Giveaway: fox pendant from Little Projectiles


Welcome Little Projectiles, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a lovely fox pendant.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what Little Projectiles product is your favorite?


Little Projectiles is the creation of Nadia Tan, a Toronto-based artist who works in various mediums.

..Little Projectiles..
..Little Projectiles Blog.. 

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: The winner is Sonja – congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. Saskia

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love the antler pendant. Thank you for bringing this shop to my attention.

  2. Katie

    Wow – I want one of everything! If I had to choose, I would pick either of the bear pendants or the antler pendant. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  3. Fleur

    I adore all of the animals, but the raspberry is adorable. They are delicious in Australia right now!
    Thank you for introducing us to another lovely artisan.

  4. Ella

    What adorable little friends! I like all of them but I’d pick the brown fluffy bear because he’s smiling the most 🙂

  5. Nienke

    The orange/brownish color of the vox really speaks the autumn feeling to me! That, i love!

  6. Sandra (kinoueni)

    I would like to shelter all them!
    It would be so charming to me wear one of this pendants and can to go out for a walk with us.
    But the deer looks me with a really big pain and I can’t resist him.

    (I smile a lot when I find thigs like this)

  7. Olivia

    conveniently, i would have to say the fox 🙂 The twig pendant is cute too.

  8. Nynke

    The fox is really cool, but next to that I love the wolf, it reminds me of a good cold winter, hopefully going to have one this winter!

  9. Sarah

    I love your blog and I love the polar bear. My mum will visit the Arctic next year so I would give it to her.xx

  10. Ingeli

    The wolf! I love how mysterious they are and I love wolfs-eyes…


    PS. Thanks for introducing me to this etsy-shop, I love their products!

  11. Camilla

    Love this giveaway and love the deer pendant! those eyes make me do the “awwwww-face” ^_^

  12. Kerrie McKinley

    They are all so beautifully crafted…I would be delighted to have Mr Fox…thank you…

  13. Beverly

    lovely pendants all! but am making googly eyes at the fox pendant 🙂 reminds me of the book The Fantastic Mr. Fox 🙂 sending you positive vibes from across the pond 🙂 xxxbeverly

  14. tina benavides

    I love the deer. I have several deer that visit us each day. It reminds me of them.

  15. Beth C

    the little fox is sooo aborable! it’s my favorite… I love foxes (my dog is very foxy looking)

  16. christina

    i love all the pendants because they all could be spirit animals for anyone 🙂 and they are all so cute

  17. Tory

    I love the fox pendant but I must say I also love the avocado pendant in their etsy store. Great giveaway!

  18. Jennyroo

    I do believe that our friend the fox is replacing the owl for cutest crafty animal this season! The polar bear pendant might be my favourite, but it was a tough choice!

  19. avalonne hall

    I like the fox or the deer. Now that I’ve also clicked the link, I love the dandelion AND avocado pendants! I love everything! 🙂

  20. Katie

    The little fox is my favorite. It reminds me of The Fantastic Mr. Fox!

  21. doroffee

    If the giveaway is international, I’m in! I love the twig and the blackberry one the most! 🙂

  22. greet

    ooh, geweldig! mijn favoriet? WOLF want mijn zoontje noemt Wolf…

  23. Herma

    Aha, since my last name is “de Vos” (meaning “the fox” in Dutch) I’m voting for the little foxy fox for sure!

  24. Tids

    The Wolf pendant – I came over all ‘Team Jacob’ for a minute there! Gorgeous giveaway xx

  25. Marii

    aww, the fox, surely! it reminds me of autumn and the colour of the trees and the small cutesie foxes in the woods across my house, definitely a favourite!

  26. Nicole

    The deer is really charming, but the fox is really my favorite!

  27. mareike

    wow, all of them are really cute. but i think the finch is my favourite one, or the twigs? hmmm 😉

  28. Gina

    The dandelion pendant 1 is my fav. My daughter would love the fox though.

  29. Jenny

    They are all super cute !! I think the fox is my favorite, or the deer, or maybe the polar bear, and the wolf is just beautiful…

  30. Mariana


    I like the Dandelion (because my little son loves to blow the dandelion and he learnt to blow it this year) and the Wolf (because I like wolves).

