Giveaway: two tote bags from The New Domestic


Welcome The New Domestic, we’re happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: there will be two winners for this giveaway, and those two lucky people have their choice of this tote bag or this tote bag.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what products would you like to see in The New Domestic’s shop?


The New Domestic has also just released a new line of bags called Bon Journey, you can find them here and here.

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..The New Domestic’s Blog..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: The winners are Kate and Jojoebi – congratulations!!

If you didn’t win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. Keri

    I really like the Bon Journey bag. Since there are really only 2 basic styles of bag in their shop at this time, it’s hard to say what to add since I don’t really know what they’re going for–will it be just bags, or open to other products? They might want to start filling out the homewares part of their mission with canvas storage, tea towels, aprons etc.

  2. veronica

    What great products they are selling!!! Love their shop! I would love to see prints in their shop. I did not find any…

  3. Jennyroo

    Love the the tote bags that they have in the shop right now. How about adding a messenger style bag and some lunch sacks into the mix?

  4. J Koes

    i am an unlucky owner of an extremely irritable spine. it’s so hard to please! and even though i love totes with all my heart (and my eyes and my hands), my spine says “backpack please” whenever i set out on a shopping quest. so it would be cool if The New Domestic came up with a bag that would be as convenient, light and durable as their totes but would show affection to both shoulders rather than just one at a time.

  5. Ellen

    Aaah, I like the tote bags! Especially the wind and willows!:)
    But, it would be nice if they sell more products..
    What about T-shirts, pillows, pillow, scarves, duvet covers?:D

  6. Lois

    wow, lots of great ideas. I LOVE these totes and think they would pair nicely with a little 4X6 zip pouch. What a fun gift with your great prints : ) thanks! xo

  7. Jennifer

    Love your prints…. I like them as they are, but I would love to see a hipper version of the LL Bean sturdy “boat and Tote Bags with reinforced bottoms and handles that wrap underneath, maybe a side pocket on each side for snacks, phone, keys etc…oh it would be lovely!
    I really one the bees trees and teepees print!
    Thanks for the chance to win and for seeking our input!

  8. Filipa Aurélio

    I would love to see scarfs with these amazing patterns on them! they’re so colorful and cheerful, it would be amazing 🙂 or, or.. even some pillows and fabrics for the house, yes. good idea!

  9. Magnhild Apeland

    notebooks, cards, pillows, duvet covers, aprons, teatowels, napkins…

  10. Claire

    Woooh, lovely patterns! To carry on with the idea of traveling, what about small wallets or sponge bags or even make-up bags?

  11. Chez Chouke

    I’m searching for a long time now for a way to collect waste paper, but not in an ugly box but in something nice. Maybe they could make big boxes with these prints on them?

  12. anna

    love these! especially the eye in the storm one.
    a matching notebook would be cool!

  13. vermiljoen

    we have a problem at home with the mail. Urgent and less urgent mail mix up at the end of our dinner table.We have no actual place to collect the mail before handling it, so pretty often we ‘re eating next to a pale of mail. A effective hanging system that looks great would be something I would love to see in The New Domestic.

  14. molly

    i love these totes! scarves in variations of these amazing prints would be so fun.

  15. Monica

    The strong cotton canvas would also be great for a childrens tent or tipi. Can see them already with some of your nice graphic prints on it in our garden 🙂 Eye of the storm is my favorite tote bag!

  16. Hiske

    First, I love you bags! Very very beautiful.

    I have many bag dreams, as I like to call them.

    Dream 1: To help my bad back and pain all over my body from walking to long with a to heavy bag on one shoulder, a nice and beautiful backpack!! One that can hold all the things I need for my work; laptop, papers, pens ect. And I don’t mean one that look like I am on holiday…NO… a backpack that I can take to meeting without feeling a shamed!
    And to not make my look forever for pens and desperately turning the bag upside down in during the meeting, lots of pockets!!
    I say hello to my irritable spine-friend Ellen!!

    Dream 2: Having a bag that somehow finds or hang in a shopping cart! Whit different compartments to already arrange. And them when you leave the shop you just have to lift you bag!

    Dream 3: A wallet that is thin enough to fit in my pocket! Some room for cards and money, but just as small as possible. I try to take as little as possible when I go out, but always end up taking a bag of some kind. HOw do men ever leave the home without one?! I would love to be the first lady that can, without asking her man to store her stuff, leave my bag at home!

    Dream 4: Some kind of bag that finds on the handle-bar of my bike..The old-fashion style..Haven’t really dreamed enough to have a clear vision of this one…:)

    And off I go to dream some more!

  17. MFree

    Love the seaweed and whistles bag. It would also make a super cute framed print or perhaps even wall decals?

  18. Dervla Kelly

    what about bed linens, soft cloth book covers, or nursery decor? So lovely.

  19. Whitney

    Loving Trees, Bees & Teepees. Also, Eye of the Storm. I’d like to see prints in pillow form as well as notecard sets.

  20. Afke Spies

    First of all your design is very strong and pure. Idea’s i can come up with at this moment are:
    – oven gloves but then not the gloves but square ones.
    – the material is very strong and ideal for aprons.
    – pillow (has already been mentioned)
    – tablecloth
    – playmat for childeren to play on
    – iphone cover/bag/pocket also for ipad
    – pencil cases
    – notebook covers
    – basket for magazines/newspapers to make everyones homes more colourful
    and i could go on…

    Good luck making lots of more things!

