a ‘star wars’ party for Lode


May is the Birthday month in our home… Lode and papa are celebrating theirs just a couple of days apart. Perhaps luckily Lode comes first … so it was his big day last week on Thursday. I thought it was quite amazing how calm he remained throughout the week prior… not showing any (visible) signs of nervousness or anxiety… it even seemed he was enjoying his pre-birthday days: preparing decoration and talking about cake designs, party games and of course presents….for those of you who know Lode a bit or have read about him on Bloesem before this new found coolness in the face of a “big event” is quite a new phenomenon…I was sort of expecting him to ask whether we might celebrate his birthday a week earlier because “I am too excited mom”…yes, I am sure you have had similar experiences with your kids… and I know I used to be extremely anxious in the weeks leading up to my birthdays (and still am but mainly because of the increasing age number…J)… perhaps his new coolness has something to do with what I can only describe as an absolute craziness among Lode and his friends for anything that has to do with Star Wars… not sure whether the Star Wars tidal wave has hit the shores of the US or Europe…but in my home all the boys now go by names such as Luke Skywalker, Anakin (or even better Darth Vader) and Obi Wan…. Not much of a girl’s paradise I am afraid although I think it is sweet they refer to me as the Queen of Naboo, Amidala,… who I understand is not an evil queen (like you find in other fairy tales…) but rather a symbol of beauty and the mother of Luke Skywalker (the Jedi who ultimately brings balance to the Force…) of course…

So, I guess…, boys will be boys…which meant that Lode’s 6th birthday had to have a distinct Star Wars look and feel… It is quite amazing how these young boys can talk and engage in imaginary Star Wars games for hours and hours… they know all the character names, their “powers” and who does what and when… I am trying to be a sensible mom and only let them watch bits and pieces of non-violent parts of the cartoon series…but it looks like the odds are against me…as for some reason both my boys know exactly how the “dark side of the Force is destroyed”…perhaps my husband has something to do with this…anyway, I go with the flow….and it makes me happy to see how much he enjoys all of it….: the dreamy world of all the galaxies, outer space and strange looking aliens…

Lode helped baking his own Star Wars cake – using only organic ingredients… – and it was great Fun! A bit like working with clay actually and certainly as messy… we hope you like the result as much as we enjoyed making it!

And, we also made some garlands ourselves using a Star Wars sticker-book, some paper and string… quite easy to pull together… and completely handmade by Lode himself. I suggested doing triangles/flag shapes instead but he insisted on squares and who am I to argue with that…:) perhaps it is the big new thing :):):) … ~irene xoxo


Starwars_diy_chocolate Starwars_cake_help Starwars_diy



All images by me, Irene.

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  1. chrissie

    Well happy Birthday boy`s,love the fact that I am a Star Wars fan aswell, so I know how Lode feels,real cool,I Love the movies.Dear Oueen of Naboo,the birthday cake looks amazing,have fun with your`e boy`s they look very handsome,love from Chrissie

  2. Maike

    Happy Birthday ! Great party pictures…I have done Star Wars parties for my boys…may the force be with you 😉

  3. Appracadabra | Diana

    Last year a cowboy, this year a skywalker – boys will be boys indeed 🙂
    Love the cake bu the way. And the blue polkadot string used for that very manly garland.

    Congratulations on your big boy, Irene!

  4. Anabel

    Happy birthday to your little one!!! I love the cake, especially because he helped with the decorations.

  5. sandra jacobs

    ziet er spannend uit met dat mes 😉 Nog gefelicteerd met je mannen

  6. Stacey

    My son also had a Star Wars birthday party when he turned six (he is now ten). We had a scavenger hunt. The boys (as young Jedis) had to find clues (taped to the back of various Star Wars toys) hidden all over the galaxy (the backyard) to discover where the Sith had hidden a secret cache of weapons. On the back of each toy were letters that, when put together, spelled, “On the back porch.” There they found a box with inflatable light sabers and other Star Wars party favors. We played the Star Wars theme music outside and the kids ran around the backyard dueling each other with their inflatable light sabers. It was such fun!

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