Giveaway: two combi sets from Miko Design


Welcome Miko Design, we’re happy that you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: there will be two winners for this giveaway, and those two lucky people have their choice of this combi set or this combi set.

What you have to do ::  leave a comment below telling us, what would you like to see as a new Miko Design DIY kit?


Miko Design is a collection of hand screened printed products and everything that Erika does is gorgeous, just look at this Paris hanger set.

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GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winners are Cecilia and Sandra – congratulations!!

If you didn’t win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. monica

    a little boy doll? maybe a paris garcon? i’m mother of 2boys! monica, from italy

  2. Kirsten

    It would be fun to see dolls from other cities/countries – a travelling menagerie to collect!

  3. Mily

    Too cute! Would love Miko designs in different countries… London, Tokyo, Milan.

  4. britain

    i have loved these designs for awhile now. fingers crossed.

  5. MzTallulah

    So cute! I suggest some other animal, a giraffe for example. Also, more monuments / landmarks to make hangers with!

  6. Floortje Klinkenberg

    I think it’s pretty amazing what you all make and sell. But what I would like to see is something to really play with boys before. As a DIY for a play mat to play with cars .. Or a boy doll. A hug or a robot, elephant or other “boys stuff” But I think your great stuff.

  7. Keri

    I’d like to see some boy dolls, more animals, and other cities (like NYC!).

  8. Andrea Kientz

    I love the red set, it would be awesome for my little niece Alma

  9. Diana M

    These are so cute! I would love to see dolls from around the world.

  10. Pleuntje

    The skirts worn by the dolls are so nice, original and fresk print. I would love to see my daughters in skirts like those. So, I suggest DYI skirt-kits for (little) girls.

  11. bora

    maybe something from another part of the world that is not as well known as say Paris.

  12. beth

    How about holidays or seasons? Summer on the beach, winter skiing, ice skating etc…

  13. Joppe

    Een setje om een speelhuisje in te in te richten lijkt me heel leuk.

  14. Jennyroo

    As a momma of three boys, I have to echo the thought that a boy doll would be amazing!

  15. Charlotte

    someone already said a robot … I would love something “boyish” like that

  16. sang

    I would love to see additional landmarks and other animals like monkeys, dogs and foxes.

  17. Janet Lee

    A camping girl and bear!

    She could have a dress with trees on it and a basket of fish and a fishing rod would be fun. A little tent would be great and it could come with logs (with wood pattern on the fabric) and fire. The bear could have a camera!

    from Miya,age 6, Canada

  18. Nerissa

    Such beautiful things in the shop!
    I would love to see a family doll kit as a set that includes a mini toy house. I would love that!

  19. Melanie

    maybe larger stuffed creatures–that would be fun. But pretty pleased with what there is already!

  20. Jennifer R.

    Wow! How have I been missing out on these!!! I want one of everything and it seems so user-friendly for someone new to sewing.
    I have two daughters so I’m all about the girly, French stuff but I love making gifts for friends so anything with boys, or the fabric book idea, or other animals. My youngest loves dinosaurs.
    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!!!

  21. Melanie Freeland

    These are so fun! I’d love to see a set of furniture! Little chairs and tables for the dolls to use. 🙂

  22. gretchen

    ooooooh!!! i heart miko design so much. she has done so much (her Frida and costumes/masks for the dolls are amazing). so while a boy doll would be great, i would also love to see branching out into even more accessories or scenes. or maybe a bigger doll? thanks for sharing. fingers crossed for the blue set!!!!

  23. andrea

    Love the dolls. I would love more animals, woodland animals, a fox or a deer. A different girl, I’d love a boy doll also. My boys would prefer a robot or odd kind of monster to an acutal boy doll, but that is just them.

  24. ivonne

    I would love to see more animal kits (like an owl or a fox)

    And a Frenchman with moustache 🙂

  25. Philomeen

    I’d like to see a bandit with a black mask. And a tattood lady would be great as well 🙂 I love circus themed dolls


    I would love for a Miko Design Paris boy! ooh la la!

  27. Monica

    A male figure with a big moustache would be great! I can picture him in a striped weigthlifters costume.

  28. paulette voogd

    Een echte Parijse man, met baret en snor, een baquette onder zijn ene arm, en een echte Franse poedel in zijn andere hand….

  29. Monica

    Dear Mikodesign, I would love to see rabbit and doll travelling to different countries say Mexico, South America, Australia? or animals from these countries?

  30. Su

    Eiffel tower pillowcases…so I can ‘sleep in Paris’.


  31. Jeannette

    Another big fan here.
    I would love a wintery sort of doll for the Season. A skater girl with a x-mas tree perhaps? Or with a little reindeer.
    Or a girl/boy with a violin.

  32. T:o)ve

    I LOVE your design!!! If I should wish for a new design it would be a dog or a boy 🙂 Have a fabulous december!

