Giveaway: a gift card to Knock Knocking


Welcome Knock Knocking, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a $75 gift card to the lovely Knock Knocking.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, where would you display a piece from Knock Knocking in your home?


This giveaway is open for entries until February 29.

Agnes Blum is the creator behind Knock Knocking. She likes to tell a story through the items she creates, so she pays special attention to every detail and isn't afraid to use a lot of bold colors. Find out more about Agnes here.

..Knock Knocking..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Ginger Benedict, congratulations!! 

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Julia

    oh my, how lovely!

    i would display it on the inside of our street-level window to brighten up the day of any passerby 🙂


  2. Heather T.

    I’d put it on the front door! Really love the wreath with the birds nest. 🙂

  3. Marjolein

    So pretty…They make me happy! I’d put it on my bedroom door and wake up with a smile every day!

  4. Iris

    Oh, so nice and happy feelings! I would LOVE to have the petite hoop with the vintage bird to hang at the doorknob of my babyroom…

  5. Edith

    Love her wreaths, especially the one called Color Pop which will fit perfectly in my apartment 😉
    I will put it on my kitchen door.

    Hi from Paris – France.


  6. Marianne

    A flag for my fabulous cupcakes!! Present on every party, or simply whenever I feel like baking 🙂

  7. Zoë {Conversation Pieces}

    Oooh those little felt flags are so darling! The wreaths are so gorgeous too… I have a bright yellow door so one of these would go perfectly on it (instant envy from my neighbours I feel!)

  8. Sophia

    How cute! I would place it on the front door! So everybody has something from it, when walking by!

    xx Sophia

  9. Inge

    Ow whaaaw, I love the those felt flowers. I would place it on the front door, love the colors!

    Inge (Holland)

  10. Tessa

    WOW.. just passed by but totally in lovvvee..

    I would love a colorfull wreath on my front door to celebrate SPRING’S COMING.. or one in my dining room… or in my bedroom.. or or or

    x Tess

  11. Myrt

    I would give the cute hedgehog a new home in the baby’s room…and the rainbow-wedding in my bedroom! Beautiful!!!

  12. Sofia Ortuzar

    I´ll hang it from the door of my kitchen (which is the best place to be ever)….

  13. Amanda H.

    I have several of Agnes’ wreaths in my home and love them all! She is so talented. If I won the giveaway, I would choose a new wreath for my front door and a mini wreath for my 3 month old son’s nursery.

  14. Kristin

    I already have one of Agnes’s beautiful wreathes in my kitchen. If I had the wonderful fortune of owning another, I’d love to hang the one pictured on the bottom right in my new daughter’s room. She’ll be here in April and I bet she’d love to look at the perfect color combination, sparkles, and flowers near her crib.

  15. Brittany P.

    I would put the Moss and Sea Foam Owl Felt Yarn Wreath on my back door (the door we use at our house to get in and out of the house) to make sure all the company that came over saw it and to cheer myself up every day when I came home.

  16. Brittany P.

    I would put the Moss and Sea Foam Owl Felt Yarn Wreath on my back door (the door we use at our house to get in and out of the house) to make sure all the company that came over saw it and to cheer myself up every day when I came home.

    It’s also the color scheme I want for my wedding, so I’d probably multipurpose it as a decoration or table center piece when I get married.

  17. becca

    My second front door. So it’s protected from the elements, but still greets everyone. It would make me smile!

  18. MzTallulah

    I’ve just read about the importance of the front door in Feng Shui, and finally got around to buying new, natural-fibre mats and have been thinking of other possible decorations. A colourful wreath would look great on our white front door! Thank you both for the giveaway.

  19. jenni o

    I love the bright colors, and I’d be proud to hang one of her wreaths on my front door!

  20. ND

    I’d display a wreath in the entryway of my new home. It’s very plain at the moment, and I would want all of my guests to immediately see such a lovely piece!

  21. Jahje

    Well I already have a mini wreath on the wall in my daughters room, so I this would be a gift for myself – a large wreath that I could display on our glass entry door in our living room. Or maybe I would install it in my reading nook so I can cozy up with a book and one of Agnes’ beautiful wreathes.

  22. Aliza Soko

    Great Giveaway- I adore this site! I would display it in my kitchen. I spend a lot of time there and a bright peice would be a constant source of joy.

  23. Danielle P.

    Agnes does great work!

