Giveaway: four tea towels from Claudia Pearson


Welcome Claudia Pearson, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a lovely set of 4 seasonal tea towels.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, in what season do you love to cook the most?


This giveaway is open for entries until February 22.

Claudia Pearson is an illustrator, originally from London and now living in Brooklyn with her husband and 2 boys. She draws and paints both commercially and for fun whenever possible. 

..Claudia Pearson..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Kate Casey, congratulations!! If you didn't win this giveaway do not fret, because another one is happening right now.

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  1. ina

    heavy casseroles in winter… out in the snow and afterwards hot chocolate and a warm soup for bellywarming.

    I also love the wonderful color of pumpkinsoup in autumn…

    fresh ingredients in a high amount from from the farms around in summer is nice, too…

    if i have to choose I would go for winter, but generally I enjoy cooking and making it lovely from Friday to Monday (when I don’t go to the canteen) and know what ingredients I’m putting into my meals,


  2. colleen @ hello olive

    Hello, such pretty tea towels! My husband does most of the cooking (I prefer baking) but when I do cook I prefer winter. I love making soups, pies and casseroles.


  3. Jess

    These towels would be perfect in my kitchen! I love to cook in the fall, when the weather just starts to turn chilly.

  4. Eileen

    There’s no season in Singapore but cooking in a rainy day is lovely.

  5. Marian Merkle

    In Malaysia, anytime is good for cooking. When I am here, Winter is my favorite time to spend hours in my kitchen.

  6. Noelia

    Winter because i love to bake and in summer its almost impossible!! I do it but it feels like hell over my kitchen! Over winter time you eat more, food stays ok longer, everything is perfect for crumbels, pies … cookies! And the smells!!

  7. Sarah

    i love cooking in fall – apples, pumpkins, and squash. mmm…all warm and cozy foods. 🙂

  8. Christina Nymark

    Sum!sum!Summer! Perfect time for cooking with vegetables from your own garden. Everything is fresh, sweet and the colours make you smile. Barbeque, baking bread with fresh herbs, strawberries in july, rhurbarb in june, scones in the mornig with homemade jam and sandwiches at the beach.

    Greets’ from snowy Finland ! the Winterwonderland capital of the world <3


  9. ND

    I love cooking in the autumn, because I can’t get enough of roasted vegetables, succulent rabbit stew, and bock beer!

  10. Elflyn

    I love to cook in early Autumn when it is cooler but still light in the evenings so we can enjoy a meal outside.

  11. Virginie

    Definitely in summer when I organize dinners under my pomegranate tree…
    These seasonal tea towels are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  12. Unni Strand

    These teatowels are wonderful!
    I prefer cooking in late summer. There’s so much vegetables and fruits to choose from and I still have lots of time for cooking.

  13. Veronica

    In winter i guess… In summer i do not have free time at all and would better spend time outside than cooking 🙂

  14. Živa

    love to cook when summer is ending and autumn starting: still warm enough for a BBQ but morning chills and autumn vegetables are already a good excuse to make soups!

  15. susi

    I love cooking in the summer. After starting seedlings in the basement in the spring, tilling the soil, planting, tending and caring for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants (among others!) by mid-summer I carry an overflowing basket of vegetables into the kitchen. Nothing beats those luscious, fresh veggies. The gorgeous colors and forms on the tea towels remind me of the promise of summer vegetables.

  16. Eva Juliet

    I love to cook in the winter. I bake cakes, cookies, soup, stews and other heartwarming food.
    These tea towels are lovely. Ikeep my fingers crossed!

  17. alison

    I love autumn cooking best. It’s still warm enough that I have veggies from my garden but cool enough to make slow cooking dishes like soups and stews.

  18. Summer

    I don’t cook (I’m the lucky wife of a fabulous cook) but I love to eat in ANY SEASON! Summer fruit is my favorite, but baking something warm and sweet on a cold winter day is also very good.
    These towels are beautiful! Fingers crossed.

  19. Gena

    Hello! I love to cook in the fall when the food starts to get richer – pumpkins and squash and potatoes, rosemary… and apples!

  20. becca

    I cook the most in the late summer, early fall. When fruit and vegetables are the freshest and local. Everything taste so much better when it’s fresh!

  21. homestilo

    These are lovely! I’ve never thought about it, but I guess I like to cook the most in Winter: I am a big fun of soups and soup & sandwiches is one of favorite (and easiest) combinations.

  22. vpsarah

    For me cooking (and baking) is something really cozy, so I love to cook the most in Winter time.

  23. Anna - Canoe Design

    I love to cook in the spring the most – the produce is fresh and sprouting and the weather is turning warm so we can move away from the winter comfort foods and into the bright fresh spring yummies!

