Giveaway: an outfit from Speesees



Welcome Speesees, we're thrilled that you are doing a giveaway with us!

Speesees is an 100% organic line with a focus on children's clothing, and if you would like to learn more about them, you can do so here.

What you can win this week :: Sailor Pants in size 12-18 months, Short Sleeve Lap Tee in size 1 year, and a Prance Eco-Hanky in one size fits all.

What do you have to do :: You need to leave a comment below telling us, what your favorite summertime activity is and why?



GIVEAWAY is CLOSED: The winner is Rhiannon – congratulations!!! 

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. Lara

    Right now, we’re enjoying just lounging in the park! Lots of naked baby time.

  2. Denise

    My favourite summer activity is beaching: packing up a cooler full o’ food and drinks, towels, blankets, shovels and sunscreen and heading to the beach for the entire day. Sigh.

  3. Rebecca Dorris

    I love watching my toddler run through the sprinklers at our local park. Especially when he and his buddies stick their heads and faces right in front of the spray. It’s hilarious – they have so much fun.

  4. Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

    This summer we’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids playing in a plastic kiddie pool. I have great memories of playing in one as a kid so it’s fun to see my own children enjoying one. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Marta

    My favourite activity is flying kites with my son. I also love taking pictures of my son flying kites, making sand castles or doing any other summer thing. Thanks!
    Best regards from Barcelona,

  6. Laura

    We love doing art projects outside. Anything, like fingerpainting, is more fun when you can clean up in the sprinkler afterwards!! 🙂

  7. Patricia

    Picnic! It is such a pleasant time out with the whole family together having a lot of fun! Besides, it is always so entertaining preparing the food and little games. It is also a very good incentive to make kids eat healthy, putting a lot of colorful fruits together. Just love it! BTW, we are planning one for the weekend.

  8. Hannah

    I love watching my son play in the hose while I work in the garden.

  9. Zsuzsanna Reed Papp

    sitting on our really uncomfortable but sun-drenched sofa and watching the shadow of the windowsill plants dance on the wall while my hubby listens to our little baby kicking around in my belly!!!

  10. Jennyroo

    Riding bikes! We get snow in early November, and it lasts through March (ugh) so bike riding is something we can only do in the summer! My little guy will fit perfectly in that sweet Speesees outfit in the next month or two… hope I’m the lucky lucky lucky winner!

  11. Kristen

    Favorite activity for the summer is berry picking. Stained hands, scraped elbows and a full tummy!

  12. Andrea

    We discovered it this ‘summer’ when we were back in the Netherlands: a family bike ride through the forests and fields. . .

  13. RachelM

    I love going out for picnics with my family, it’s nice not having to hoover up all the crumbs!

  14. Meredith

    In our family, we love being on the water in the summer – canoes, kayaks, sailboats, whatever will float. It’s tradition!

  15. susan hwang

    love to bbq – it brings the family and friends together

  16. Rhiannon

    It’s Winter here at the moment, but I long for the long, light evenings, bbqing in the backyard. The only thing better than that, is berry picking. I can’t wait for the days of filling containers to the brim, and eating even more.. oh yes.

  17. allison

    Oh my goodness! So adorable!!

    Our favourite summer activity these days is visiting the various splash pads around the city.

  18. Kaite Haaland

    It’s so very hot here during the day but we love ridding our bikes in the evenings or walking around looking for sprinklers to jump through!

  19. Heidi

    We love to spend time down the coast at the beach. We have a family caravan there so the days are filled with swimming, playing on the sand, long walks and yummy bbq dinners.

  20. Staci A

    We love going on walks as a family. It’s a fun way to be active together and explore the outdoors.

  21. Meg

    going to the beach with the kids – watching the water and searching for agates.

  22. Keri

    I love driving up to Vermont to visit my mom, sister, and niece–it’s so quiet and peaceful, and I love seeing that little girl grow.

  23. boo louis

    it gets quite hot in the south of france — so i set up easels in the shade and let my girls waterpaint in their underpants!

  24. sharon

    going to the park with my little one, he rides his bike going to the park and refuse to ride it when we go home…instead, he tries to push it by himself (the bike is twice his size)!

  25. Kim

    pick strawberry´s with my twins from my garden and eat them right away!

