Giveaway: a pendant from Lightyears


Welcome Lightyears, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: Oh Bloesem readers, you are in for such a treat today! Lightyears is giving one very lucky person the opportunity to win this gorgeous Caravaggio BlackBlack P1 pendant designed by Cecilie Manz.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, where would you hang your Caravaggio BlackBlack P1 pendant in your home?


Lightyears has a wonderful selection of lamps to choose from. They believe there should always be a clear association between a lamp's form and function. First and foremost, it should ensure functional lighting, but at the same time offer an aesthetic experience, whether it is on or off. Check out all the projects Lightyears has participated in. 


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Lisa Clark, congratulations!! If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. karen L

    Whay a great give-away!
    I would defenitely hang this lamp above my dining table because this lamp must be seen!

  2. Marloes

    (and in my dream I’d hang it right above my just finished homemade table, in full minimalist style that would fit quite perfectly with the blackblack pendant!)

  3. Laurence CD

    Ohhhhh I would love to have one (or two!!) on top of the big dining table we are planning to buy 🙂
    or maybe in the bedroom or…

  4. Kumari

    OOh that’s beautifull lamp! I really want it for my studieroom. A new boost to make beautiful creative things! 🙂

  5. jennifer giacomet inda

    UAU! this pendant is amazing and all i need to finish my entrance hall! thanks…

  6. Marjolein

    I would give it to my mom who just transformed my old bedroom at my parents house into her own ‘creative’ room. All white with black accents and this beautiful pendant would finish it completely and make her smile all day long!

  7. Amber

    I would hang it in the window, which is also above my kitchen sink! It deserves to be the focal point and so do I when washing up 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing and practical lamp.

  8. Marion Tissot

    Thank you for your blog and this wonderful giveaway!
    This lamp would go beautifully in my white and yellow entrance/kitchen I think.

  9. kristel

    Oh, I’d really really really like to win this amazingly simple but beautiful lamp! I would definitely hang it in my veranda, just above the lounge chair in which I like to relax reading.

  10. Jenna

    This dreamy light would be nice above my favourite reading chair to help me disappear in my enchanting books!

  11. Christina Strenger

    I realy love the Caravaggio! I’d like to put above my dining table.

  12. Josi

    ..since I’m going to move at the end of march I would love this lamp to be the first new item in our wonderful new flat. I think I would hang it in the kitchen, because this black beauty will be super contrasting with the violette wall!

    thanks for the great giveaway, Josi

  13. rosanne

    i can see this wonderful shiny black lamp hanging next to my shiny black piano, above my relax-and-reading-chair.

  14. Rachel

    It’s a truly beautiful lamp that I would hang over our dining table in our soon to be painted all white living/dining area!

  15. Jessa Wiles

    Wow, what a cool lamp! I think I would have to display it in my kitchen, it would definitely be a lamp I would want to show off! So neat 🙂

  16. florence

    we just moved in and i have an open kitchen so i would hang it over our dining table it will make a nice separation between both rooms.

  17. pimpelwit

    wow! I think this is the first time I join the giveaway , but this one I can’t refuse!
    love this great lamp and really like to hang this lamp next to my couch next to the grey green painted wall and the other wall wit retro wallpaper. this lamp is just the perfect object to bring this all together and makes it final for a photoshoot for the magazines!

  18. Ellie

    Wow, I almost can’t believe this is true. Awesome giveaway!!!

    I think I’d replace the Ikea lamp in our bedroom with this one. This would also make a perfect dining area lamp but I already love the one we have there.. Anyhow, no matter where I’d hang it, I’d be thrilled to bits if I won this!

  19. ina

    i would hang it above my dining-reading-crafting-and-putting-too-much-rubbish-on-it-table. It’s surrounded by bookshelfs and badly needs a nice lamp. From my sofa I could see all the books reflecting in the nice shiny shade.

  20. Jet

    Like, like, like! I would hang this lamp in the bedroom of little baby (still in my belly) Maybe not the most common choice, but it fits perfect!

  21. Marieke

    In our new home, in our livingroom, close to our black sofa, under the stairs, next to our new cabinet with a piece of the black and white wallpaper on it that we have on an other wall, over the children’s table. This is all the same place by the way 🙂

  22. raffaella

    I would hang this lamp in the bedroom of my daughters 🙂

  23. emilia

    just above the desk I’m sitting at right now.

  24. Madalena

    Such a beautiful lamp I would have to put it above my dinner table!