  24. kissinia

    Any season is great for cooking. But I enjoy autumn the most because of a great choice of vegetables. Many thanks for the chance to win these beautifully made towels 🙂

  25. Barbie

    Winter is a wonderful and my favourite season for long hours cooking, in the cosy warmth of the kitchen, with all the spices you add for feeling warm.

  26. Nadia

    These are beautiful! I love cooking in the summer, when I can go to the farmer’s market and get bags full of fresh vegetables!

  27. MzTallulah

    Thank you and Claudia for the giveaway! I love the abundance of produce that’s available to cook with in Summer, but nothing beats a warm kitchen in Winter, with soup bubbling on the stove and bread in the oven.

  28. demie

    I love her work! and I love to cook actually in the summer time for some reason…
    greetings from Norway : )

  29. Katie Good

    I simply LOVE cooking in the fall! Just thinking about the acorn squash, pumpkins and cranberries has me ready to breeze through the summer and go right to fall. Something about the scents and ingredients make this my favorite time to cook!

  30. Marisa Name

    I love cooking in the fall!
    The abundance of cozy Autumn flavours like pumpkin & apple and the cooling of the air brings on big appetites for comfort food!

  31. Marlene

    I love cooking in winter most! I love cabbage, red beet and many of the winter vegetables! Russian and German recipes help to decide what to do with them 🙂

  32. dervla

    I’d have to say cooking in the autumn is the best for me, pumpkin, apples, all of those meals leading into the cold weather.

  33. Zlatina

    During the autumn and winter.
    I don’t know why, but during the summer I eat only salads and fresh stuff and in the winter I like to create nice healthy meals and bake a lot!

  34. Aukje

    To me, nothing beats the first salad that you’re able to eat outside… so definitely spring!

    Love from the Netherlands

  35. rachel

    spring. everything feels fresher in the spring. and then you can take your foods outside for a picnic!

  36. Hannah C

    These are so lovely! Late summer is my favorite time to cook. It’s pickling time, there are a few early squash and pumpkins, and my favorite farmer’s market is still open.

  37. Meremade

    Fall for sure! I love when the colors change and the smell of soup and warm bread wafts through the air. There’s something so cozy about cooking in the fall.

  38. Kate Dolamore

    Winter for me, because I LOVE roasting things and I also love to fill my crock pot up with good stuff and then come home to a delicious meal after work.

    Summer is probably my favorite time for food but I don’t exactly “cook” in summer because I eat fresh salad for lunch every day and so much fruit and smoothies!!

  39. Sonia

    oh so lovely this teatowels! i like to cook in fall and eat all this yummi pumpkins!

  40. Liz

    I cook the most in autumn when apples, pumpkins and squash are in season. Nothing better than making a trek to the apple orchard to select some delicious treasures. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  41. Shanon

    Love these!
    I cook most often in summer because I love cooking at the lake for my family. It’s a close tie between that and winter though! ; )

  42. Jessie

    I love to cook the most in the fall and winter because I love cozy foods to ward off the bad weather outside.

  43. Noell

    Produce is best in the spring and summer–but that’s a time when the food is so lovely it doesn’t take much preparation, and we eat it fresh and raw! So I love to eat in the summer, but I love to cook in the Autumn with all the root vegetables and apples in season! I love cooking on Autumn weekends where light still streams through my kitchen window, feeling golden, but the walk back from the farmer’s market is crisp and we need to wear scarves.

  44. Sarah

    spring: following a long Wisconsin winter, nothing is better than the first green shoots, tender lettuce and cool, sweet radishes.

  45. Greta Sutherland

    Oh these are wonderful towels!

    Oddly enough, it’s not winter (which seems like the logical response to a good season for cooking.) Seems I’m too cold to be motivated. The Spring and Summer are fun since there’s so many local produce. But I think I’m most motivated in the Fall. I love the smell of sweet spices so that’s probably why…pumpkin bars and zucchini breads and Thanksgiving meals. I haven’t fully thought about it before, but now I know – I’m definitely a Fall cook!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  46. Katrina Jõks

    definitely spring, because i just love everything fresh from the garden ! 🙂

  47. Katrina Jõks

    definitely spring, because i just love everything fresh from the garden 🙂 !

  48. Christina

    These are beautiful! I’m crazy and cook most in the summer, because I love basil and tomatoes and grilling outdoors!

  49. ingrid

    Autumn: Because there are enough fresh vegetables from the own garden which inspire me for creating new receipts.

  50. Tricia

    I love to cook in the summer. So many fresh vegetables! It’s almost too easy to put a great meal on the table.

