Giveaway: two gift cards to Wee Stitchery


This giveaway is open for entries until February 8.

Welcome Wee Stitchery, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: this giveaway is open to two winners who will each win a $40 gift card to the lovely Wee Stitchery!

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what is your favorite handmade article of clothing or accessory for your little one?

Wee Stitchery is the creation of Lauren Dalzell, after becoming pregnant with her adorable daughter Maya, she decided to start making unique handmade things for her, and now for you.

..Wee Stitchery..

UPDATE :: Lauren has been so happy with all your wonderful comments, that she would like to offer Bloesem Kids readers a 15% discount at her shop – just enter Bloesem at checkout.

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the two winners are Janice and Frances, congratulations!! If you did not win this giveaway do not fret because another one is happening right now.

*If you are interested in doing a giveaway with Bloesem Kids, please contact Tiffany – tiffany.bloesem(at)

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Laura

    My favorite handmade thing is a blanket I made for my oldest daughter. It is in every way a test blanket – old, cheap yarn from when I didn’t know better, new pattern, added a ruffle border to test that out, and I knitted while nursing, which of course led to mistakes. And she loves it. The thing is hideous, and she totally adores it. I love it now too, because I remember being a fairly new knitter and a brand new mom, and struggling a little with both.

    Thanks for the giveaway! These clothes are gorgeous!!

  2. Frances

    I got my son a pair of baggy handsewn brown plaid pants from Etsy when he was barely a few months old. He started wearing it when he turned one with cuffs folded at the ankles. The beauty of it is that unlike many other store-bought clothing, the elastic waistband gives it a longer lifespan. Even though it’s much shorter now, he’s still wearing it. And he’s almost 4! His sister will be wearing it too, all I have to do is put on a frilly blouse to go with it 🙂

  3. Shannon

    a quilt i am in the midst of creating : )

    thanks for the giveaway!

  4. MBMeadows

    I made the flower girl dress from Weekend Sewing for my oldest daughter. We both love it! I can’t wait to make one for my youngest!

  5. Carrie

    My favorite item of handmade goodness of my daughter’s are two exquisite dresses sewn for her by my friend!

  6. Amanda

    our neighbor knitted a sweater for our baby – it was my favorite thing ever!

  7. kelly

    My fave handmade thing for my littlest one is a bomber hat from wee stitchery. It’s adorable and perfectly crafted. Thanks Lauren!

  8. mirabelle

    I love the little dolls I made for baby when I was waiting to go into labor – 10 days late so she can 3 of them!

  9. Astrid

    I made my daughter’s first birthday dress — a five-tier ruffled affair. Of course, she spent most of the day in her swimming suit, anyway, but even the five minutes she wore the dress made me so happy!

    I love the dresses that Wee Stitchery has — not too much busyness, just classic good taste. What a lovely shop.

  10. Amy

    My favorite things are the knitted blankets I made for my sons. Made especially for them! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  11. m bb

    My mother makes the most beautiful hats for my daughter. She wears them constantly- fall, winter and spring- and happily!

  12. Jennyroo

    A close friend knit a beautiful sweater for my second son when he was born. I treasure it! Every stitch was a message of love…

  13. Kathleen

    My son comes from a long line of knitters, so we’re practically (and thankfully) buried in homemade sweaters, but my favorite is a sweet hat my mom made for him. It’s adorable and he loves it and will ask to wear it.

  14. Julia

    The photos are so cute with the adorable babies in their lovely tiny dresses.

    maternity clothes

  15. sacha

    My favorite handmade thing is a quilt that my grandmother made for me as a teenager- it acts as a throw at the bottom of bed and I am daily amazed by her skill. My own children have cozy flannel pjs and some sunhats made by me, but I have yet to take on a quilt for either one of them. Something to aspire to.

  16. Solducky

    The knitted blankets MIL made my girls.
    soluckyducky AT gmail DOT com

  17. Meta

    My favorite handmade item is a Westfalen patterned top my mom made for my brother in Germany in the 60’s. My brothers and sisters and I all wore it and now my one year old daughter wears it.

  18. Charlotte

    can I choose two? if so it would have to be the quilts made for each of my sons by their Nana

  19. Amy

    My mother is an amazing knitter and she has made loads of things for my daughter, but my two favorites would have to be the striped purple hat and the soft green blanket.

  20. Candace

    I made my daughter a little dress out of a vintage sheet when she was starting Kindergarten. She’s in 2nd grade now but that one is still my favorite. “)

  21. Janice

    My mom found a half completed baby blanket that my grandma had crocheted many years before she passed on. It is unclear who the blanket was intended for since it was many years before I was pregnant with my first child. So my mom finished the blanket just in time for the birth of daughter and gave it to us! We will always cherish that blanket made by grandma and her mom. 🙂

  22. Sarah

    Not clothes or an accessory, but my brother made all my girls a homemade teddy bear. They are priceless.

  23. Corinne

    My favorite is a fluffy wolf I made for my second son, he is very cute and super soft!
    Thanks for the givaway and I love your blog!

  24. lisa A

    A knitted pink and white baby blanket I made for my daughter 28 yrs ago….

  25. Isa

    My favorite thing my daughter now wears was a dress my mother made for her out of one of my old dresses. She just updated it a bit and it fits! she loves it! And an upcycled doll that she also made her.

  26. Lenny

    I made my daughter a red white dotted coat. That’s absolute her favourite and mine too. She tells everyone that her mommy made it!! I very much like the apron dresses of wee stitchery!!

  27. bianca

    I can’t decide if my favorite is the Gertrude dress or that adorably plump baby who is wearing it! Great shop.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Elaina

    I love handmade items. Both of my girls have used an afghan that my grandmother made for me as a baby. It’s so special to me.

    I added Wee Stitchery to my favorites on Etsy. I have a couple baby showers coming up, and I think some of the shop’s items would make very special gifts. And I’m going to have to get one of the upcycled from vintage apron dresses for my 3.5 year old, Rowan. So precious.

  29. Misty

    My two girls wear crocheted hats made by my cousin. They are obsessed with them.. often wearing them through lunch and nap time!

    Excited about the giveaway 🙂

  30. Kat

    I love love love the Felted Red Cashmere Flower Headband for Baby Girl…so pretty! 🙂

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  31. Chloe

    My favorites is probably a sweet mini stripped scarf that my friend made for my daughter.

  32. Karin

    I’ve made a few dresses for my daughter which are very special to me and a Northern Cheyenne friend made some traditional leather beaded moccasins for my son. They are a treasure.

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