Sponsor Spotlight : bee things


I already bought some of their amazing prints, particularly this one is a favorite of mine, but now husband and wife team Shay and Jeff also added marvellous tea towels to their collection. Yes I'm talking about Bee-things. The print and graphic design studio from Dallas who are known for their design and beautiful bird illustrations. Shay and Jeff are passionate about their work and always wanting to make people around the world happy, they work together giving birth to amazing pieces of artwork. A perfect marriage of colors I would say 🙂


The tea towles are available here in the etsy shop and from what I understand theyr are big, soft and made of 100% cotton. I'm picking the Swan, what about you? More info about bee thing at their website or blog… shopping you can do right here.


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  1. Lisette

    Gorgeous! I’d go for the tea towel on the bottom right – not sure if it’s a swan, but it’s very beautiful, and reminds me of Japanese art, which I love…

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