    I’d display mine in my studio. I spend a lot of my time there I’d get to see it the most.

  24. kimberlyAnn

    LOVE knock knocking…it’s one of my Etsy favorites. I would have to give one of the super sweet wreaths to my niece for her door, she would say it is beeeuuuutiful.


  25. Tasha

    I would display it on our bedroom door. I spend a lot of time nursing my daughter in bed and I stare straight at our door!

  26. Angie D

    With Spring quickly approaching I think I’d have to put it on my front porch!! I spend mornings and evenings out there and would love to share the beauty and whimsy with the rest of my small town!!

  27. mikki o'connor

    I would love to try something different with one of these fabulous wreaths by hanging one from the railing of our stairs at the landing protion that is flat. It is the center of our living room and would brighten up the space perfectly!

  28. Jennyroo

    We would put a most fabulous flower decorated wreath on our closet door… it’s indoors (so would be protected from the elements and last a lot longer than if it were on the outside door!) but it is the first thing that a visitor to our home will see, which would be a beautiful statement, I think. Crossing my fingers extra tight and hoping to be the lucky winner!

  29. Mj

    Oh wow, so beautiful, these wreaths… my green wall is empty since the Plint poster that was there before fell down. That would be a wonderful spot for such a colorful object.

  30. Therese

    My front door, of course. That way everyone who comes over can see it!

  31. Sarah S.

    I would definitely alternate between the front door and the kitchen – kitchen so I can enjoy it, front door so everyone else can!

  32. Erin

    I have been a longtime fan of Knock Knocking! I would put a wreath on the INSIDE of my front door. We never come in from outside that way, but it’s just next to the garage door, which we DO come in and out of, so we’d get to enjoy it much more that way!

  33. Margaret Grimm

    I would hang it on my daughters’ bedroom door, on the inside! They love the pretty colors

  34. Christy Kenitzer

    One of those bright happy wreaths would make a perfect addition to my little Cassie’s room. Her room is a work in progress right now, with aquas and pinks the focus colors, and a smattering of others. Hope she gets this lovely addition to her room! Thank you!

  35. Deanna

    I would hang it on our internal entry from the garage – so it brings a smile to everybody coming and going!

  36. Shannon

    Either the front door, OR from a ceiling hook in one of our bedrooms.

  37. Gretchen Perkins

    I teach piano lessons . . . I spend my day teaching students about music and the colors inside it. They learn how to express the colors in their heart and in music through the piano. I would display one of the most beautiful wreaths at the entrance to my studio, reminding students of the colors in life and the many colors in music.

    Agnes’s wreaths are an expression of the colors that are in her heart and in her life, which are full of art. I would adore having one on display for my students 🙂

  38. Mamamalama

    Very pretty! I would display in my bedroom to brighten my mornings!

  39. Paula Corman

    I would hang my beautiful wreath on the inside of my back door which is in my bedroom.

  40. Kristie

    I love, love, love the wreaths. One would definitely go on the inside of my front door. They are lovely. It would be very hard to choose just one.

  41. Lauren H.

    I absolutely love Agnes and her shop! I’ve been an avid reader of her blog for awhile now. I would very proudly hang her wreath on my front door. I’m sure it would brighten my neighbor’s days and be a sweet welcome for me every time I arrive home!

  42. Nancy

    On the inside of my front door. Too pretty to risk putting it outside!

  43. Amanda

    With the bright colors, one of her items would be a wonderful way to welcome people to my home either having an item on the front door or in our entry way!

  44. Kim R.

    I would hang that beautiful wreath right above my desk so I could look at it all the time!!
    Thanks 🙂

  45. Karen

    I would display the zebra wreath in my special needs child room because she loves zebras.

  46. Julie

    I just bought my first house and i’m slowly adding character to it. i would love a wreath for my door!!!

  47. Ginger Benedict

    I just found you! I’m so excited about your creations. Absolutely love them, so beautiful.
    I just looked in your Etsy shop and the Brown and Grey Felt Yarn Wreath has stolen my heart. You are so talented.

  48. erin

    ooh, these wreaths are beauties! my glass front door would be a perfect home – you could see it from both sides!

  49. Alaine

    I love the Juice – Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers 🙂 I would love this on my front door!
    family74014 at gmail dot com


    I would hang it in the hall so that whn anyone enters, they would see it.