  26. Jessica Stephens

    Picking and eating our home grown veggies and fruits. It’s a long wait from sprout to veggie…but well worth it. The kids love eating what they have grown.

  27. Lotte Hulshoff

    Summertime is time to relax.

    No plans, no needs
    just sun and time
    time to spent
    being ourself

    plans are there to be changed, the sun (or rain..) decides

  28. Yifat

    Anything that includs water: pool, beach, running about the sprinkler. It is so hot here so it is a good way for my 3 kids to take out energy. Afterwשds they eat well and take a nap, and so do I…

  29. Blythe

    My favorite summer activity is swimming in the nearby lake. It is so calm and peaceful, it feels like you’re in the middle of the countryside not smack dab in the middle of suburbia. It’s a great way to unwind and cool down after a tough day at work.

  30. vanessa flaus

    our favourite activity in summer is to get dirty;playing with the sand, jumping on the water, touching the grass and staying oustide late to smell some fresh air

  31. hallie

    We love gardening on our balcony. We only grow herbs(for now) and me and DS love eating mint straight off the plant!

  32. Shannon

    Our favorite summer activity is getting wet in the sprinkler, which Oliver calls ‘sprinkles’

  33. Sarah B.

    Such cute clothes! We love swimming. And bike rides to the park to play on the swings. Summer is the best.

  34. Catherine

    We love to make jam. Nothing says summer more than being able to pick luscious fruits like strawberries, peaches and blackberries and turning them into rich, sticky jam!

  35. Amy S

    I am an avid gardener. I love digging my bare hands into the dirt and checking on the size of my potatoes or carrots, pruning suckers off my tomato plants, and making my rounds examining everything carefully whenever I can. It is one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done…which is why I love it! I’m a SAHM, and sometimes when I’ve had a particularly cranky baby on my hands all day, I will take a few moments to go outside and play with the plants.

  36. Gina

    I love playing outside with my nephews. It is so great to see how much fun they have, and I hope that they remember this time when they are older.

  37. Kat Taylor

    My daughter is just turning one in September, so every summer activity is new for us again through her. So far OUR favorite activity is biking to the park and then playing in the grass. Solenne really enjoys riding in her new bike seat (or maybe it’s her banana bike helmet) and we enjoy seeing her getting accustomed to playing in grass. She was unsure of the spiky green stuff at first, but after some coaxing is getting used to crawling/walking in it. If Solenne had to pick a favorite activity, she’d probably choose swimming over grass. She’s been a water lover since she was born, and she took the pool from the first time she set foot in it. 🙂

  38. Kaffiknopf

    Well, I can say just one favorite? Allright, I try: My favorite summer activitiy is: Inviting ALL our friends to a great summer party in our garten, with their favorite summer food, a mini concert and some shortstorys for the grown ups and for the kids: picking peas in the garden, running, a play tent and a little fire in the evening.

  39. Bikbik & Roro

    it’s always summer here! we love lounging about in a shadowy, fan-cooled room, reading or crafting, hopefully with some bubble tea on the side 🙂

  40. clarity

    My favorite is to pack a picnic and head to the lake for a day in the sun. Catching frogs, splashing in the water, napping in the shade…

  41. Carrie

    It is truly difficult to pick just one favorite summer activity! I will just list one of my many favorites: making exotic popsicles!

  42. Heather S

    Relaxing in the yard playing in the kiddie pool and running through the sprinkler!

  43. sara

    being outside gardening, watching the breeze, taking walks and just enjoying the outdoors!

  44. Kamisha

    Eating watermelon and getting all sticky then swimming in the fresh river to wash all the stickiness off….

  45. Danielle

    Taking our 4 month old out to the kiddy pool in the backyard has been so rewarding this summer. She is absolutely fascinated by ripples.

  46. Julie Haines

    My neighbours have a fabulous hill and rolling down it with the kids is the best! Grass in your hair, uncontrollable laughter and feeling like you’re a child again – what more can you ask for in summertime?!

  47. Julie R

    Enjoying time with family: using the slip ‘n’ slide, eating some watermelon, popsicles, and watering/harvesting our garden. Heaven!

  48. Angela

    After 3 months of over 100 degree F weather, we keep our sanity by swimming practically daily. We never seem to get tired of the pool or the ocean, however (can’t say the same about the heat!)

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