Monday’s quick start: Pleased to Meet


Marcel and his wifde Denni run a small design studio based out of Berlin and decided about two years ago that they wanted to pursue their passion… designing their own line of paper products.

Pleased to Meet.

And I really like the things they design… you do to?



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  1. Anne

    Beautiful! And, living in the French Alps, I can really appreciate the snow theme! 🙂

  2. Jamie says dream

    I like it a lot! I had just posted about some gift wrapping ideas that I like when I saw this, and I had to update my blog post 🙂 With a link to this post and a link to Pleased to meet of course!

  3. Ideealistin

    I am one of those read-a-long, never commenting visitors who greatly enjoy your blog but on this one I have to break my silence: You just made my christmas decoration!!!
    I googled wether their products are available near me, the next day I checked out the wrapping paper in a cute store only a couple of streets away, snatched up two pieces and framed them (in large square light wooden frames I already had sitting around anyway). I send the pictures who usually reside on my picture ledge in my kitchen into hybernation and now I enjoy looking at the gondolas and the cars every morning! Minimal, modern, bold: I love it!
    Thank you for being such and inspiration!!!

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