Giveaway: a tote from Winter Water Factory


Welcome Winter Water Factory, we’re happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: your choice of the organic high seas tote or the organic birds and flowers navy tote.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, what else would you like to see Winter Water Factory make… aprons, sheets, wallpaper?



Winter Water Factory is the creation of Stefanie Lynen a Brooklyn-based designer. If you’d like to see what other gorgeous products Winter Water Factory has available you can shop here.


..Winter Water Factory..
..Winter Water Factory’s Blog..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: The winner is Eloise – congratulations!!


Bloesem loves comments
  1. S Fairburn

    I’m loving your prints…I’d snap up a Duvet cover in High Seas Grey (double) and a Duvet cover in ToolBox Red (single) in a flash!!!! Yes – go textiles go!!!!

  2. Claire

    Very nice patterns !
    I would like to see baby bed valance, wallpaper indeed, table cloth, cushion cover…

  3. Em

    I would certainly love wallpaper ^^ Maybe pillow covers for sofas?

  4. dree

    Would love a wallet in any fabric, and you can never go wrong with a cushion cover!

  5. ana

    Oh… the patterns are beautiful, to this winter (or even in the summer), I think they would stay lovely circulating on… umbrellas!!
    (imagine a city square in the winter or a garden in the summer) 😉

  6. Nienke

    just the fabrics, so i can take their creativity and mix it with mine 😉

  7. aitz

    I love the patterns!! And i’d love to see them in bedlinen, sheets, purses even lamps! Definitely little bags so keep all my things, from make up to jewerly!

  8. beth c

    I would LOVE to see the high seas as wallpaper… I’m totally inspired by the thought of it!

  9. Carla

    Wallpaper would be nice I am sure. And for my love of paper, I think that a line of stationary would be awesome.

  10. leepeng

    Very nice stuff. Would love to see in mobile phone casing, or purse. Must be nice!

  11. Alison R.

    Oh I just love their patterns! Stationary is a great idea, as someone else mentioned. Diaper bags would be great too.

  12. maaike

    loving these prints.. would love to have the building across the street covered by these prints! so i can look at the ships in the sea all day long. realistically though i’d love to have a raincoat or umbrella with these happy prints. a grey day in these patterns would be a happy day

  13. Anastasia

    Oh, wow, these prints are gorgeous. Because the patterns are relatively small, I’d go smaller scale: wallets, clutch purses, lampshades. I’d buy any of those in a heartbeat!

  14. alison

    Nice work! I would love to see more home products – cushion covers, table runners, aprons, oven mitts, etc. Such beautiful patterns!

  15. Marieke

    wallpaper for sure; I have a new home and a very white empty wall is just screaming for some action!

  16. jennifer w.

    Upholstery fabric would be lovely — that way I could hem and haw about whether I need new curtains, a chair, a headboard, etc. wrapped in this lovely fabric.

  17. MFree

    Love winter factory! I’d love them even more if they put some of their amazing prints on tights!

  18. Liz

    I love the totes and their fabrics, which I would love to make into curtains. I think another item that would be great to feature in their shop would be tablecloths and placemats!

  19. Stephanie

    Oh my! What gorgeous prints! I’d love to see them on duvet or comforters, pillow cases, throw pillows, curtains, shower curtains, bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels…. I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Karyn

    These are such great prints. I would love them on anything. Especially on something I could wear. Like a loose t-shirt.

  21. Zime

    I would love to see these prints on tabletop items like trays, dishes, etc.

  22. Kirsten

    I would love to see wallpaper (ESP high seas for a little boys room!) and kitchen towels, and tablecloth! Love it!!

  23. Elli

    Very beautiful prints! As many have mentioned before me, sheets would be amazing as well as kitchen towels and wall papers. To be honest I think those would look good on almost anything!:)

  24. Raffaella

    I would see…mmmmhhh:
    textile for bed, like sheet or duvet.

  25. Magdalena

    I would imagine cushions, table runners or place mats, maybe even curtains. Something like a tray or coasters would look nice with those patterns, too:)

  26. Kerrie McKinley

    I love the organic birds and flowers print – perhaps you could make a range of purses, make-up bags, hats, scarf’s, bean bags (both regular size and smaller for children). Thank you for the giveaway and brain storming session!!!

  27. Lois

    Mmmm… They look so good, i could eat them!! 🙂 or off them! The blue pattern would go real nice on white porcelain… Matching the rest of my plates! (Delfts blauw, Chinese and scandinavian mix of old and new plates)

  28. Gill

    I love the High seas print!
    I do upholstery and I’d love to cover a chair in this!! a duvet cover would be great!

  29. sugarpie project

    tea towels and aprons would be perfect additions to their super sweet goods.

  30. ND

    I just bought my first house, and I would LOVE to have the June Leaf pattern in pale grey as a wallpaper in my bedroom. So beautiful!

  31. Ani

    i image the winter water factory would make slings! the products are really nice!

  32. Lola

    Their lovely design would fit perfectly on cosy bedding stuff.
    Absolutely winter-licious!

  33. anna

    I love the organic high seas tote. A big pillow of the same print would be great too!

  34. Katrina

    Sheets and big pillows in the high seas print would make me feel like I’m sailing the ocean blue all night long! I love it!

  35. ingrid

    A lampshade would be great I think.
    Think the high seas print is perfect for it.
    love from the netherlands

  36. Megan

    Sheets! Definitely! Deep pocket, please. They are so hard to find in beautiful prints. I’d absolutely buy these if you made them 🙂

  37. mirabelle

    If they made aprons, I would actually WANT to wear one rather than ruining all my clothes!

  38. Julia

    Hmmm, I have to agree – tablecloths.. I think everyone who commented is right on.