  51. Christine

    I love to cook in the fall because of the abundance of the harvest, and the heat of the summer has subsided.

  52. Anneke

    I Love autumn. The warmth of pumpkin, nuts, cheese, red wine.. Many great combinations to find

  53. Ann

    Autumn is my favorite season for cooking. I am inspired for both sweet and savory dishes by the abundance of squash and apples and hearty greens.

  54. Sabina

    Winter is my favourite season in the kitchen, because I like to bake bread, cookies, cakes, pizza, etc. It is also the perfect season for gathering around a nicely prepared table and enjoy some delicious food when outside it’s freezing cold. This year especially!

    BTW: The towels are gorgeous. Just like all the rest in your blog.

  55. Judith

    I love cooking in the summer, because off the produce from the garden

  56. Patricia C.

    There’s something so comforting about cooking in the winter. I love baking cookies and breads and making soups and stews. Comfort food is the best 🙂

  57. Wendy Swenne

    So sweet towels!

    I love to cook in spring and summer. Because of the nice weather. In winter time, it’s so cold in my kitchen, because I live in a very old house with only a heat source in my living room.

  58. Sofia Ortuzar

    WINTER! I love all kinds of soup preparations and hot stews and cooking in the oven!

  59. Gabri Carlsen

    these are beautiful towels! my favorite season is fall and i love all the harvest veggies like squash and pumpkin but then you cant get better than the fresh fruit of the summer…cant get enough strawberries!

  60. emily b

    I think the winter is my favorite – I love hearty soups, which help keep us toasty in the Wisconsin weather. Plus Christmas calls for lots of cookies and fudge! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  61. Kate Casey

    I love to cook in the Aussie Summer – fresh seafood (I just made a Balinese rockling and prawn curry) with asian spices, young ginger, lemongrass and fresh tumeric…mmmm

  62. donna

    That’s kind of a hard question because every season brings its own bounty and pleasures. Spring is always nice because many spring vegetables are only around for a short time. It makes you appreciate living in the moment a bit more.
    Love Claudia Pearson’s work!

  63. Geogia Franco

    I love to cooking in the winter because here in Brasil in the summer is very hot. wonderful towels!

  64. Liz Novak

    I love cooking in the late spring and early summer because all the farmers’ markets start opening up again!

  65. Mari

    Hands down winter time, although I have a deep and abiding love for summer’s prouduce, there is nothing beats creating warming and hearty winter meals.

  66. tanïa

    So lovely towels!
    My favourite season for cooking is winter. Cold outside, warm meals inside, many family parties and christmas, of course! I love baking, too, and wintertime is baking-time!

  67. hilary.e

    I’d have to say the fall – in Portland that’s when the summer tomatoes actually start ripening, and the amount of beautiful, fresh produce is inspiring.

  68. Paula Morgan

    I love winter cooking definitely, soups, pies and cakes. There’s nothing better when it’s cold outside to have gorgeous wholesome food at home. 🙂

  69. hannah

    i most enjoy cooking in the winter. in the summer i am too impatient to go outside. maybe i will be inspired by the towels the rest of the seasons too!

  70. Lisa Clark

    Autumn is a glorious time to cook and eat! I enjoy both! The cooler weather entices me to slow down, it makes for great harvesting of vegetables to roast slowly and always followed by pudding! (eaten not so slowly!)

  71. Mary

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful towels!
    I think this is a hard question to answer — but I know that, as much as it is nice to cook in the winter and warm up the house, I prefer cooking with fresh produce in Summer/Fall — nothing beats using veggies (celery!) and herbs right from the garden.

  72. fenny setiawan

    Living in the country that feel like forever Summer, so obviously I love to cook for all season. But especially, during the holiday season (Christmas), I enjoy to cook meal for family most.

  73. Rylie

    I love to cook the most in the Winter. Hearty soups are my favorite! My crock pot is always my best friend in the colder months 🙂

  74. Mimi K

    They’re almost too nice to dry dishes with.
    It’s summer for me at the moment and I’m loving cooking with my homegrown produce, so I’ll say summer.

  75. helen:)

    Four season tea towels:) Very clever idea. Love the used colours and design. Would be hard to put these pretties to work:)

  76. Samantha

    I love to cook in winter…roasts, soups, staying warm and toasty.

  77. Angie

    Beautiful towels! I most love to cook in the summer, because I love lighter meals and I love all the color of summer fruits and vegetables.