  25. Jenny Rose

    I am redoing my office/den and I would swoon to have this masterpiece of a light hanging over my antique wooden desk. I love the work Lightyears has shown on their website; particularly how multiple lights look hung together. Maybe I would have to purchase a 2nd…or 3rd…to go with this one!

  26. Mari, smallforbig.com

    We’re looking for a new light to add to our living room – this would be perfect hanging over our sofa (and perfect for reading/blogging!)

  27. sam

    I would hang it over the kitchentable. Which isn’t really a kitchentable but the ‘we do everything at this table-table’. The place where we meet our friends, talk about our day, listen to music, enjoy the newspaper, show fresh flowers. And eat. Food is the heart of the home and needs proper and inspirational lighting. Exactly what this lamp is. I love it and would love to welcome it in our new home (that still has sad moving-bulbs all over it).

  28. Mai K

    Beautiful lamp! Since we have old black and ocher tiles from the “Porceleyne Fles” in our hallway of our Dutch 1930s house I would love to hang it there and replace the ordinary IKEA lamp we now use to light the hallway.

  29. Kajsa Molin

    I would definitely place this great lamp above my old, large, wooden kitchen table. I am lucky to have a spacious living kitchen in a beautiful old Berlin apartment. The kitchen is where I spend most of my time with friends and family. It is a place full of the things, people, and food that I love, and the Caravaggio P1 is simply a perfect fit!

  30. Julz

    Oh god! I want it so badly.
    It would definitly goes in my desk room.

  31. Kristel

    This lamp would be perfect for my writing/designing/crafting/architecture-studio. Finally getting rid of that naked bulb.

  32. Marina

    This is a beautiful lamp. I would hang it above the table in my study room.

  33. Noelia

    We are paiting the dinning room for the very first time since we moved, more than 10 years, after a lot of effort it looks cozy, beautiful! I will hang it over the main table there 🙂

  34. Hélène

    Such a nice giveaway ! I’ll put this beautiful pendant in my dining room !

  35. Carla Smith

    My husband is just about to paint our little boys bedroom and the lamp would be pride of place in their cool new room! 🙂

  36. maaike

    hallway definitely. that way you’ll see it when hanging out in the livingroom. prepping a meal in the kitchen. or when you arrive in my little precious flat. basically you’ld see it all day long. so pretty

  37. Pati

    definitely hang it in my dining room:) Wow great giveaway!

  38. OnePerfectDay

    That is so sleek and alluring!
    I’d hang it anywhere really. It would be perfect in any setting.

    Thanks for the great give-away!

  39. Jen Hellige

    From the rafters in my new attic bedroom. It’s beautiful!

  40. Sofia Ortuzar

    it´s beautiful! I wish I could win in order to hang it in my corridor. It is a large space that separtes the rooms from the living room…it would look amazing! and I can send u pictures of it 😉

  41. mamavanvijf

    Whaw. What a amazing give-away!! I would hang it above my dining table but that’s not really creative isn’t it? Maybe I can hang it in the toilet 😉

  42. yael

    yes i want it! it’s so beautiful. i can really see it henging in my studio above my desk

  43. Suzy C

    What a gorgeous light! I’d hang it in my …new home! We just signed a contract, and what better way than to decorate with this!

  44. Natasja

    AWESOME! am pimping my study & it would perfectly fit in my concept!

    want want want!

  45. ND

    Oh, lovely! I would definitely hang it in my living room. It’s full of soft neutrals, so a gorgeous, glossy light would really pop.

  46. aritza

    I would love to have it in my living room. We move two years ago to the new flat and still have bulbs hanging on the ceiling!!! great giveaway!!!!

  47. Stephanie

    What a wonderful giveaway! This would be just the perfect pendant over our breakfast table in the kitchen 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  48. sacha

    I would put it above the kitchen sink- I need more light!

  49. Ela

    I’ve just finished my new dining table and have been agonizing about what to replace the current 80’s horror UFO pendant with. This thing of beauty will be PERFECT!

  50. Kreetta

    OH my! Love it. Want it. Need it. Cherished it….none of these are enough to say that You have amazing giveaway! …to my tiny studio room.

  51. Aafje

    We live in a small apartment in Rotterdam, a city in the netherlands.
    Because there is no outdoor space with the apartment and our two young kids are about to grow up without ever seeing a plant grow, we have bought a garden house!
    It’s a small house on community ground.
    This lamp would look so beautiful right above the “kitchen”.
    Make it a little more like a real home 🙂

  52. Valerie

    What a beautiful lamp I really like it above my desk!

