Giveaway: mobile from Frazier and Wing


Welcome Frazier + Wing, we're thrilled that you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: Your choice of one of the Frazier + Wing's new mobile designs retailing for 58 usd.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us what made you happy today?

Good Luck!


Frazier + Wing is a gorgeous collection of hand crafted paper mobiles and garlands by Heather Frazier. If you'd like to learn more about where Heather gets inspiration for her mobiles and garlands check out her blog here.

..Frazier + Wing..

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: The winner is Lydia – congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. summer

    This is the exact question I ask my son and husband everyday when we sit down to dinner (as our way of giving thanks and being grateful). When we started this tradition several months ago, I asked my 2 yr. old son “what made you happy today? What are you thankful for?” Without a second thought he said “Grandma and Ba Ba (his name for his blanket)”. So… What made me happy today was the memory of that sweet moment! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning.

  2. Lou @ Littlegreenshed

    Discovering a forgotten photograph of my son laughing aged 2, riding his balance bike. It made me smile remembering that day. And I have taped it up in his bedroom. To make him smile too, when he comes home from school. Fingers crossed on winning the giveaway! Lou x

  3. Jennyroo

    The smell of the crisp fall air this morning. This is my favourite season…

  4. Marie @etincellestudio

    I love her work, what a chance we have to get a giveaway here on Bloesem! and I am a mad girl when it comes to mobiles 🙂
    Seeing my son saying his first few words made me happy; I am happy to be around my kids and see them growing and learning new things every single day. Worth every sacrifice!

  5. anna gogolek

    looking at my 2 month sweetie smiling while sleeping at 3 a.m.

  6. fanfamfun

    oh this is fun! today when my 3 year old said “mummy, statues are old and broken but they are not rubbish!” x

  7. Sharon

    when my 2 year old did a big fat poopie in the toilet today. No smelly diaper change = happy mommy.

  8. Sasha K

    I bought my soon-to-be-born daughter her first pair of little shoes this morning. Thinking about how tiny her feet are going to be made me happy.

  9. Catherine

    These mobiles would make me happy ever time I looked at them! So lovely. Wrapping some little back to school presents for my nieces and nephews and packing them up to take to the post office made me happy this morning. What a good question. Thanks!

  10. Grace

    Listening to a woman speak about the grace she has been shown in her life & the peace she has because of it.

  11. Silja

    Watching my 3 year oldson play happily out-side with the girl next door.

  12. kacey

    my two struggling students realizing they “can” read by themselves!

  13. Ik heb een bep

    ehm.. I think most people do not like it because here in Holland there wasn’t a summer this year..
    But i liked the rain today! It’s time for candles, trees in red, orange and yellow, good books, warm plaids,
    long talks with glasses of wine.. Let the fall start :-)!

  14. Marieke

    Autumn has arrived in the woods, so I went there with my two kids to find beechnuts and acorns. My 3 year old daughter said all of the sudden: “mammy, if we see a dragon you have to carry me!”

  15. sacha

    I watched my little girl bravely ride her bike all the way to the grocery store and loved it!

  16. Daniel

    Cool mobiles! Going for a walk in the countryside with my partner and baby, make me happy today, and refreshed!

  17. lydia - studio mizzle

    When I brought my 4 year old daughter to bed, (who is going to school for a month now – and totally blossoming up since) She started telling about one of the lessons and simply couldn’t stop talking about it. I still heard her talking and jumping when I was already downstairs. That made me happy today!

  18. christine

    these mobiles made me happy! hope i win them.. *fingers crossed*

  19. Natalie

    So timely. Seeing the sonogram of my new baby at 9 weeks made me very happy today. Would love a mobile for the future nursery.

  20. rosemariee

    a chai latte! my favorite, especially when it’s cold outside.

  21. Lucy

    By baby girl giving me a swift kick- can’t wait to meet her in November.

  22. Floddertje

    Hi hi, my day has just started, but spending some time with my four months old son made me extra happy today, since I started woking this week for the first time since my maternity leave and i missed him a lot yesterday. Today I have a day off, so I can be with him which makes me really happy. He held a little toy ball up above him all by himself for the first time, very cute 🙂

  23. bec

    Happiness today was a phone call from my husband who’s away on a international business trip: to tell me he’s coming home a whole day early!!! Yippee!! With a 3 month old at home with me, that was music to my ears!!
    I’m loving the simplicity of these gorgeous mobiles: the Taylor yellow one definitely caught my eye!

  24. Patricia

    A very happy and unique moment of the day was a nice conversation with my 3 year old little girl. I just realized she is really growing up quickly!

  25. Isavoyage

    Having a slice of the wonderful corn bread form the bakery made me truly happy today 🙂 And so does this giveaway

  26. Kristine V

    What a great giveaway and the opportunity to identify a little happiness (big or small) within our day. “My little one finally, after two weeks, adjusting to big girl school (Kinder) just when I was ready to throw in the towel”

  27. bianca

    waking up to a sweet, newborn baby tucked in the bed beside me…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. ashley

    putting the last coat of paint on our little girls room and starting to decorate and make it somewhere very special.

  29. Anne

    Sewing a blanket for my cousin’s new baby 🙂 Thanks for this great giveaway!

  30. Kati

    My two little girls coming in to wake me up sweetly over and over again this morning while I slept in as looooong as I could.

  31. Tammar

    Watching my 1 and a half year old daughter give the cat “kind pets”.

  32. Kyra

    For the last two weeks i have this smile on my face which won’t come of… since two weeks i’m the mother of a beautiful girl… It not only makes me happy everyday, it makes me so lucky!

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