Giveaway: a gift card to NoeKs


Welcome NoeKs, we’re happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a gift card for 50 usd to NoeKs online shop!

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, which designer do you like the most or is missing from the NoeKs collection?


NoeKs is a wonderful fabric shop but with the added bonus of carrying books and more!


GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Linda Maas  – congratulations!!

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  1. Agata

    I really like the Erin Mc Morris – Pixie Stick fabrics
    it looks a bit like new marimekko patterns, which I love it!
    Thank you for the chance – NoeKs has a amazing collection!

  2. Katrien

    Difficult choice, but Kokka is my all time favourite! Nice give away!

  3. Marília Cardoso

    I really love the New design flower mosaic chocolate!..this one trully look’s well with a pattern of colourful squares of wholen there I hardly do with to experience the needles of my grandmother:)

    I’m suspicious when someone ask me what do you think they should do more, our what I think that misses in someone’s collection:) I always say something with matrioskas!! I love it, realy love it!

    Great regards,

    Marília Cardoso.

  4. Corine de Graaf

    My favourite designer? Thats a difficult one, I like so many designers. But if I have to choose, my favourite would be Ann Kelle and Petit Pan!


  5. erika

    I love all the japanese deigners like Echino but also love the collection of Petit pan!!

  6. ana

    Oh I really like the Cloud 9 fabrics, love the blueeee used!! David Walker ia also nice for my baby girl. thanks!

  7. Erica

    Love Petit Pan…and Tula Pink… miss some Lotta Jansdotter…
    Great giveaway bytheway!

  8. MzTallulah

    So glad to see someone carries Jessica Jones’ fabrics here in Europe – I really like them and would love to grab some as soon as I’ve made a dent into my fabric stash. Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Maria

    Lotta Jansdotter is missing!
    My favourite is Robert Kaufman!!


  10. Raffaella

    I love the Jessica Jones’s fabric and I love this giveaway. Thanx.

  11. Elizabeth B

    At first I didn’t see Jessica Jone’s Out of Oslow and I was going to suggest that. I’m also not seeing Lizzy House’s work so I’m suggesting that instead 😀

  12. marrie

    Jessica Jones – Outside Oslo – Oh Oh Oh !
    If Norway feels & looks like this I have to go !!
    But if I win this giveaway I’ll have a quilt to show ….

    (nog steeds in Sinterklaasstemming 🙂 )

  13. Liz

    Beautiful textiles…if they could carry Orla Kiely fabrics that would be dreamy. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. <3

  14. Vera

    All her fabric designs are so cute! But I love Jessica Jones most of all!

  15. Floortje Klinkenberg

    So many fabrics to Noeks I find so beautiful. I find it hard to choose!
    But Eleanor Grosch’s my favorite. Whale that matter, I really love!
    For children’s clothes, I find great David Walker. I was so yellow that ‘Flowers and Girls Gold dust to order! Sorry for my poor English (Dutch, I can much better) echt waar!

  16. Wendy Swenne

    What a great shop. And it’s difficult to choose, but I like Jenean Morisson, Heather Bailey, Jessica Jones… and and and ….. 🙂

    Bedankt voor deze gave giveaway!

  17. Reema

    I loved Michael Miller and Valori Wells Stoffen. Amazing designs!

  18. Sarah

    What a great giveaway. I like the Melody Miller fabrics the most, especially the heads up yellow fabric. Sarah

  19. Valerie

    Jessica and Jones are always a favorite, Gotta love the graphic qualities of both! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  20. Carlien


    What I miss in the collection from Noeks are soft and elastic fabrics. From Znokdesign for example. Their Jersey’s are ideal for making soft and playfull childrens clothes, from pyjamas to leggings or tunics.
    Noeks is a fantastic webshop, it would be great if they could add some stretch to the collection!

    Kind regards,

  21. Jennyroo

    I can’t see any missing designers! That is a very fabulous collection of fabric! I love Etsuko Furuya (Echino) the best.

  22. Charlotte

    I have no idea who’s missing, but I do love Alexander Henry.

  23. Jennifer

    It is all so good, depending on the project but I do LOVE Anna Maria Horner’s prints and colors very much for so many things.

  24. Salina cardias

    Anna Maria Horner is great, but Amy Butler is my giiiirll. They’re all lovely!

  25. mirabelle004

    Love the repetitive designs of Etsuko Furuya (Echino)

  26. gretchen

    ooooh! so many lovely designs, but I love Jessica Jones. the style is really unique. thanks for sharing this shop!

  27. leaflet distribution london

    So happy to see someone provides Jessica Jones’ materials here in The European union – I really like them and would really like to get some as soon as I’ve created a reduction or dimple into my clothing store. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. Marja

    Kokka is great en it would be very nice if you could offer Etsuko. But please check out my favorite, Skinny laMinx, aren´t her fabrics beautiful!

  29. Femke

    Hmm tough choice, but I think my favorite designer is Kokka. Love the vintagy (is that even a real word?) feel of it!

  30. Linda Maas

    Well, of course the designer I like best at Noeks is Kokka! But I really must say the designs by Joel Dewberry and Sevenberry are just as amazing.
    All the fabrics which are sold at Noeks have this great both contemporary and vintage look and feel. That, and because the site looks nice and offers a good service, is why Noeks is one of my favorite online fabric shops.


  31. Henria O.

    I really like the collections by David Walker, Jessica Jones and Kokka (in general)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Angelique

    Oooh! I’m a big fan of Melody Miller. Her designs are colorful and original. I also love that the fabrics are useful in many ways; bags, skirts, tea cosy, kitchen textile. I’m so excited!