    Loved the designs.

  39. Linda

    Fancy looking insulated Lunch bags. Would be so amazing ! And I agree on the pillowcases – the yellow flowers and birds pattern would look wonderful in a baby’s room, especially being organic… *drools* 😀

  40. Stephanie

    PVC tablecloths – round, square and rectangular. I have a very hard time finding beautiful tablecloths with beautiful prints, and not in fabric! Its hard trying not to spill things over all the time. 🙂 Curtains would be nice too, light prints and flowy. Love the organic high seas tote.

  41. thian

    I’m in love with their patterns. I would like to see it in laptop bags…

  42. Jessica Mox

    I love the organic High sea pattern, and I would love to see it as a a cover for an ipad or any new tablet coming out. I would love to have that print on something like that! 🙂
    and I love all the other prints too, amazinggg stuff!

  43. Hanna

    Yes! I think those patterns would make great wallpaper. I’d love to have sheets made from yellow birds and flowers, and a pillowcase from grey high seas or pale turquoise winding flowers.

  44. ingrid

    how cool would carpet be in that peacock print! or a rug for that matter..
    <3 from New Zealand
    PS – you could use some of our amazing pure wool!

  45. Kimberly Harrington

    Hooded towels for babies and bathrobes for kids with terry lining, beach towels, make-up bags and other small zipped bags for travel, reusable sandwich and snack bags to pack in lunchboxes, lunchboxes! (or lunchbags), long drapey scarves, socks for grown-ups, storage bins, paper goods (thank you cards, blank note cards, stationery), and a zipped weekender bag would be amazing.

  46. Jennyroo

    I love those totes! I think some aprons and linen printed tea towels would be a great addition to their product line!

  47. Michelle S

    Dressy boys clothing that has coordinating sizes example size 3T & print but yet different, tie for Dad and clutch or bag or hairbow or headband for Mom!

  48. María

    towells would be awesome… cool patterned towels stopped existing in the 70’s and that’s a shame!

  49. Katrina

    Bigger kids sizes! My girls are 8 & 10 and so many of the nice kids clothes designers stop at size six. Also lamp shades, dinner ware, anything really!

  50. rosemariee

    definitely wallpaper- they could use the prints they already have!

  51. Anne Kea

    Oh wow, this is a really difficult question, because I think I would even like toiletpaper made by them (but seriously how cool would that be.) Hmm but I think I would like tablecloth, stationery products and lam shades the most.

  52. Eve

    I really love the bird motive. I think it would also look lovely used for pot holders. I imagine them hanging in my kitchen. So nice…

  53. Marloes

    Whoo, yay, awesome giveaway!
    I think their designs are so wonderfully simplistic. I’m in love with the bird tote. As for a new product; lamp shades and stationary! But to be honest I’m a great fan of patterns, so I think their design would look good on basically anything. It always brings a bit of humor and fun to a product which might otherwise be a little boring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. hinke

    die tas met de bootjes is fantastisch! And I would love to see home accessories, like cushions, wallpaper, curtains.

  55. Brittany P.

    I think little slip on shoes (think house slippers) for children, or for adults would be very cute in their bold patterns. And I definitely agree with everyone who’s said stationary.

  56. b.justesen

    Sheets, curtains, wallpaper, you name it! Absolutely lovely.

  57. Gillian

    Tunics and pencil cases would be gorgeous… for grown-ups and kids!

  58. Alicia

    ooh what a great giveaway!! I would love if they made curtains I would have them in every room of my house!

  59. Iris

    I think every kitchen would benefit from a tea towel or oven mitten with one of their wonderful designs!
    x Iris

  60. liesel

    I thought I had already seen the high seas as wall-paper somewhere??? Maybe they used the fabric as a feature wall-paper… But lampshades and curtains would be great to brighten up any room. Especially the same pattern in contrasting colours.

    I love the high-seas tote!

  61. Veronica

    I think it would be great for them to start making wallpapers!!

  62. Marjolein

    I really would like it if they designed paper sheets. I love the prints. Crafting with paper with prints like theirs would be great!

  63. Mirjam

    Great graphics! Love the high sea motif. A thinner fabric with these stylish prints would be more versatile than the heavier canvas. Yummy stuff!

  64. Melissa

    More women’s clothes like full skirts would be great. And maybe even some scarves in a lighter weight fabric.

  65. Lisa

    Yes, wallpaper. But, seriously, anything you put those prints on will be beautiful.

  66. Wesley

    I’d love a big floppy hat for me. But from your choices – sheets.

  67. Yoko

    I love Winter Water Factory! My son has a cute shirt by them. I would like to see toy storage baskets/ bushels/ totes in these lovely prints and backpacks/ library/ lunch bags as well. Thanks!

  68. ikkinlala

    Oven mitts! I’ve seen a lot of nice aprons and tea towels, but it’s harder to find oven mitts that are equally classy.

  69. Mareike Kruse

    I’d love to see some postcards or greeting cards with seasonal motives…

  70. Elaine Bradley

    All of the above and a special tote like the ones IKEA provide – about 1 metre (1 yard approx) wide and about .5 metre (1.5 ft) deep. Maybe plain on outside and lined with fab fabric on inside. WHY – I re-use IKEA ones all the time for transporting ‘stuff’ like bedding, laundry, things to the thrift shop etc. They are so utterly useful they are practically indispensible. So a pretty one or two would be awesome too.

    and giant floor cushions
    and headbands
    and aprons, and drawer liners
    and recoverable upholstered bedheads – to jizz up a girls room etc.

  71. Eloise Hardisty

    I think wall paper would be absolutely beautiful 🙂 the patterns are so lovely and i’d love to have them covering the insides of my house 🙂

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