Giveaway: a gift certificate to Peppermint Pinwheels


Welcome Peppermint Pinwheels, we're thrilled that you are doing a giveaway with us!

Peppermint Pinwheels is an Etsy shop owned by Stacey Sharman, who hand sews quilts, home assessories, and baby items. She uses a mix of vintage, upcycled and new fabrics to create all of her designs.

What you can win this week :: Two gift certificates for $50 each to Peppermint Pinwheels. So there will be two winners for this giveaway. Yay!!


What you have to do :: You need to leave a comment below telling us, what you would use the gift certificate towards?

Good Luck!

..Peppermint Pinwheels..

GIVEAWAY Is Now CLOSED: This giveaway had two winners and they are, Beth and Cat – congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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  1. Janis Chapman

    I would use the gift certificate towards a quilt. They are so simple and pretty. The picnic napkins are pretty cute in bright colors too. Pick ME!!!!

  2. ana

    I would finally give miself and my baby girl a quilt!!I want to buy one for so long and never took the time…it is now 🙂

  3. Helen Shim

    Would love to use the baby floor modern mat (grey w/green) to have tummy time with my son Matt who’s on the way!

  4. MzTallulah

    What a lovely name, and gorgeous items! I would use the certificate for either a quilt or pillows, and that’s just because I don’t have a baby in the house, because the playmats are incredibly cute.

  5. Silja

    I love the yellow Modern Baby Floor Playmat – it is just so cheerful and cute and would be great for my kids to play on.

  6. Rebecca Dorris

    love love love the baby blankets and playmats. we are expecting our 2nd boy late January and could definitely use something from this modern shop!

  7. Marta

    I love her designs! If I won, I’d choose the Modern Baby Floor Playmat. Grey and Yellow and some Sweet Gingham Organic Lavender Sachets. Thank you! Marta

  8. Erin

    Oooo the snuggly stroller blankets, eye pillows AND quilts. I think I’d have to get all three. Love this shop!!

  9. stacey harrison

    I am 37 weeks pregnant with baby number three. As this was a slight surprise we passed on most of our baby things to friends (!!) so I would use the gift certificate to get the beautiful grey with green play mat. What a lovely etsy site.

  10. bora

    probably one of the playmats… can’t decide which one 🙂

  11. sharona

    I’d have Peppermint Pinwheels make a special quilt for my grandson who is almost 5 months old. YEAHHHHHH for Grandson’s!!!

  12. Kelly

    I would use the gift certificate towards the
    Padded Baby Playmat / Floor mat with Scandinavian Folk Tale Print

    I just finished curtains for he nursery in the same fabric.
    Meant.To.Be 😉

  13. Anh

    Such beautiful stuff. I can’t decide between the baby floormats and the colorblock pillows…

  14. erika

    So hard to choose, The red and white modern quilt is to die for, but I would have to go with the large baby playmat with the birdcage and bunnies for my twin girls! Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Marjolein

    I just love the baby (floor) playmats. And the pink woollen hearts. But, I could choose others items, too. She really makes beautiful thins!

  16. Debi

    It’s all so lovely. I’d love a modern baby floor playmat. The fabrics are so stylish and with a new baby on the way it would be really useful!

  17. Laura

    I love the baby play mats, especially the one in the blue modern leaf print!!! So sweet <3

  18. rosemariee

    i would love to buy a few of those eye pillows for my friends!

  19. Dorine de Kock

    I’d spend it in the Red Sock Monkey play mat (does it include the monkey too – I looooove them!)

  20. Leontien

    I L.O.V.E. the Large Quilted Baby Play Mat (the one with the turtles and hares). What a great shop! Oh… and thanks for this chance!

  21. mfree

    Great Giveaway! I just adore her store. I’d use it towards the grey playmat with little white flowers.. soo cute!

  22. sacha

    I love the quilts so much- my little girl is all about lime green! I also think that the sachets would be wonderful for holiday presents!

  23. Jennyroo

    I love the red fox playmat, so sweet! My little red headed baby boy would be so cute on it (always planning the next photograph…!)

  24. allegra

    love the Padded Baby Floor Play Mat. Modern Print in Grey with Green Backing

  25. Jude from Colour Giggles

    I think the universe is trying to tell me something 🙂 I included the gorgeous yellow play mat in a blog post this week (for all things yellow) so just had to enter the give away. I would definately use the gift voucher for the yellow play mat (same one as you feature – too gorgeous)

  26. Megan Goodman

    I love the Quilted Baby Tummy Time Mat with the urban scene with caged birds. I especially love it because it is made using non-toxic materials.

  27. Stephanie Arnold

    I would most certainly buy something for baby #3 due at the end of September. Everyone knows #3 hardly ever gets anything ‘new’ so this would be a perfect way to splurge alittle !

  28. whitney

    i’d definitely get some gingham napkins! i’ve been meaning to make some myself for such a long time. 🙂 🙂

  29. Laura Noble

    so lovely! If I won I would get the ‘Modern Baby Floor Playmat. Yellow Flower’ for my new baby, just gorgeous!

  30. Cat

    I would use it towards a Modern Baby Floor Playmat . . . with my baby due in just a few weeks I am sure it will come in handy!!

