Let’s Get Personal in the US with Bethany from M.O.M


The home of Bethany and Tere from 42nd Orange and M.O.M.

A::  American is… Entrepreneurial

M::  Make, we start making when… The feeling strikes us. It's just the two of us in the house, and we understand the need to create at anytime of the day.



E::  Entrance, when entering our home you will notice… Lots of color!

R::  Room in our home that needs restyling… The outdoor patio. It's not technically a room, but man does it need help. 

Bed-roomBed-room_dreess Bedroom Antoinette


I::  If we could live in a different place or home, it would be… Bethany – NYC loft. Tere – I want to build a modern pre-fab home here in Encinitas.

C::  Craft projects that we love best are… Simple and made with scraps of fabric.


A::  Art in our home comes from… Family, friends, and thrift stores.

N::  New in our home is… The child size Superior dress form; a generous gift from a friend.


H::  Hobby, we always make time for… Tere – reading. Bethany – tango lessons

O::  Outfit, favorite thing to wear… Bethany – jeans, white t-shirt, and some funky jewelry. Tere – something I've made.


M::  Magazines we love to read… Oh my gosh, there are so many! Milk, Bambini Vogue, Sesame, Donna Hay, Saveur, MSL, and on and on…

E::  Enjoy, We can't live without… Bethany – laughter. Tere – a good nights sleep.



 …………Thank you Tere + Bethany….

Bethany and Tere are a mother and daughter team from 42nd Orange and M.O.M. The '42nd and Orange' part comes from the street corner where Bethany's grandmother's house was. M.O.M started years ago with a request for aprons for little girls. Recently they opened a new shop for their beautiful 'Antoinette Collection', a handmade line of jewelry… would you like to read more than visit their blog right here.



 All images by Bethany.

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  1. Brenda

    I like their style. They make really nice things, which you can see on their blog.

  2. blinds derby

    beutiful style , its looking so nice ! great design, keep it up and thanks for sharing with me this blog.

    blinds derby

  3. Valerie

    Such cheerful color! I live in a land of muted earth tones, so it’s quite different to see.

  4. Pam

    Great pictures! These are 2 of my favorite girls. Love you guys.

  5. teresita

    nice house, I like to see places as crowded as mine, that can look beautiful too. Thanks!

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