  33. Barbara B.

    so many wonderful designers, but i must say that the most fun product is the Doodle Jump Mix & Match Stationery… must have!

  34. Melissa

    I like Petit Pan – but the others are really great also !! Thanks for the opportunity —

  35. Gwen Windham

    So many pretty fabrics to choose from… but Melly and Me caught my eye first! Thank you for giving us a chance to win! 🙂

  36. Studio van San

    Hi, I like all Noeks’ fabrics but I like best the fabric ‘View Master’ by Miller esp the one with the soft colours. If Noeks could, would it be possible to get (vintage) fabrics of Marion Mahler and/or Lucienne Day? Those were the forerunners of all modern fabrics in Noeks collection.

  37. Kim

    I love love love Little Red Riding hood from Lecien. I only have 1 yard left and it’s impossible to cut it into pieces. I will keep it. And maybe make my weddingdress with this fabric :-))

  38. Marije

    I love the designs and I would love to win the gift card. I finally have cleaned a desk and put my sewing machine there, ready to use. And I’ve got a book with sewing thecniques for ‘Sinterklaas’, so all I need is some fabric.
    As I said, i loce the fabrics at Noeks but perhaps Club Geluk fabric can be added to their collection?

  39. Liene

    I like Noeks blog and her fabrics. I’m a great fan of Alice Apple! So I Would love to buy her fabrics via Noeks 😉

  40. jonahliza

    i love blanca gomez, little fine day and yellow owl workshop.. to name a few. noeks is a great shoppe. thanks for the contest <3

  41. Holly gourley

    I love the Jessica Jones. I can imagine using those prints for lots of projects.

  42. carla

    I like the Melody Miller patterns at Noeks.
    And Marimekko would also be great in their collection.

  43. A

    Definately Monaluna and Ann Kelle. Those amazing fabrics by Sanna Annukka could be a good addition I believe. If i’d ever win the lottery, I would buy averything she makes…

  44. Gwendoline

    Valori Wells and Moda. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  45. Joanna

    How could I choose?! I’m loving some wonderful new to me designers like Valori Wells and Jenean Morrison. Great giveaway, thanks…

  46. AmandaPM

    Sevenberry is the best for me!!! love them!
    But also Cloud 9 and Valori Wells!

    Would be nice to win some of the fabric! =)!

  47. Valeria

    Didn’t know some of the designers and did like Monaluna a lot

  48. Alexandra p.

    I like’Farmdale’ from Alexander Henry very much, but it isn’t easy to find…

  49. Melody H

    Oh my! It’s like being a kid in a candy shop! Noeks is a dream! I love everything! But my favorites were Aneela Hoey (Round and Round aqua) Bernartex (yellow houses), Suzy Ultman (Appleville Panels), and Etsuko Furuya (Echino) (cars, red). Any of those would make me so happy!

  50. Bunny

    So hard to pick, I mostly like designs, not designers. But Kokka is pretty.

  51. Mary

    I really like Kokka and thanks for the give away… I just love all fabric really… specially quilting quality. I can do so many things with it.. Mary

  52. Nicoletta

    I like Benartex and Northcott fabrics but I’d love to see in Noeks online shop the wonderful new patterns and fabrics by Lotta Jansdotter!

  53. BlauweBerg

    I have many favorites, but Echino maybe the most. And I would like to see France Duval-Stalla in the webshop!

  54. Cindy Godts

    If I had enough money, i bought them all 🙂 Buth i love Kokka the most.


    Cindy Godts

  55. heidi

    I love the fabrics you carry already! When on holiday in canada past summer I came accross a craft store wich sold fabrics from, I have been looking where to get their fabrics as they are also soo cute, but could not find them here, you really should look into it I have a feeling it would be a perfect match!

  56. Wendy

    Kokka, Echino and Melody Miller are my favorites at the moment. And I would LOVE to win this gift card so I can buy lots of new fabrics and make sure my soon-to-be-born baby will look amazing in self-made clothes. Ik kom snel een keer langs op Strijp S!

  57. Dorine de Kock

    Waar ik altijd vrolijk van word? Michael Miller, Amy Butler en Sandi Hendersson, en Oliver+s’ patroontjes!
    Misschien zou je Colette Patterns kunnen gaan voeren? ‘k Kwam ze laatst op internet tegen en vond ze erg leuk! ‘t Is maar een idee…

    Lieve groetjes,

  58. Iris

    They are all great, but the Suzy Ultman fabrics are my favorite 🙂

  59. Philly

    I love Kokka and monaluna. <3
    I'd like to see some Helen Dardik (love her) and Riley Blake please. 🙂

  60. Bluebird

    How about Patrick Edgleley (lovely retro designs) and Jane Foster! They would be great additions to the list so far.

  61. Linda

    Oh my, where to start…?

    I would love to see Lotta Jansdotter, Umbrella Prints, Tas-ka, Melbomba, Kalla, Summersville…


    I simply love everything but the “busy city fabric” is among my favorites!
    thanks for that giveaway,
    a bientot!

  63. mayalool

    I love them all, how can I choose?! well, I really like Petit Pan and Echino.
    Great giveaway, thanx.

  64. Anjo

    I love Michael Miller’s fabrics and the little sheep-design!! And Kokka! I love them all!

  65. Céline Telders

    I really love the collection of robert kaufman. Especially the mixer fabric. I love this give away. My birthday is next week, this will be a nice present!!

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