Giveaway: a gift card to The Land of Nod


Welcome The Land of Nod, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: to welcome their new spring items, The Land of Nod is giving one lucky winner a $50 gift card to their shop.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what is your favorite springtime activity with your children?


As everyone knows, The Land of Nod has terrific finds for children. However, there are also some fabulous finds for adults as well. Like this clock, chair and lamp. The new spring items that are pictured in this giveaway can be found here. Have you checked out The Land of Nod's blog, Honest to Nod? Lots of fun DIY posts and updates there.

..The Land of Nod

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Geraldine, congratulations!! If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Laura B

    We love to plant new things in the garden and watch them grow!

  2. Mo

    Living outside again: sun, sandbox, stones, and the most important “s” of all, the swing!

  3. Shannon

    I am pregnant now, but I am thinking my favorite spring time activity with our little one will be walks around the neighborhood and trips to the beach (only a 10-minute drive away!)

  4. MzTallulah

    Being messy on our small terrace garden, blowing lots of soapy bubbles, and making & eating ice cream! Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Darah7

    Rediscovering the backyard! There’s always some little nook we’ve forgotten about!

  6. Yvonne

    My son loves to garden with me and help me plan out what veggies to plant.

  7. Hannah

    My son loves to help dig in the garden. We also take lots of walks around the neighborhood.

  8. Becky

    Blowing bubbles outside…bubbles have been a kitchen activity for the past few months!

  9. Rosanne

    Our favorite activity is going to the animal farm and look at all the baby animals.

  10. Meka

    We would spend all day, every day, in the sandbox if we could!

  11. Maureen

    Going to the park or the local animal farm and having a picnic.

  12. Katherine

    Finding bugs, naming them and carrying them around whilst talking to them like they’re babies. My eldest (4yrs) has made many a bug friend so far this spring.

  13. Nadine

    we don’t have spring but I would love to bring my boys to the park or the playground (:

  14. Christy C

    My favorite spring activity is getting back outside: gardening, trimming, enjoying our tulips, water play, soccer in the yard…

  15. Catherine

    My favourite spring activity with my kids is to get back on the tennis court at our local park. Love Land of Nod! Didn’t know they had a blog, off to check it out now!

  16. Maureen

    Gardening: Weeding, digging and planting new seeds!

  17. Vail

    This year, we have spent a lot of time tending the garden.

  18. Lori Ann

    We love to be outside – whether gardening or just cleaning out the garage – always so much to explore and become reacquainted with! But I think, since we live by the beach, my most favorite is pumping up the bike tires and going for our ride to the beach and harbor. Such fun!

  19. becca

    Picnics at the local farmers markets and hanging out at the park.

  20. rebecca

    going to the park and watching my son scoot around like a maniac.

  21. sara

    favorite thing to do is just being outside: park visits, pool side, visits to local farms, working in our own garden, teaching the children to ride bikes, etc. Being outside is always lovely!

  22. Rose T

    Definitely planting the garden, watching ladybugs, and blowing dandelions. Everything we can do outside!

  23. Michelle Yip

    This will be babies first spring, but we plan to take him hiking and to the beach b/c he LOVES the sand.

  24. Mark Paradis Jr

    I’m looking forward to outdoor games with my new little boy. Croquet, Baseball, Lacrosse.

  25. Jennyroo

    We love bike riding! Can’t wait until the weather is warm enough and the streets are clear of gravel/dust so we can get back out!

  26. Amy Kennedy

    Baseball! My boys are budding major leaguers, so they think;) First year on tee ball for my six-year-old and it is hilarious!

  27. ami williams

    Our favorite spring time activities are all outdoor related! We love gardening, going to the park, and taking walks after dinner. ^__^

  28. Rebecca

    My family and I like to go on foraging walks in the spring and pick wild greens. The kids are great at identifying plants and love eating stuff that they’ve picked themselves even if it is green.

  29. Elizabeth Fann

    Planting and gardening! Sprucing everything up for warmer days.