  31. Claire

    I LOVE the twig!!!!!! But I’ve had my eye on the fox for a good friend’s Christmas present. (:

  32. jonahliza

    i love the fox, the fantastic mr fox is my fave book and film… and the bear. bears are my bf’s favorite, so i always think of him when i see one. great giveaway <3

  33. Bianca

    I simply love love LOVE all! But the fox and the raspberry are too cute!!Wanna have it have it have it have it 😉

  34. erika

    They are all so cute it’s hard to choose a favourite, I think I like the bear the best!

  35. Ellen

    Oooeh, I love them all!
    But especially the deer and the fox, so cute!:)

    (Ik zie dat er nu een andere naam bij mijn reactie staat,
    dus hier voor de tweede keer haha)

  36. merel

    all off them are super cute…but the fox is clearly the cutest 🙂

  37. perrine Cambier Meerschman

    All so cute ! My favorite is the bear, shinny, funny eyes, furry teddy!
    B…Beautiful teddy
    E…Even if it can be risky
    A…As furry as a foxy

    Thanks Perrine from France

  38. roberta

    I love the dandelion pendant, so simple, pure and elegant

  39. mayimaya

    whaou, thanks for the discovery! I love the wolf pendant <3

  40. Martina

    They are beautiful all of them. I love the wolf, very powerful. Bit I must say that the deer pendant are sooooo sweet!

  41. S Fairburn

    I’m loving the fox & the twig…. great fun!!!!! fun canadian design!

  42. gettyvanderweij

    Die oortjes van de 2e van links: geen idee of het een hert of een koe is, maar die oren doen het helemaal.

  43. Kristy

    I have been a Little Projectiles fan for a while now – the fox is gorgeous but I really do love them all!

  44. Esther

    The fox is adorable, colors of the fall surrounding us right now..

  45. Crafty Mariko

    One of my best friends has the last name of ‘Fox’ so the fox pendant is by far my favorite item! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  46. Marie @etincellestudio

    I didn’t know about this adorable shop… my favorite is the white polar bear, although the fox or the raspberry are very cute too. Actually they are all cute and would make me or my daughter happy 🙂
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  47. Helen Kolenda

    Love them all…but the fox and the polar bear are lovely!!

  48. Sanne de Vos

    Het kleine vosje natuurlijk, want dat is mijn naam!
    En ik heb nog rood haar ook, dus dat past mooi 😉

  49. Anine

    I love the Fox, the dandelion and the antler!
    There’s all so lovely!

  50. erin

    I love them all, but I think I’ll go with the polar bear. Protect the polar bears!

  51. Ravyn

    The fox is adorable, but I think the antlers pendant is my very favorite … Very cute!

  52. Liv

    i like both foxes and polar bears a lot, but the brown bear has something special… cute and cunning, would like to wear that!

  53. vreisje

    I love the fox, so cute and apropriate for autumn. But de dandelion is also very beautiful in an understated way…

  54. kim

    i love them all! if i had to pick one it would be the fox as it’s so cute and sly looking!

  55. Tara

    Tough choice! Fox or wolf, I think, but they’re all lovely…

  56. Jouko

    They are all just wonderfull but the fox and the bear are my favourites 🙂

  57. Paulette Voogd-Schop

    Ohh, I love the fox for my daughter… She loved my fathers dog Fox (shiba inu, like a fox) so much…. He died in August, and so she can think of her….

  58. Katie

    Ive had a thing for foxes since reading the little prince as a youth.

  59. Regina

    I love the Fox and the Antler necklace, also the Bike Parts necklaces on the blog in adorable. Really fun, pretty and unique items in Little Projectiles shop.

  60. elisa

    so difficult choice! I love, love, love the deer pendant but I am also so fond of the fox one. Foxes seems to appear here and there in my years and it’s so thrilling look at their bright eyes.

  61. Megan

    I love the antler on her etsy site…my favorite on here is the fox though!!! So cute…

  62. Sarah

    They’re all so adorable, but I think the polar bear and the fox are the cutest. Love them!

  63. Celina

    The polar bear is pretty close to being my favorite, but like the great majority I love the Fox! Thanks for this awesome giveaway…

  64. Anna

    Great concept these Little Projectiles! Love the dandelion pendant 1.

  65. Sonja

    I’m loving the polar bear, such a classic black and white like ‘Coco Chanel’ with a roar while keeping me looking cool in summer. Viva the southern hemisphere! cheers from Sydney

  66. shen

    the white antler pendant-
    divertida at fastmail dot fm

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