Guest post: Tante Ted by Marieke van Proosdij

 This week I'm getting help for the BKids' posts from some really nice and creative ladies from around the globe. I have asked them to do a short write-up about their favorite bedding. Often people send me emails what kind of bedding I like… I will share 'that' next week with you 🙂

One of the guest bloggers you will meet this week, or already have met last week, will become one of BKids' new regular contributors… very exciting and curious to hear which 'bedding-post' you really like.


 Today we start with Guest post written by Marieke van Proosdij.

It's a boy!….

A few years ago, when I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I where thrilled. Some time later, when they told us I was going to have a baby boy, I could not believe what I was hearing..a boy??? Oh 'boy', what to do? I'm completely a girly girl type, you know. Not particularly the color pink but I just love prints all over. I love retro and flowers in any kind and shape. Especially in a print on my wallpaper. I love skirts and dresses and all these lovely little things you can buy for a baby girl's room. I'm crazy about all kinds off fabric and making my own pillowcases and was already dreaming of all the lovely textiles I was going to prepare for the nursery…Some busy months came around, work and moving to another house. So I put my little 'problem' on the side.


Pimpelwit_boy  Pimpelwit_2



When our son got his one year anniversary, his dad and I decided to make his room a bit less baby and a bit more boyish. We fell in love with almost all the textiles from Tante Ted. Not to mention all these products made off old blankets! 


There's lot's of fun stuff for a boys room of different ages too. My boy is just 16 months now, so we keep it a bit simple with shapes and forms he get's interested in. Like all these little insects crawling around in our garden. How funny to put these prints on pillowcases and wall stickers. Just see for yourself at Tante Ted's site for more great stuff!


..Tante Ted..
..Thank you Marieke van Proosdij from Pimpelwit Styling
..All images by Marieke van Proosdij

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