Let’s Get Personal in Spain with Eva Monleón : Misako Mimoko


Let's Get Personal with Eva Monleón aka * Misako Mimoko 

S:: Spanish is… fun, light, bright colors, food… not taking life very seriously.

P:: projects I like to work on are… Embroidery with wool, like crewel and needlepoint. That’s what I’m smitten by now, I’m testing new stitches and making lots of samples for my embroidery workshops at Duduá and Casa Sagnier.


A:: art in my home is from… street and flea markets, I have many found objects. Lovely pieces made by friends and gifts from Lili Scratchy, Hey Sosi, Missy Kulik, Bukubuku, Gina Namkung… and by my partner Gabriel Corbera.

We also have many reproduction prints of our favorite paintings.

N:: new in my home is… (are) a lovely ceramic planter that was a birthday gift from my friends Le Petit Pot and Maelström. And also Ferdinand, our new broccoli boy cushion! Another present from Alícia Rosselló.


Misakomimoko20 Misakomimoko12 Studio1 Dolls

Misakomimoko088 Misakomimoko17


I:: indulgence, my secret indulgence is… staying at home the whole day just for making my things, enjoy my plants, stare at the sunlight with a cup of tea on the hands.

S:: style means… not to care about style.


H:: home is… my personal and secret world… just like heaven.

H:: hobby, I always make time for… walking, I love to walk.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is… a bag, I feel lost without it. Sometimes I use a big backpack to wear all the things I need, or a cute handbag just to have something to hold in my hands and to carry keys, wallet and cell phone.

M:: magazines I love to read are… papier mache, Apartamento, Lula, Anorak, Kireei magazine, El Costurero, Sweet Paul, Doolitle… and the Chinese little thing, but in this case, as I don’t know chinese, I just enjoy the images.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without… sunlight and nature.


………………………..Thank You Eva Monleón  ………………………..

Eva Monleón aka Misako Mimoko is an illustrator, multimedia and graphic designer who lives and in Barcelona. She started making dolls and working with fabrics while studing Fine Arts, now she returns to her old liking and spends a lot of time putting colors together, playing all day with fabrics, sewing, crocheting… she has a deep passion for  vintage toys, children books, illusttrations from the 40s and 50s, Japanish culture and naïve art…. would you like to go shopping for her awesome products than click here





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Bloesem loves comments
  1. Bonnie

    Love this post! Delightful person and amazing work! This is just how I expected her home to be! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. evie

    oh so lovley! i want to look at every little treasure up close.
    those two dog portraits are killing me with their awesomeness : )
    thanks for sharing your world eva – everything i imagined and more!
    your indulgence sounds heavenly. and i like the idea of what ‘spanish’ means!

  3. Sofia

    Such a lovely post about Eva!! She is a wonderful person and a great artist…I believe the pictures speak for themselves!! 🙂

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