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Welcome Field Guided, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a $75 gift card to be used on whatever you wish at the gorgeous Field Guided.

What you have to do :: since most of the totes from Field Guided feature song lyrics, leave a comment below telling us, what is your favorite line from a song?


This giveaway is open for entries until February 8.

Field Guided is the creation of Anabela and Geoff a couple living in Toronto Canada. You can read more about them here and here.

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GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Kellie, congratulations!! If you did not win this giveaway do not fret, another one is happening right now.

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  1. Arune

    “I am done with my graceless heart
    So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart”
    Florence And The Machine “Shake It Out”

  2. Herma

    “My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together” from ‘my beloved monster’, by Eels. A song I listened to a lot around the time that my daughter was born. She was a premature baby and had had many bumps on the road since then. We literally went everywhere together, still do, actually. She is now eight, and loves the song. Not because of the emotional memories that come along with it, but because it’s on the soundtrack of her favourite movie; Shrek 1!

  3. Ani

    With the man in the woman
    And the woman in the man

    Peter Gabriel

  4. Katya

    It is SO hard to pick one favourite line. But this one has been in my top five since I was 8 years old.

    “There are a thousand things” he said
    “I’ll never say those things to you again”
    And turning on his heel
    He left a trace of bubbles
    Bleeding in his stead

    The Cure – ‘Like Cockatoos’

  5. anne

    Catching haloes on the moon
    Gives my hands the shapes of angels
    -The Cure, “The Hanging Garden”

  6. Ana

    Wow… there are a few songs with lines I absolutely love.

    ‘Disarm you with a smile’ – Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins
    ‘Love, love will tear us apart’ – Love will tear us apart, Joy Division
    ‘The city sunset over me’ – This mess we’re in, PJ Harvey
    ‘Between the click of the light and the start of the dream’ – No cars go, Arcade Fire

  7. bec

    they say you can see your future
    Inside a glass of water
    The riddles and the rhymes
    Will I see heaven in mine?
    (And what are we drinking when we’re done?
    Glasses of water)
    – Coldplay Glass of of Water

    great giveaway and great question!

  8. Marloes

    “Elenore, gee I think you’re swell
    And you really do me well
    You’re my pride and joy, et cetera”
    – Elenore, The Turtles

    Hahaha, I’ve always loved this song so much, my dad used to sing it for me. I love how they sing ‘et cetera’ because there is just too much to say, words are not enough to express love sometimes 🙂

    Great give away and original question, thank you!

  9. Alex

    I wanna rock with you (all night)
    Dance you in the day (sunlight)

  10. Beth c

    And where was I before the day
    That I first saw your lovely face?
    Now I see it everyday
    And I know

    That i am
    I am
    I am
    The luckiest

    By Ben folds. My first dance withy husband.

  11. Frances

    Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me.

  12. Natsumi

    Life is long if you give it way
    So stay, don’t go cause I’m fading away
    -Brian Eno & David Byrne

  13. tamera jane

    I have “Messy hearts made of thunder” from A Silver Mt Zion tattooed on my left side. Sooooo, I’d say that’s probably it. (& yes, I have the “Thunder in our hearts” tote, because I love Kate just as much.

  14. Leah

    When I die, when I die / I’ll rot / But when I live, when I live / I’ll give it all I’ve got — Sufjan Stevens

  15. Kathryn

    Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in

    -Avett Brothers, I And Love And You

  16. Sara

    If I lay here / If I just lay here / Would you lie with me and just forget the world / (Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”)

  17. Jen O'Sullivan

    Everyday is like Sunday
    Everyday is silent & grey

    – Morrissey

  18. Suite Henry

    “But don’t forget the songs
    That made you cry
    And the songs
    That saved your life”

    Rubber ring by The Smiths

  19. alison

    Favorite song lyrics, that’s easy! It’s got to be “I like big butts and I cannot lie” from the classic Baby Got Back 😉

  20. Katarina

    “Beautifully flawed
    Ideals of love”

    /r.murphy – through time/

    I love Anabela & Geoff’s work 🙂

  21. Nicole

    We should know by now that when it comes to dreams we are suckers still – Silverado, Sarah Harmer

  22. lolo

    there with your hands in the air, waiting to finally be caught
    – between the bars, elliot smith

  23. Marilie

    “La vie est loin d’être un droit chemin, C’est écrit dans les lignes de ma main” From Pierre Lapointe (It means “Life is hardly a straight line, it’s written in the lines of my hand”).

