mello 😉

  51. nandi

    I’d love the Mello large stools. To match to my living room I’d hesitate between the mandarin and the smoke color. But in another room the prune one would look great too!
    otherwise the ringo laundry basket is really cool!
    Too hard to select just one product..

  52. Laura

    Ohh, the Mello is lovely. I like it in tomato red!

  53. Anne Maynard

    I love the Chamallo tables. Would make a great grouping in my living room in the Smoke colour. The little untreated strip makes such a nice contrast with the glossy finish.

    The Mello stools are so cute, I’d choose Lagoon for sure!

  54. Eliz. K

    Oh how fun! The mini-mello is pretty high up there, for a little one on the way…! in lagoon!

  55. brittany

    love love love their organizational and storage items…so sleek and colorful! definite must haves!

  56. Sarah B.

    Everything they offer looks so pretty. I really like the stackable Quadro plates. I think the Mello stools are my favorite product, though, especially in Lagoon. Perfect for my son’s room.

  57. Jennifer Glass

    I love the blue Mini Mello stool for my son! I love that the stools are super shiny!!!

  58. Julie

    j’adore tout de ekobo! most especially the mini mello in lagoon….or red, cannot decide!

  59. Megan Eubank

    Oh my how I adore these stools. And they foster such creativity in a child. A stool, a chair, a table, a toy. These are my favorite type of children’s products!

  60. Jennifer

    I just love those BO bamboo bowls. They are so simple and lovely.

  61. Erin

    I love the Rondo plate in prune. I like that you can see the rings in the wood. Beautiful.

  62. Nicky

    I love these Mello stools too and I would love a giant one (in black) for me to sit on! I’d probably sit there stroking it – it looks very tactile.

  63. Elaina

    Their products are exactly what design should be. I’m in awe. I really like the stackable Quadro plates. And I truly adore the Mello stools! I think my 13 year old daughter, Sage, would adore the large Mello stool in the color Smoke for her bedroom.

  64. Jess

    How cool! my favorite is definitely the mini-Mello in lime or lagoon.

  65. Bec

    Love the Mini Mello in lagoon, and the freshness of the Fresco fruit bowl!

  66. Belinda

    I LOVE the mini Mello Bamboo stool in Pink! I can just imagine my daughter’s eyes lit up when she sees it! She would know how to use/transform it into something else as it can be whatever you want it to be, not just a stool…so versatile…

  67. Patrick

    The Mini Mello is great looking for a kids room. The pink one would be terrific for my little girl’s room!

  68. MUS

    love these eye cather little stools (white)… But the boite a moushoirs is very welcome too in a house full of snot-nosed kids

  69. Christiane

    I think this is a very cool and, I suppose, comfy thing to sit on. It would perfectly fit in charlotte´s and camilla´s room.
    Our favorite color is “rose”…..
    Thank you,

  70. MzTallulah

    Lovely, simple and modern-looking products! My favourite is the Fresco bamboo fruit bowl in Tomato. Thank you for the giveaway!

  71. Hilla

    i just love the mini mellow stool, red one would be lovely for my 2 year old who likes to place herself in the center of every room….

  72. Henni W

    How wonderful this giveaway!
    I love this mini mello in pink or prune for my daughters, but ringo laundry in any color would be welcome in the house too!!

  73. juste

    Quadro plates are on my shopping list now, i must say! What a brilliant idea of stackable plates and what is more the colour scheme goes headbang with my kitchen’s decor.

    Now following the stackable theme : the stools are fascinating! Raw yet elegant and stylish that’s on top of looking very cosy for the little ones.

    Hving more than two children the stackability of these stools also comes in handy when cleaning the floors 🙂

    Love the Kiwi burst colour!

  74. Hayley

    Lovely! The Mello Medium stool in lagoon, please!


  75. Veronica

    Beautiful company! i Love a pink stool! So gorgeous!

  76. Rebecca

    I love the MELLO Medium stool, all the colors are great but I love the orange.

  77. jen

    oh I have a thing for wooden spoons. Their GEMO spoons are fantastic!

  78. ingrid

    the fresco fruit bowl in bright grass green is absolutely edible!! The stools though are just marvelous.

  79. ForJules

    The stools are very nice ; my favorite is red!

  80. olga

    Love, love, love the design and colours! 🙂 Mini Mello Lime! Lovely!

  81. Ana

    Nice giveaway. I think the RINGO LAUNDRY in smoke would look smokin’ hot on my bathroom (I’m still in the process of decorating my new home). Those mini mello stools are adorable, I’d choose Lime or lagoon, both are cute.

  82. gem

    hi, i actually have two vintage yellow chairs just like yours! i would love the stool in in red, beautiful match.

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