We are Going on Vacation with… me, Irene from Bloesem


A new column: with summer only a couple of weeks away I thought it would be a nice idea to share an impression of the way my family and I like to spend our vacations. And I also invited many bloggers from around the world to do the same… Let's Go!

 We are Going on Vacation with… me, Irene from Bloesem

and we are we going to: Krabi in Thailand

Who are you bringing along?

My best friend, husband and love of my life, Rik and our two sons, Lode, who is almost 6 years old and Kiet just turned 3.



Where do you stay?

In a luxury resort, called the Phulay Bay. It was a present from Rik for my Birthday. Five days of vacation in the best surroundings possible.

What do you bring?

Magazines, beach wear, my Nikon, i-pad and i-phone … they come in handy when having diner and the kids get bored :)                      <more>

Pool_krabi Krabi_boys Krabi_speedboat


What can the kids bring?
Both of them are allowed to bring one backpack and stuff it whatever they want to bring… lode often brings all sorts of different little things, crazy things in my opinion but for him they are like little treasures: stones, small keys, flash light, play-mobile, star-wars cards, totally un-organised but they have great meaning to him. And Kiet's bag usually is packed with cars.

{Lode's favorite new activity… me behind him afraid of the very sharp darts (: }

Where do you usually search for travel ideas?

I ask around a lot… many of my friends here in Kuala Lumpur go away for short weekend trips. Rik and I are not super adventurous, we love going to the same places where we know it is nice and good. But if we do go somewhere new I often google the place on 'google – blogs' and believe you get the best reviews and images.


Any travel tips?

With small kids especially, little treasure bags with some sweets, crackers, a special drink and some gadgest like a some color pencils, a sticker sheet can do miracles when the journey is longer then expected. I always prepare one and when I need them I pop them out of my bag… surprise surprise!

What are must-see places in the world according to you?

for Beach: the Maldives, haven't been yet 🙂

for city: Rome, New York and Amsterdam

for nature: any of the rain-forests in the world or the Grand Canyon area in the USA.. breathtaking

{below: a mangrove tour organized by the resort}



~ For you who are new to this blog, my name is Irene and I am the founder of BloesemKids, you can read a bit more about me right here or visit my other blog, BloesemLiving right here. Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy what you see.

~ If you are a blogger or artist and would like to be part of this column then please send Maaike an email.


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  1. Lau de Casalil

    gorgeous place… I just want to take the whole family and run to the airport this morning… my credo is live everyday as if we were on holidays.. but…!! thanks irene for this really nice trip with you

  2. Chantal & Paul

    Lieve Irene, Rik, Lode en Kiet,

    Wat een prachtige foto’s!

    Hoe is het met jullie? Hier in het koude Nederland gaat alles goed! We kunnen niet wachten totdat wij jullie wereld daar kunnen en mogen bekijken!

    Liefs Chantal & Paul

  3. sara

    Looks so beautiful and a fun family vacation. Would love to go on that mangrove boat tour!

  4. Manor House

    All the photos are awesome, I really like all the photos. Manor House are also full of greenery and natural items. There you feel that you are in heaven.

  5. Petra

    Krijg nu heel veel zin om weer langs te komen!!! Zitten nu net 3 dagen in brussel, in ons nieuwe huis. Het wordt hier paaseieren zoeken bij 10 graden, wel wat anders dan vorig jaar!

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