  53. Ingrid

    Oh..I did not see this and I hope i’m in time 🙂
    I would love to hang these incredible beautiful pendants in my living room with heigh ceilings.
    An old Dutch house from the 1930’s love to mix old and new things 🙂


    How exciting…….I would hang it above my entry table. Lovely lines. Thanks for the chance to make a comment!

  55. Kate

    So generous! I’d love this lamp over my living room table to replace the bare bulb there now.

  56. Ingrid

    Wow, it’s so nice. My sister has just moved in a new house, after all her efforts to do that, I’m sure it would be such a nice present for her… I’m sure she would put it above the bath, she has an amazing vintage one!

  57. johanna

    OH MY; What a stunning giveaway!

    I’d hang my Caravaggio BlackBlack P1 pendant next to our lounge chair were we sit and read. I’ve had various floorlamps next to it, but it doesn’t work. I recently decided a ceiling lamp would be IT!


    Than you so much. Now I’ll keep my fingers crossed and not let go!

  58. Jennyroo

    We would love to hang this pendant over our kitchen island!

  59. Jeannette

    I would love to hang this black beauty in my design studio!
    ….lighting up the desk in front of my two black painted window panes 🙂

  60. cafenoHut

    What a nice giveaway, what a great lamb…
    I would love to hang these nice pendants in our living room. It is difficult to find like these lambs in Turkey…
    Wish me luck:)

  61. olwyn

    I’d buy another one and hang both over the kitchen table!

  62. Georgie Westley

    This would make a stunning light for our entrance room, what a fabulous introduction piece into our home!

  63. Lish K

    I’ll place it above the dining table. My table looks just like the one in the second picture!

  64. sarah

    In the kitchen, above the sink (we’ve actually been looking for pendants)

  65. Sara Spence

    I would attach it to a automated tracking system so it could follow me around the house. That could be the most beautiful object I have ever seen. Oh gosh, I just saw Calabash in Gold….

  66. Sonja

    That pendant is gorgeous! Our kitchen nook desperately needs a new pendant and this would be perfect!

  67. Shannon

    I have literally just walked in the door from trying to source a pendant light for our kitchen, and this one would be absolutely perfect!

  68. erin

    Our kitchen is a bit makeshift and we could totally use another light. I think this would look perfect over our stove

  69. Courtney

    I would put it above our kitchen table, which is currently tucked into a corner. It would hang down from the floating shelf on the wall above. The perfect little nook for it.

  70. Lisa Clark

    Delight delight…above our dining table so that we 5 can enjoy it from enery angle, every moment of every day! Something chiny, smooth, and black… yet friendly and warm.. how so?

  71. kateri

    could be great over my kitchen table… but i think that over my desk would be a good proper place to display this wonderful lamp!

  72. Sally Davis

    This simply beautiful pendant light would be the perfect ‘hero’ to cast an elegant glow in my warm and retro diningroon interior.

  73. Marianne

    Over the kitchen counter, to light my way in the dark mornings (and lead me towards the espresso machine…).

  74. Jessie

    I’d totally hang it in the living room! There’s still a 70s pendant lamp there that really needs to be switched out…

  75. eelinloo

    Very versatile lamp. Can’t decide where to hang it in our new home.
    But will send you a pic once we hang it up. Can’t wait 

  76. Sandra aka SamLaTricoteuse

    Presently repainting entire and shopping for lamps actually to put over dining table. If I would win this, i would first buy another one as i would install two of them….

  77. Anna

    Great giveaway! Thanks! I would hang it above the sink of our new kitchen to be, or in my home office!

  78. HannaH

    That beautiful lamp would be perfect above out kitchen table! Good luck for me! 🙂

  79. Perrine

    I would love to hang it in the kitchen, to enjoy it every day!

  80. Petra

    This is the lamp of my dreams, i want this lamp for so long! Last year we moved to our new home and we still need a lamp above our little kitchen table.. So that would be the place we want to hang it..

  81. Tamar

    Well, I just have to say it would be perfect above our dining table- at our renovated apartment at the flea market area of Jaffa-Tel Aviv Israel!!!
    Thank you!

  82. Polly

    This is lovely! I would hang it above my desk for maximum light while I’m working on my illustrating 🙂

  83. Janine Orpen

    What a happy, happy light!! It would match my black kitchen teacups perfectly!

  84. S Fairburn

    I’d hang it over our dining room table (which is also the art table, the working table, the meeting place for family discussions…everything happens there!)

  85. Flavia

    Ah Lightyears, I have been lusting after your lamps for a while..
    I would hang the Caravaggio lamp either in my studio or in my little son’s room. He loves black at the moment, and has very good taste.