  24. Lauren

    The best looking boys are taken/
    The best looking girls are staying inside
    —belle + sebastian

  25. Amy Olson

    “If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, then I think we would see the beauty then and we would stand staring in awe.”
    -Bright Eyes

  26. kay w.

    kate bush has been a long, long time favorite of mine, so i’m so partial to ‘there is thunder in our hearts’. makes me smile everytime i hear that song.

  27. Angela B

    “Just leave me your stardust to remember you by” – in Boats & Birds by Gregory and the Hawk. Such a sweet sweet song!

  28. Lauren

    And she’ll promise you more
    Than the Garden of Eden
    Then she’ll carelessly cut you
    And laugh while you’re bleedin’

    -She’s Always a Woman
    Billy Joel, I know! But, don’t hate 🙂 The lyrics are great.

  29. Miriam

    On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand-chose
    Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses (Carla Bruni)

  30. Julie

    It’s not always easy and
    Sometimes life can be deceiving
    I’ll tell you one thing,
    it’s always better when we’re together

    – jack johnson

  31. mirabelle004

    You and Me just trying to get it right – The Submarines

  32. ashley

    “and the future is certain, give us time to work it out.”

    Talking Heads
    “never trust a big butt and a smile”

  33. Kirsten Thijssen

    Nobody’s gonna put the blues inside of me, Ohh yeah from Stronger by Faith Hill.

  34. Gabriela

    “This body will never be safe from harm” (Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin)

  35. Heather

    “I feel that I’m out of touch
    Not very good at pretending
    But when you sail in my path
    I don’t know what I’m defending”

    Fun question! Great answers 🙂

  36. Sia

    Words like violence
    Break the silence
    Come crashing in
    Into my little world

    — Depeche Mode, “Enjoy the Silence”

  37. V.S.

    I’m learning to fly,
    But I ain’t got wings.
    Coming down
    is the hardest thing

    ~ Tom Petty in Learning To Fly

  38. Jennyroo

    Simon and Garfunkle, from the song So Long Frank Lloyd Wright: All of the nights we’d harmonize till dawn. I never laughed so long, so long I remember.

  39. Josie

    “I’m never ready to go”

    -Ryan Adams, who can be a bit of a jerk but sure knows how to write amazing lyrics.

  40. Sofia Ortuzar

    “But I´m the luckiest guy on the lower east side
    ‘Cause I´ve got wheels and you want to go for a ride”

  41. Lucie

    And in the middle of the night
    Call f you want to talk
    Because you know that I want to talk too

    “Christmas TV” by Slow Club

  42. Kellie

    Stay with me until I die, there’s nothing else I want to try.
    Built to Spill

  43. KaDR

    I lock the door and lock my head
    And dream of butterflies instead

    K’s Choice _ Butterflies instead

  44. Liz

    “And it all comes down to you
    Well, you know that it does
    Well, lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
    Ah, and it lights up the night”

    Love Fleetwood Mac. Love those totes. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  45. sara kristen

    O, sugar won’t you be my only
    I’m a hard-hearted honey-pot hungry shepherd
    And I’m longing to be born for you, that’s her

    ~ from “Love Comes to Me” by Bonnie Prince Billy; gets me every time.

    i adore Fieldguided. many thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway. i’m dreaming already… xo

  46. Leanna

    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.
    -Leonard Cohen

  47. sacha

    Cat Stevens:

    Lookin’ for a hardheaded woman
    one who will take me for myself
    and if I find my hard headed woman
    I won’t need nobody else
    no no no

  48. jonahliza

    what a fun giveaway. i love field guided. “grow old along with me two branches of one tree” from john lennon’s “grow old with me” song is the first one to come to mine. i made my fiance a greeting card, ages ago, and wrote that line in the front of it <3 ohh, memories.