  30. Kellie O

    My favorite spring time activity with my children is to plant flowers for spring and take walks in the park!

  31. Christina

    Definitely riding bikes and going to the park.

  32. Julie

    Anything out in the sun…going to the park, zoo or for walks. We’re just happy to see the sun again!

  33. Ellen

    We have a small garden plot behind our apt bldg in NYC, and I can’t wait to plant flowers with my toddler this spring!

  34. Carlene

    Starting our veggies from seed in the house, watching them grow, planting them in the ground and then waiting for the harvest! It’s a rewarding life lesson to teach our children about where our food comes and as an added bonus, I love watching my 4 year old son pick cherry tomatos off the vine and pop them into his mouth like candy!

  35. tracy

    Long walks to neighborhood parks in beautiful weather!

  36. Megan B

    We just love going outside and playing with the dogs or swinging on our swing set!

  37. Jill

    Gardening! We love getting out of the house after the long winter.

  38. Sarah B.

    After dinner walks and playtime – great not to be stuck inside between dinner and bedtime

  39. Nancy

    Like lots of other mamas, I love gardening with my little girl when it finally warms up enough to get out of the house! Going for nature walks is pretty fun, too. 🙂

  40. Jennifer Hamilton

    In the spring we like leaving the house and visiting our city’s playgrounds, zoo, and botanic garden. Our son was only 1 last spring so I’m sure we’ll be much busier this year! <3 LON!!!

  41. Saundra Chapa

    Going to the beach! We live in deep South Texas, and the beach is just down the street! Our Spring is like a mild summer, so it’s not too cool and not too’s perfect!! 🙂

  42. Angela

    Our favorite activity is planting our garden. My boys love to pick out their own seeds, then plant them and watch them grow!

  43. island girl

    Absolutely love bike riding and hiking as a family! @littleislandstu

  44. Sasha K

    My daughter is only 5 months, so this will be her first spring. I can’t wait to take her to the park to sit in the grass.

  45. Wendy M

    My twins are still gestating, but I can’t wait for some nice sunny spring weather so “we” can sit outside and relax, with my feet up! 🙂

  46. Jose Gonzalez

    Planting in our family garden where each child chooses their own fruit and vegetable seeds to plant.

  47. Laurie Mitchell

    I love to take my 8 beautiful children to the lake. It is not warm enough for swimming but they all enjoy fishing. Just getting away from the tv, video games and life. Just listening to them talk and laugh and enjoy the outdoors.

  48. Jennifer Hess

    There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of our littles among the budding sights of Spring. They remind me to be awed by the amazing miracle of growth, especially theirs.

  49. Alli W

    Puddle stomping and collecting and “saving” bugs – no roly poly bugs in my driveway are ever in danger of being squished! 🙂

  50. Kristen

    once it’s warm enough, my son loves going to his favorite park at the lakefront in our Chicago neighborhood!

  51. Meg T

    I love digging in the dirt with the kids. There is nothing like their faces when they find a big fat worm.

  52. Christina Y

    Walking to town to play at the park. We love our walks!

  53. Cari

    Playing frisbee outside and looking for as many bugs as we can!

  54. Stephany Kuhlman

    My 17 month old daughter loves going on bike rides with mommy and daddy and of course stopping at our neighborhood park. Last spring she was only 6 months old, so this is her FIRST spring walking and running and playing with the neighbor kids. Her bedroom is decked out with lots of Land of Nod!

  55. JJ

    Gardening! My little guy loves digging in the dirt so this is a great extension for him!

  56. Tina

    gardening with my daughter and biking with my son and husband 🙂

  57. Lourdes

    We haven’t started it yet, but we’re hoping a little raised garden bed will be our favorite new spring activity!

  58. Andrea

    Just being outside and letting them get as dirty as they want to 🙂

  59. Lynette

    We love to go hiking to look for new blooming flowers!