  78. Amy

    I would have to go with winter – there’s something about comfort food when it’s chilly out. Plus there’s so much cooking and baking during the holidays 🙂

  79. noa

    i love cooking in the summer.storing the food in beautiful containers and taking it for a picnic in the park with a chilled bottle of rose`

  80. Katrina

    Fall is absolutely perfect for cooking, with the days getting chillier. And there is still SO much great produce to use!

  81. va

    summer season , because it is a happy time when everyone is going out and good weather is there .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  82. Mirthe

    adorned with these towels every season will do for me:

    in SPRING my recipes will turn out yellow
    in SUMMER the orange glow will help them mellow
    and while AUTUMN colors everything deep red
    WINTER will bring me some comfort before I go to bed

  83. claudine

    summer of course,in my house near the beach listening to the noise of the ocean…

  84. Josine Martens

    SPRING… for the asparagus, springonions,…
    SUMMER… for fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden
    AUTUMN… for the mushrooms and paprika from the market
    WINTER… for all the suff I’ve frozen during the other seasons

  85. sandrine

    I love these towels.
    I love cooking in the summer with fresh vegetables picked from the garden.

  86. Raffaella

    I love summer:
    I’m vegetarian and is the season with more selection of fruit and vegetable. Gnam gnam!

  87. Evy

    Every season is special and has lovely dishes but my favourite are spring and summer. Spring for the vegetables and summer for the fruit.

  88. A

    Spring! sun and fresh vegetables grown on the balkony! there’s nothing like freshly poddes peas with mint and cheese. mamma mia!

  89. Marisa

    I’ve been coveting these towels for ages! I usually cook the most in the winter. Lots of soups and stews!

  90. mimi la sardine

    Definitely winter, not for the variety of food but for the amount of time spent inside!
    Comfy smells in the house and great satisfaction not only to the stomach ;0)

  91. Susan

    Winter when it cold and miserable outside.As the family arrives home the house is filled with the lovely smells of cooking in the air. As well, in the winter we eat together and enjoy the conversation as the food warm us from the inside out!

  92. Scott Sutherland

    I love cooking on the grill in late spring, before the bugs get crazy. I feel that it is my duty to let the hickory and bbq smell waft through the neighborhood and make people jealous.

  93. sacha

    I find myself cooking most- or being most cognizant of what I am cooking in the fall, after the harvest. We would love those towels- thank you!

  94. Helen

    Summer for sure, because there are so much fruits and vegetable available, and the mild sunny weather allows us to cook and eat outside (our fall, winter and sometimes spring included are always raining and gray)!

  95. Dana

    Lovely towels.
    For sure I prefer Fall when I could find lots of fresh veggies.
    I like also to make delicious jams using cherries, apricots, strawberries, so end of Spring- beginning of Summer for sweets.

  96. t

    Winter…love to have soup on the stove or a hearty casserole in the oven.

  97. Kate N.

    I most enjoy cooking in the summer when there is fresh produce at the farmer’s market and I can cook outdoors. And I am a HUGE fan of these towels! Thank you for the opportunity!

  98. Sarah

    I can’t imagine anyone saying a season other than fall. With the crisp Midwestern air, the end of the farmer’s market season, putting on a cozy sweater and making a fabulous stew with some homemade bread! It’s making me excited for fall just thinking about it!

  99. Bryanna

    Summer! The fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant at the farmers market, the light lasts until late, and warm evening breezes come through the kitchen. Love these towels!

  100. Sara P.

    I love to cook in the summer, when local fruits and veggie are varied and abundant! However, the challenge of keeping things interesting in the winter is fun as well!

  101. silvia

    winter! so cozy at home, inviting friends over for sunday lunch.

  102. Liz Novak

    I love cooking in the late Spring and early Summer; it’s time to get excited about the farmer’s markets opening up again in Chicago!

  103. Klaske

    I love to cook in the summer! There are so many fruits! And the salads and wihite wine make every dinner a special one!

  104. pamela

    Summertime: great farmer’s market produce & fruit. Wintertime: stew, soup, fresh baked bread. Spring: asparagus. Fall: pumpkin patch pumpkin pie. Oh My, do I love to cook.

  105. jenny

    i like to cook most in the winter time- when it’s cold outside, but nice and roasty-toasty by the oven ♥

  106. Emma Armstrong

    Definitely the summer, so many fresh, seasonal ingredients! LOVE the tea towels, so gorgeous 🙂

  107. Catherine Evard

    I love to cook in the summer because Mediterranean and Mexican food seem so appropriate when it’s hot outside.

    PS – What beautiful tea towels indeed!