  49. Autumn W

    when the dog bites, when the bee stings
    when I’m feeling sad
    I simply remember my favorite things

    “Favorite Things” from Sound of Music
    …because I watched that movie everyday as a kid and it never failed to make me feel better.

  50. Brittany P.

    My current favorite is from Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce:

    But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them/ I’ve looked around enough to know that you’re the one I want to go through time with

    Nothing more romantic than ending a sentence in a preposition.

  51. Eve

    “Love is just like breathing when it’s true.” Indigo Girls

  52. Lula

    One of many:
    “Old dreammaker, you heartbreaker, whenever you´re going, I´m going your way”
    from Moon River.
    Peace and love from Spain!!

  53. Sonia Wainberg

    “it’s like finding home in an old folk song that you’ve never ever heard, still, you know every word, for sure, you can sing along…”

    It’s a Sight To Behold – Devendra Banhart

  54. Denise Matthews

    Buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as I come cause I can’t stay long. Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Tom Petty

  55. arnela.o

    Well, I’ve got to run to keep from hidin’,
    And I’m bound to keep on ridin’.
    And I’ve got one more silver dollar,
    But I’m not gonna let ’em catch me, no,
    Not gonna let ’em catch the Midnight Rider
    (Allman brothers)

  56. ana

    “que o desejo nao me guarde
    na vontade de ser tua

    quero ser. eu sou assim.

    amante de amores dispersos

    e um céu para me acontecer”

    all from a song (fado) called “sete pedaços de vento” de cristina branco
    i already knew field guied totes and found them really special

  57. Katie

    “your voice still echoes in the hallway of this house” Bronte by Goyte

  58. sarah

    What’s so amazing that keeps us star gazing and what do we think we might see? Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.

  59. Katie C.

    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black

    -the rolling stones

  60. christa

    Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
    Into the blue again, silent water underground
    Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground – Talking Heads

    I always have to sing along!

  61. Ingeli

    “Feet they hardly touch the ground, walking on the moon”

    Walking on the Moon; The Police

    Great give-away! Love those “book”totes…

  62. alias the vicar

    since you said goodbye
    the polka dots fill my eye
    and I don’t know why

  63. Mary

    I have too many favorites, but this song just popped into my head:

    Feel the stick of legs leaving vinyl
    The sweat of closeness, the waves of nausea
    Tell you I miss you there’s no one else I’m dreaming of
    And all the lips that kiss me are no match for your fever touch

  64. Hannah C

    And I have read the right book
    To interpret your look
    You were knocking me down
    With the palm of your eye.

    -Joanna Newsom

  65. donna

    “She’s got everything she needs she’s an artist she don’t look back.”
    Bob Dylan

  66. Alison

    Can’t think of my absolute favorite but this one is usually in my head…
    “There’s something in the way she moves that shouldn’t be allowed” -the new pornographers

  67. Hanna

    “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows”

    Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues

  68. ND

    “The doctor asked him what he was afraid of
    Just what was he running from?
    He said, ‘it’s not a fear of success, nor of closeness,
    But of going through life feeling numb'”
    – Clem Snide, “I Love the Unknown”

  69. Zoe {Conversation Pieces}

    Holy Moly Me oh My your the apple of my eye
    Girl aint never loved one like you

    Man o Man your my best friend I scream it to the nothingness
    that we got everything we need


  70. Elise

    Never was a cornflake girl
    Thought that was a good solution
    Hanging with the raisin girls

    Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos

  71. Ingrid

    “Wake me up when I’m on the throw to paradise, Lift me off the ground and take me to the garden of paradise.”

    – Crystal fighters 🙂

  72. k

    press your space face close to mine, love

    moonage daydream by david bowie

  73. laura

    Well, I got bones beneath my skin, mister…

    Perfect Blue Buildings, The counting crows

  74. vm

    “Home is wherever I’m with you” (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros)

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