Let’s Get Personal in the Netherlands with Miranda from Puur Anders


Let's Get Personal with Miranda van Dijk from Puur Anders

D:: Dutch is… Polders, dikes with sheep and cows, bicycles and always adverse wind when you ride a bike.

U:: utterly important in my life is… My almost 2-years old son, my husband and family.


T:: tomorrow I want to… Go out and discover the simple things in life again with Finn. Like we do every day. Throwing stones in the water, spotting butterflies, collecting pine cones, enjoying the cars and boats during our cycle tours and stamping our feet in the rain pools.And more in the future, I want to move to a cute dike-house and start my own atelier shop. A dream which will hopefully come true one day.


Chalkwall  BedroomBrooche

Bloesem-11 Studio


C:: craft projects that I love best are… Making flowers and leaves and customizing shirts for Finn with applications and transfer paper. 

H:: home means to me… A place to settle down. A working space. A place to feel home. A place where I can be myself.


H:: hobby, I always make time for… Doing things in the weekends with us three. It depends on the weather but mostly going for a walk in the woods or at sea (both only a half hour drive away), but during this summer you could find us at a large playground in the neighbourhood or at a nature visitor centre in my town.  


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is… My orange cardigan. I love the colour and bird print. Wearing it makes me feel happy, especially when I’m feeling a bit blue.


M:: magazines I love to read are… Elle Decoration, VT-Wonen, 101-Woonideeën, JAN, FLOW, Uppercase and online Vécu magazine, Papier Mache, Est Magazine, Trendtablet.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without… Besides my two men and family, freshly-baked bread in the morning, fresh fruit and shopping days with my mum.


………………Thank you Miranda……………….


I believe the 'leave' inspired jewelry collection by designer and stylist Miranda van Dijk are simply stunning! I was very happy to hear that she was willing to open her home in a small village in the Netherlands for us and tell us a bit more about herself. 

Her collection 'Hidden Memories' is inspired by the connection between nature and humankind. Miranda prints old photographs on cotton or linen fabric and transforms them into these beautiful leaves or flowers…. can you think of a better fall or winter brooch this coming season?

Her jewelry line is available online here at etsy or for Dutch visitors just click here…


All images by Miranda van Dijk 

..Puur anders at Etsy

..Puur Anders at big cartel

..Miranda her own blog

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