  60. Silja

    We love making colorfull chalk drawings and patterns outside our house in the spring.

  61. suzie

    Oh lovely spring! Digging in the garden, getting dirty, planting and then every morning peeking in the garden and watch our plants grow.

  62. Megan G

    Anything that gets us outside and into the fresh air!

  63. margaret

    after being cooped up all winter, our favorite spring activity is anything to do outdoors.

  64. Andrea Ginsberg

    Nighttime park outings are our favorite.

  65. Chris

    Gardening. My daughter likes to eat her kale raw right from the garden!

  66. Charlotte

    getting outside in the sun without having to put on multiple layers of clothes and gumboots.

  67. Stacey

    Yesterday we took old sheets and made tents by laying them over the branches of our “not quite” flowering trees. We have also been spending time working together in our kitchen garden and imagining what it will look like in just a few short months.

  68. Geraldine

    Every Spring my three children and I buy lady bugs at the garden store, release them in our yard, then try to find them later on!!

  69. Carrie Kohlbrenner

    my little family loves driving to the beach and playing all day in the water, sand, and sun <3

  70. Yvette Turner

    I have two boys, our favorite spring time activity is getting outside and playing catch. My oldest is now 8 and he has come to the realization that I’m not much of a baseball player. But I try, and he loves that. He has even told me “C’mon Ma, don’t be afraid of the ball!”
    He prefers playing with Dad, but my youngest (5) still prefers playing catch with me. I’ll try to savor it for as long as I can. 🙂

  71. Yvette

    Taking long walks in our city, playing in the park, and going on fun day trips!

  72. Chrissy M

    Bike riding, taking walks, visiting the parks, playing in the yard, going to the duck pond… we love it all!!!

  73. bianca

    Our favorite thing to do in the spring is plant a new garden!

  74. Wendy Christmas

    Sidewalk chalk and practicing cartwheels in the grass!!

  75. anne

    ooh I love land of nod!

    I love to bake/cook with my 2 girls 🙂

  76. Ashley H.

    We love to go letterboxing! It’s a bit like geocaching but simpler and more little kid friendly. Love camping too!

  77. Kristin

    Hooray for this – we’re about to update my daughter’s room with their new raspberry Jenny Lind bed – so I’d put this towards that purchase. I love hanging out at the Botanical Gardens as many days as possible in the spring – it changes every day. (And it’s much prettier than my own backyard!)

  78. Solducky

    Playing on the porch while it rains, gathering up worms to return to the lawn afterward.
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  79. yahvegas2k

    Daily trips to the playground after school.

  80. sonya

    spring is when fresh veggies return to my minnesota home after a long, frozen winter. it’s a great time of the year to reintroduce local produce to my picky eater, and it seems every spring he adds a new veggie to his repertoire. i’m always especially happy when it’s something i’ve grown in my own garden.

  81. Dee

    We’re big on gardening and spending weekends at the park 🙂

  82. Daniel W

    As a father to a little boy, I look forward to springtime bug collecting, kite flying and mini golfing. We like baking and paunting too, but it’s the outdoor Spring activities that are best. Daniel

  83. katja

    we’re often on the playground or in the garden.

  84. Bora

    We live in a very walkable city and taking my little boy around showing him all the trees, people and buildings is great fun!

  85. Staci Jorgenson

    Parks, Picnics and Swingsets! In fact we just did the swingset today, a rarity in early April in the Northwest!

  86. Margaret

    I enjoy walking in the nature trails with my boys on a beautiful, sunny, mild Spring day!

  87. Lola

    Being outdoor and enjoying every bud of spring… Getting our hands dirty and putting precious seeds in the warm soil… Life is so pretty by Springtime! Happy Easter!

  88. Jen

    We love to plan our garden in the spring, take walks in the woods and make a visit to a local farm to see baby animals.

  89. Blythe

    My daughter is almost 2 and she’s loving the warmer weather for walks to the park and playing in the sandbox in our yard.

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