    From Afke

  21. Tracy

    Kitchen Aprons. Kitchen Tea Towels. And horray for the above poster that suggested a childs Tee-Pee!!

  22. Kate

    I LOVE the Bon Journey! I would also love to see it in a backpack form. I think it would be super-chic! Also, in a dop kit. Those are so hard to find for some reason at a reasonable price, and I think you have the design and price points down to perfection!
    Love your things!

  23. Viv

    how about pillows, napkins, or just fabric by yard?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kerrie

    …I’d like to see picnic bags, picnic blanket, cooler bags etc…love the website…

  25. Michelle

    Has anyone mentioned panniers yet? There is a serious lack of cute and mega-sturdy stylish panniers out there!

  26. laura

    Such amazing designs, the art would definitely be fabulous on pillows, blankets or bedlinen.. OOH and childrens toys and clothing. The possibilities are endless!

  27. Meesh

    Laundry bags and baskets; make an awful chore a little more enjoyable

  28. jojoebi

    I Love the clean designs, bags that are styled towards boys/men would be good especially as they are so hard to buy for!

  29. Melissa H

    Laundry baskets that can travel from the room to the laundry place!

  30. kristilyn

    tea towels of course! it’s super easy and everyone loves tea towels!

  31. Jackie

    printed fabric rolls then the customer can make whatever there crafty desires dream up LOve the red striped bag great for travel

  32. Judy

    I would love New Domestic Picknickbaskets. With beautifull melamine plates and cups along with napkins and a picknickblanket with a side of plastic. Just love the thought of those.

  33. Cindy

    What a wonderfull designs.

    Maybe a toybag for the kids room….. put it on a hook and the floor is clean, the designs are so colourfull and bright. Love to see it for the children…

  34. Patricia

    The patterns are so nice to have in so many places of the house! I think that clutches would look lovely on those patterns.

  35. Allie

    In the spirit of keeping with the bag theme, I absolutely love messenger bags and I think these prints would look great on something like that.

    Sometimes I hate having to hold a bag in my hand, or constantly re-adjust the bag so it doesn’t fall off my shoulder, so having something that can strap across your body would be perfect.

    P.S. Also, how adorable would baby bibs be with this pattern on it?!

  36. Margie

    What great prints … I’d love to see messenger bags, or even a nice desk blotter (I think that’s what they’re called. You know the things you put on a desk for extra protection, like a place mat, but cooler).

  37. Amy McDonald

    Lovely prints! They’d look great on household items like pillows, teatowels and cushions. Maybe a whole bedspread!

  38. Elisa

    I would DEFINITELY buy some New Domestic screenprints, and I’d also consider buying some pillow cases as well! Lampshades, placemats, postcards/greeting cards/stationery would also be cool! 🙂

  39. jenny

    love their patterns.. maybe beach towels or large throws. something to wrap myself up in.

  40. Conny

    Hi, I would love ti see more of these patterns on smaller tote bags to take your lunch to work. Eye of the storm is my favorite.

  41. Taylor

    Scarves/Throws/Wraps. (Would love to wear the designs)
    Stationery/Canvas Notebooks.
    Coffee Mugs/Dishware.

  42. Sarah

    I was just admiring this shop the other day. I’d love to see a laptop case in the style of the Bon Journey bags. Throw pillows with those prints would also look great.

  43. Liz

    Scarves, pillows, rugs! Everything needed to be cozy, inside and out 🙂

  44. Pleuntje de Groot

    I’d love to have a nice little shoulderbag for just a wallet, keys and phone. One of the new Domestic prints (all over the bag) will make it the greatest little bag ever!

  45. Christina Heppard

    I think these prints would make great stationary, but I also thing that wallets would be nice. It would be great to see the prints on that scale.

  46. Katarzyna

    Another voice for teatowels. Yoga mat carriers would also be fun 🙂

  47. Kristine

    I’d love to see more designs! I’d love for New Domestic to offer their prints/designs on wallpaper.

  48. Ellen

    Tablecloths, mugs, tank tops, rugs and lapshades!!!! Love, love, love your patterns and colors!

  49. Suz

    I didn´t know your shop until today, and i am in love!!
    i am mad with pillows!

  50. Patricia Juárez Samperio

    I’d love to see things for dogs with all your amazing designs!!!!

  51. Rachael

    I love the style of the new Bon Journey bags. I’d love to see them done in a messenger style. I am always searching for one I can lug around my work and school supplies. I’d probably buy one in every colour if they made them!

  52. Michelle M

    I’ve love to see a diaper bag in one of the fabulous designs in a messenger style bag. Also would love little lunch bag for toddlers/kids in one of the fab designs. Huge Fan!!

  53. Stacey

    I would love to see a tote bag with a kids-sized tote bag stored inside! You can go shopping with your little one and give your child his/her own bag to “help out.” Also would be great for library trips.

  54. Beatriz

    Screenprints…some of the patterns would look lovely on a wall!

  55. vera

    Love their work! Did they consider doing lunch bags? I think it would be nice.

  56. Anna

    Already mentioned before, but I would love a laptop bag in those fresh colours and geometrical prints!

  57. Chrissy

    Am a big fan – the nautical tote top left is the screensaver for my iPad. I’d love to see some smaller accessories for inside my totes + even cool director’s chair seats and backs! Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Corey Delaney

    Stuff for the bedroom would be great – pillows or a duvet to brighten up the room!

  59. kitsune

    I would like to see mittens and scarf in the new domestic’s shop.

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