  108. Rita

    With these tea towels I think I love cooking in every season 🙂

  109. Danielle Gannon

    I love to cook in winter. With long braised stews and homemade bread wafting out the door when you run to fetch some firewood. I love it especially when it is brisk and cold but the sun is shining here in Northern California.
    PS I have a thing for tea towells

  110. ikkinlala

    I love to cook most in the fall, when there’s still fresh produce to inspire me but it’s cooled off enough that I’m not trying to cook as little as possible (I love to bake most in the winter, though).

  111. Melissa

    Winter instantly pops to mind, but I actually cook more in summer – long evenings when I feel like baking for my family and making lovely summery salads and desserts.

  112. Stephanie

    I love to cook in the summer after filling my bags with all the fresh fruit and veg of the season!

  113. Mammamsterdam

    I love cooking in Summer because all veggie’s taste sweeter than usual and because I can can and preserve them for the rest of the year. Spring is not bad either, because after a long Dutch winter all of a sudden you are struck by the rich offer of freshly grown produces. Winter is Ok too as we can celebrate holidays and feasts with confort food and revive traditions, and fall because, well, fall has such a beatiful light and such gorgous pumpkins, and freshly squeezed olive oil and wine making, it makes me feel like crying of joy. but then again in fall we were just ready with summer and again and again….
    (Can you tell I am for seasonal cooking, right?)

  114. Loren Ellison

    Fall not only brings out the cook in me but the baker as well. There’s something powerful about filling a warm house with the scent of freshly baked banana bread when it’s chilly outside!

  115. Linda

    Maybe because I’ve been cooking all week-end, but I’d say winter. Nothing as good as a hot bowl of soup and big slice of bread on a cold day.

  116. Ingeborg

    Cooking in early autumn is what I love most. It is the time when the tomatoes taste best, when the apples are ripe, when you can eat pumpkins out of the garden. Perhaps it is the colours of vegetables and fruits in autumn that makes it my favorite season to cook.

  117. Kylie D

    Winter. All the others seasons we’re too busy playing outside.

  118. Barbara

    I love cooking in all four seasons. Every season has its own specific taste. Onions and asparagus in springtime, fresh tomatoes and carrots in summer, Brussel sprouts and potatoes in autumn and kale and elderberies in winter. And many, many more!

  119. Kyla

    I love cooking in the late summer when all the fresh vegetables are picked straight from the ground!

  120. tess

    I love cooking in the winter – somehow it makes me feel lucky to be warm and cosy inside while I look at the bleak black clouds outside. It’s a time to count blessings really.

  121. K. Easterday

    I love to cook in the fall – picking apples and peaches – then baking them into pies, crisps, and savory treats.

  122. Jennyroo

    I think I probably cook most in the summer, when the farmer’s markets are bursting with fresh local produce!

  123. Sarah

    Although it gets a little hot to cook in the summer, I love those foods best…corn on the cob, pasta salad, etc.

  124. melanie miller

    There is excitement in every season. There is nothing better than reaping the benefits of your home grown goodies in summer, but cooking in winter is my favorite. I love being cozy and cooking warm hearty meals. And winter brings brussel sprouts and artichokes! Mmmmm

  125. karen L

    What a lovely towels!
    I think spring is great for cooking, you can make fresh salads and just walk in the garden to pick some herbs. In spring I feel the coming of the summer and I’m always inspired to make nice things!

  126. Pauline

    I love cooking in summer when the tasty veg from my allotment is ready 🙂
    Those teatowels are beautiful!

  127. Martina White

    I love to cook most in the fall and winter. Soups,Stews,and Casseroles. In Spring and Summer I am more concerned with going out into the fresh air!

  128. Julia

    Autumn! There’s something about the mushroom season and the changing of the weather that makes me want to stay in to cook, bake and eat with loved ones!

  129. OnePerfectDay

    These are wonderful!
    In fact her whole shop is filled with beautiful things!

    I love cooking in all seasons equally. The new, fresh produce that every season brings is always a joy to take home and work with.

  130. ruth

    I love to cook all year round but I’d say winter, comforting food warms you up and makes you feel cozy at home. Those tea towels are awesome!!

  131. Mariet

    Become so HAPPY from these tea towels! Love to cook in Summer, preparing dinners for family & friends in my lounge chair outside….spoil them with fresh and tasty food!

  132. Joohee

    Summer sure is a nice time to get all the fresh vegetables and warm evenings… But, when I get cooped up in the house in the winter, I love to turn the oven on and make roasted root vegetables and soups… Maybe there are Thanksgiving, Xmas and all the festivities, too?

  133. Erin

    I love cooking best in winter! When it’s cold outside, it’s toasty in the kitchen! I love making soups and chilis and other hot and hearty foods.

  134. Donna B.

    I cook year round…..but love to cook in the summer when my garden is full of freshness……….

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