  86. J

    Above my kitchen table which currently hosts a hideous light fixture,

  87. lindsay

    i have a hole in my ceiling that needs this light….amazing!

  88. michelle

    Oh this makes me very excited. So many possibilities but most likely above the bar in the kitchen or in the studio.

  89. Noémi

    What a nice giveaway! This lamp -with a “lamp mate”- would match absolutely above my dining table:)

  90. Chara

    What a stunning range of lights! I would love to hang it over our new dining table in our new house!

  91. The Wicked Grape

    We’d hang it over our little wooden table in the breakfast nook. Che bella!

  92. Béa

    Right in the entrance of our home. good luck everyone!

  93. lucia

    I’d put this beautiful shade in my new house that i move into next week (which totally needs redecorating throughout! in our living/dining room above the blackboard table

  94. Becca

    These are so pretty. I would put it above my dining room table.

  95. lili stevens

    ooh! in the light of the window by my bat drawing and a photo of a polar bear swimming.

  96. Heidi

    What a great giveaway.

    I would hang my Caravaggio BlackBlack P1 pendant above our kitchen table in our new kitchen . We are moving. The kitchen is white and the floor in birch. It would be perfect match our black and white Marimekko dishes.

  97. Heidi

    Over the chair of books, next to the bed in my 3 year old son’s room. His after books at bedtime stalling question tonight ‘And this is a tricky one’ he said ‘how do lights turn on from electricity?’ He would be charmed I am sure!

  98. Susan brunswick

    Over my kitchen granite peninsula – perrfect!

  99. Asa

    I absolutely love this pendant! I would hang it over our dining room table. We have tried with two different lamps, and none of them seem right… But i think this would be the lucky one that would fit perfectly! x

  100. Sonja

    I would hang it in the kitchen of our new apartment in Barcelona. Thank you for the chance to win such a gorgeous lamp!

  101. Jenn

    I would love to see that hung over my dining table! Love.

  102. Leanna

    I love this lamp; it looks like it gives off a lovely light. It would look stellar over my red dining room table. How marvelous!

  103. Thomas

    We’re building a new house – so I would hang this beautiful lamp in our brand new modern kitchen. modern vs industrial!

  104. Reija

    If I win the pendant goes hanging on the living room – one black “dot” with white, yum :3

  105. Kathryn King

    We’ve just bought our first (eek!) flat and need to spend a lot of time making it liveable. This lamp would make one little spot instantly liveable. In the kitchen, our favourite room.

  106. Mathilde

    I just love this lamp. I would hang the pendant over our white table in the dining room!

  107. Paula

    We have been living as expats for almost four years now, moving from one rented apartment to the next, trying to find ways of making each new place feel more homely than the previous.

    However, the temporary nature of one’s stay discourages investments in refurbishments therefore we need some cunning to deal with our landlords lack of commitment and often poor taste in carpeting, tiling etc.

    This has become especially dear to us now that we have our two girls (18 months and 3 weeks old. We want them to have an experience and memories of home in the most emotional sense of the word.

    We’re moving again in two weeks and to our landlady’s dismay, I have just managed to get rid of something like this that was hanging in the dining room: http://www.wholesale-in-china.org/articles/article-102695.html and I was now searching for a special lamp to replace it and let me forget about the bland carpeting.

    So I thought why not try our luck at Bloesem?! Maybe we will win the beautiful Caravaggio Black P1 and she’ll be soon over our future dining room table, illuminating a dinner with yet unknow friends.

    We’ll surely have a story to tell when they ask where we got the beautiful lamp 😉

  108. anne

    i would not hang it in my home. I have an old caravan (MKP) redesigned and up to day. I will hang it in there. Its our design icon, that give our family the best days in our life, and what better then to have a pendant lamp from Lightyears to fulfill the look a bring light to our beautiful moments.

  109. Lisa Murdoch

    Beautiful. I would hang this over my teak chest of drawers as I’m wanting to create a little craft area.

  110. laura

    I will hang it in my new workspace at home, in front of a beautiful view of the valley where I live.

  111. Annemarie

    I’d hang it in the hallway, immediately after my front door. There’s a sad, lonely lightbulb hanging there right now…it could use a nice outfit! And because I have a window above my front door, it will be on display for everyone to see 😉

  112. carla

    hi, this beauty would go right above my old oak table in the kitchen/living room!

  113. Tara

    Over the little desk in our bedroom. What a perfect fixture!

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