  31. bianca

    I would definitely put it towards one of their playmats. I love the mat with the different birds, turtles, and rabbits on it-so cute!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Susan Reinbott

    Wow-what a super giveaway! It would be such a hard choice to just pick one of Peppermint Pinwheels lovely creations . I do think that the large quilted baby playmat or the gorgeous modern baby floor playmat in grey and yellow would be absolutely perfect for our little one who arrives in November! Please pick me!!!! x

  33. darah

    for sure one of the playmats- we’re getting new hardwood floors installed in a couple weeks and i’m already planning out the ‘soft’ places in our space for the kids to play in

  34. cozette

    So hard to choose! I really like the quilted infant playmat with the Modern Leaf Print. Love the organic shapes and calm, lush blue.

  35. Janny

    i am in love with the gray and yellow baby playmat! the stitched name adds so much to it as well! hopefully future baby #2 will be able to use this… 😉

  36. Melissa

    I would definitely get one of the playmats. My kids are a bit old for that but I know someone who is having a baby very soon who would definitely appreciate it!

  37. Harel Austin

    Wow, so many beautiful items for a very pregnant mum to browse! The quilted play mat with the rabbits and birdcage and turtles has definitely caught my eye – especially as the gender of this baby is a surprise 🙂

  38. Rachaeldaisy

    I love the play mat with the bird cage. The sock monkey is doing a wonderful job of modelling it. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!

  39. nnnandi

    I’d love the Colorblock Decorative Couch Pillows. But the grey and yellow baby floor playmat is beautiful too!!

  40. Sabeth

    I would love to see the Padded Baby Floor Play Mat. Modern Print in Grey with Green Backing on my sofa so I can stop looking at the spots my kids made on that sofa;-)

  41. Emily Miller

    I’m very tempted by some of your larger quilts, but I’m gonna go ahead and say a baby floormat. I have a baby shower coming up and that would be perfect….

  42. Solveig

    Oh, definitely I’d choose one of the play mats. I can just imagine how wonderful those colors/designs would be for a young mind.

  43. Noa .d.

    Wow, I am pregnant, and it would be amazing to win the large quilted play mat, love those colors!

  44. Joan

    I have been looking at different quilts. These are so pretty! I would love to win this!

  45. Mada

    I would use it to the red fox playmat! Thank you! I like the way you use the fabrics, it’s really nice.

  46. Rebecca Nesson

    the modern playmat in grey, which i’ll probably buy anyway because it is awesome. and the bouncing balls crib quilt, which is so beautiful.

  47. Veronica

    I will use the gift certificate for buying a playmat. They are so cute!!

  48. Eliza

    I am organizing a baby shower for my best friend! I would love to give her the Large Quilted Baby Play Mat!

  49. Lola

    A friend just had a baby! It would be a perfect welcoming gift…

  50. Keri

    I found out yesterday that I have a baby boy on the way in January. I’d love the Quilted Infant Playmat with Modern Leaf Print for his room.

  51. CCastagna

    The “nice” me would purchase one of the lovely playmats for a friend’s new baby while the “evil” me would consider a set of pillows…mine, mine, mine!

  52. Stacey

    The baby playmats are adorable! Or some table linens…or the eye shades…arggghhhhh

  53. vanessa

    i will buy some organic lavender linen sachets to smell a bit of the south of france in my sleep and certainly a floor playmat for my daughter, make sure she will excercise on it and let me have time to dream.

  54. Georgie Westley

    Ooooh it would have to be the tummy time mat with the birds, love it!

  55. bethany

    I would definitely put it towards a playmat. Maybe even the super-sized one if I could convince my husband to spring for the rest of it. You are my new favorite Etsy shop!

  56. Sandy

    I have a new Grand Niece/or Nephew on the way, so, playmats would be my choice. (I Love everything quilted.)

  57. Deb Rose

    The Modern Baby Floor Playmat is beautiful! Love the attention to detail and that it is made from non-toxic materials. What a lovely shop!

  58. Dawn

    I have been on the hunt for a baby playmat for our newest wee one arriving in November! I would love that!

  59. Deb Rose

    The Quilted Infant Playmat with Modern Leaf Print is gorgeous. I love that it is made with non-toxic materials and that it is padded. What a lovely shop!

  60. Beth

    I would definitely buy the super size baby playmat with double padding. With infant twins and three dogs that shed all over the place, this mat would be very useful! And it’s a lovely piece of functional art!

  61. Heather

    those are beautiful. I’d get the Scandinavian Folk Tale tummy time blanket. So many interesting things for the baby to look at.

  62. spark

    I LURVE the baby play mats….love the wildlife one and would spring a bit more for the name personalisation:) Or also love the yellow and gray one.

  63. MJ

    I would love one of the baby play mats, choosing which beautiful fabric would be hard, they are all so lovely!

  64. Magdalena

    Lovely shop! I would probably go for Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat, Seaside Birds or Padded Baby Playmat / Floor mat with Scandinavian Folk Tale Print!

  65. Shari

    I would buy my friend a sweet ba blanket for her new (first) little baby.

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