  51. alyce che

    I would love to put a different wreath on every door. And the room that each door leads to would be in the color theme of the wreath on the door.

  52. Claire

    I would hang it on the dining room door, it’s only used for eating in when we have the family or friends round for a meal. But it is my special room the rest of the time, I have it set up as my crafts room. I have my sewing machine set up on part of the table and piles of wool and materials else where and card making it’s just so special to me. I don’t seem to invite people for many meals now, I wonder why…?

  53. Melissa Thomson

    I would love to have a piece of Knock Knocking in my home!

  54. Michelle Miller

    I would love to hang wreaths everywhere, I have some that I have made and some my mother-in-law made but would love to have some that I have seen at the Knock Knocking website.

  55. Sara E.

    I would love to hang it on my mantle…in front of the mirror. They are all beautiful!

  56. Kathrynn

    I would hang the Felt Rose Flower Grapevine Wreath right next to my front door.

  57. Megan Krumreig

    Definitely on my front door so everyone who passed by or stopped over could see how beautiful it is!

  58. Judy

    I love your work. I would hang it on the front door or somewhere I can see it.

  59. mirabelle004

    love the 12 Fluttering Flags Cupcake Toppers – would use for baby’s 2nd birthday.

  60. Julie Henderson

    In the craft room for inspiration…on front door for a cheery welcome, in the laundry room for a colorful spirit-lifter…it probably would make the circuit all over the place over time. Thanks for the sweet giveaway! Blessings – Julie H. 🙂

  61. Karen Boehlert

    What perfect timing! My hubby just asked me why there was nothing on our front door. He said it looks too bare. Soooo, I’m thinkin’ if I win… the front door won’t be bare any more! Thanks for the chance.

  62. Sandy

    I’d hang it on the door in our stairwell, that leads up to our front door — what a beautiful surprise for any visitor!

  63. ning fathia

    It’s so pretty!!! I’m renovating and soon re decorating my whole house, including my daughter’s bedroom. I think it suits her gentle and girly personality. I agree with most people here, I wouldn’t put such beauty outdoor, It’s obviously an indoor wreath! 😀

  64. andy

    The area where we first enter our house is a perfect spot – I loved the Rambling Rose wreath – so pretty!

  65. Lorraine

    We spend so much time in the kitchen – so definitely there!

  66. Sonja

    Oh, how lovely! I would love to hang it in my sons bedroom because he loves flowers and girly stuff!

  67. Annette Adams

    I would display the beautiful & colorful wreathe in my mothers room at the hospice facility where she has lived for the past year.

  68. Marjorie

    I’d wear the flowers wreath on my head to act as a cheerful Swiss shepherdess…
    Oh. I have to pick a place in my home. Well, on the front door then, to welcome people with beautiful colours.

  69. Melba

    I’d get the earth tone wreath and put it right in front of my craft table for inspiration!

  70. Hannah C

    So sweet! I would hang one right above the fireplace to remind me that better weather is on the way.

  71. Rosemary Hockenberry

    Love the white wreath with the bright flowers. My daughter’s front entrance is double doors. The porch is covered and away from the elements. Two of those wreaths would look beautiful on her 2 Glass front doors.

  72. Melissa

    There’s a little wall between our living room and kitchen that’s been in desperate need of some happy decoration for about five years. One of these wreaths would be perfect there!

  73. Zoé GL

    A tiny polar bear would be the perfect winter companion to put on my desk!

  74. Beth

    Ooooh, so cute! Right on the front door, I think?

    smogrocket @ gmail

  75. Olja

    I would use them to bring the color in my home. It is white…and some things in the baby bedroom to use them to make up a beautiful story..
    I hope I will

  76. Claire

    I would hang it at the bend in the stairs leading up to my apartment (it’s a private entrance).

  77. Kaat

    …oh wow… a wreath like this would really chase away those last wet winterclouds! Insant Spring. What more could you wish for?

  78. Katie C.

    I sometimes put wreaths on a hook in a corner of my kitchen. I wish the Easter themed wreaths were not reserved. I love the pink peep!

  79. Kimberly

    I would display a wreath in my kitchen. It’s a flower themed room.

  80. Albion

    I adore her wreaths. I currently have one in my kitchen and one on our landing. I would put a new one on the wall right next to my bed so that it would be the first thing I see in the morning to start the day right. Thank you for the giveaway!

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