  33. Sandra Korinchak

    For a new Miko kit…I would love a Sly Fox, who has many different dress-up costumes/masks. (Because I love the Fox Mask recently made for the Doll!) I love the Paris theme just as it is, no need to change! The wonderful part about the Miko Rabbit and the Doll, is that (already) you can make and add your own *anythings* for them…like a little round cafe table, with a tablecloth and tiny coffee cups and carrot-croissants. And a little city chien (dog) with leash.

  34. Henria O.

    I’d like an ornament set, a ballerina doll, or how about individual flowers that can be combined into a bouquet of some sort!

  35. eileen

    I love your designs! I’m thinking a bear with cute rounded ears would look sort of incongruous and cute in a skirt!

  36. daan

    een koordanseres 🙂 met zo’n parasolletje of een sterke circusman met streepjesbroek, gewichten en spierballen!
    hartje mikodesign

  37. Heather

    i love these! we think our girls are so sweet, but i know they could use some bunny friends! for a new kit, we would love a fox, maybe? or what about a frida doll or a japanese doll like you made for your girls? clothing patterns would be great too- can’t wait for the ones you are posting! thanks for all the inspiration!

  38. clarity

    A fox or a raccoon character would be cool. I love the girl and the rabbit- they would be so perfect for my daughter!

  39. Monica

    I would love to see dolls in traditional costume from countries such as South America, Mexico or Australia with animals from each country?

  40. Nancy

    I would love to see more Themes with countries and girl dolls or a circus theme.
    I have been wanting one of these kits for ages. Fingers crossed.

  41. Himiko

    Great givaway. How about a French country boy or an English school girl… they might make great sets too.

  42. Emilie Sears

    kits of french artists would be cool — (vangogh, gauguin, monet, etc)

  43. Allison Louwagie

    How about a male doll to go with the female? Now, of course if he is Parisian he MUST have a mustache!

  44. Doris van der Molen

    Hey Erika it’s so great to see you on my favorite blog! I’ve always thought you belonged here! I also think that you really have make progress since I left my internship!

  45. iwishihadtaste

    WOW! Fell instantly in love with the design aesthetic.

    I would love to see French pastries kits, so I can make my own little dish of plushy croissants, macarons and the like. It would look so cute –and totally awesome on the calorie side.

  46. Stacey

    These are just so cute. My daughters would love them!!! I would like to see a garden theme for those of us who miss Spring.

  47. Dominique

    I am so in love with these!I definitely think a boy to go with the girl and bunny….maybe some other animals as well!

  48. Cecilia

    WOW…… Erika’s work is gorgeous indeed!!! I would LOVE to get one of these giveaway prezzys! :))) I think anything she will do will be gorgeous because she’s got the talent! There are already many good suggestions above, like the French boy or the clothes from other countries/cultures and different animals. I would definitely love to see Asia or Scandinavian theme…. imagine a little Japanese girl, tea set, cherry blossoms, etc Wouldn’t that be a dream?

  49. Krisha

    Oh these are lovely! As a mum of a super- BOY i would love to se a Prisian little boy with a beret!

  50. kristina

    so lovely, delightful and inspiring! the graphics are so sweet. how about a pillow/sachet with pocket DIY pattern for secret love memos or the tooth fairy? thank you for such a fun offer!

  51. melody h.

    I love these!!!! My daughter would adore them. I love the culture you are putting in them. I would love to continue seeing dolls from all over the world, like German ones (with Lederhosen), Japanese, African, Mexican ones, etc… How cute would it be to own one each continent which could spark interest/research in that place. I am all about exposure to different cultures for our little ones. 😉

  52. Agata

    I really like work of Mikodesign – so great to see it here.
    I’m a mama of two boys so will be nice to see a kit for a boy!
    xxx Thank you for the chance. Agata

  53. Agata

    I like the work of Mikodesign, great to see it here. I’m mom of two boys so I would like something for them! X Agata

  54. Bluebird

    I think a spaceman and a rocket would be great for little boys and girls! What a wonderful giveaway, fingers crossed x

  55. Linda

    Oh I love these! They are just the perfect gift for my little niece who will be a big sister soon.

    I would love to see a pilot panda diy kit for the boys!

  56. sunny

    How cute! A little fox or a bird or a sheep or maybe opposites like a lamb and lion, fox and a chicken.

  57. erin fae

    I’d like to see other cities done in fabric. I love the paris line and would love to see NYC or the like

  58. silvia

    Hi from Italy!
    I’d like sets of different clothes to dress up my new little doll and my new cute rabbit…

  59. marica

    I’d like a little home! and furniture in it!!!
    Bye and a happy christmas!

  60. Claudia Cerrato

    Oh I have had my eye on this little bunny as my 5 year old is recently into sewing!
    I think someone may have mentioned this but I think a whole line of “city bunnies” would be great… San Franciso, NYC, London, etc….

  61. anna

    These would definitely feel at home at my place 🙂
    I would love to see a diy eifeltower pillow!

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