Giveaway : a Wall Decal from Cherry Walls


What can you win: your own choice of one of these wall decals: Tree with colorful leaveswind blowingBirds flock or Bird cage from Cherry Walls

What do you have to do:  just leave a comment stating which wall decal from Cherry Walls you like best.

This giveaway is CLOSED

The Winner is: Julie T.

..Cherry Walls



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  1. Miriam

    Wind Blowing does it for me 🙂 that would look so awesome in our 1 yo new house where all my walls are currently very bare! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway 🙂

  2. PJ

    So many to choose from. I like the tree wall with birdhouse.

  3. jojoebi

    tree with colourful leaves ermm no, wind blowing, no tree with colourful leaves or maybe wind blowing….
    If I win I will worry about which one to choose but one of the tree ones!

  4. Anna-Karin

    My favourite wall decal from Cherry Walls is Forest and Birds. Gorgeous! xx

  5. shannon thompson

    one from the site i really liked was Dandelion wall decal. Wallart Dandelions with flying seeds 50″X104″ and the growth charts were very nice too. out of the three we can choose from i love the Tall tree wall decal – wind blowing – flying leaves.

    thanks for the giveaway


  6. kate

    Love the tree with colourful leaves. My daughter would love that for her room.

  7. Angie

    I like “Wind Blowing” the best, but they’re all really beautiful.

  8. bec

    gorgeous! I do love the birdcages… sometimes I find all decals look the same after awhile – so refreshing to see some new ideas!

  9. Daphne

    My favorite is the Tree branch with a cute little bird and offcourse the cat and the mouse!

  10. yael

    blossoming branch, flowering branch and birds is my favorite Cherry Walls decal 😉

  11. Sarah

    I love the tree with colorful leaves and from her shop also the forest wall decors … so beautiful!

  12. Jurga

    I love the Birds flock. And also the Daisies wall decors from her shop. Very beautiful!

  13. fanni

    awww so hard to make a decision! i’d love bird cage though! would look fantastic on the walls of my new apartment…yay! love your blog & this giveaway!

  14. Monica

    The wind blowing is so beautiful! would look great in my hallway with the leaves whirling down the stairs 🙂

  15. Irene

    the AMAZING tree with lots of leaves.
    But it really was hard to decide.

  16. Margot

    They are great! Added the shop to my Etsy favorites immediately.
    I think the bird cages would look great on my bedroom wall so that’s the one I choose.
    Thanks for this great tip!

  17. Shareeza SS Faruqui

    The Dragonflies wall decal is the one for me. it reminds me of the good times i had as a child chasing dragonflies!

  18. Eleanor

    The birds flock one is my favourite! I love bird silhouettes! Great giveaway, than you! xxx

  19. Marije

    I love the birds flock!!!! Would be nice in our new home in Amsterdam:)

  20. Anine

    I Love the AMAZING tree! What a great wall-decals! Hard to choose!
    The tree should look beautiful in my house!

  21. Anne

    “Tree with colorful leaves and birds” is perfect voor mijn nieuwe kamer!

  22. Lucie

    Ik vind de “Tree wall decal with birdhouses and birds” supermooi (net als zovele anderen) en ideaal voor mijn kamer! Ik zoek al lang iets voor op mijn muur om kleur te brengen zonder te schilderen, en dit zou ideaal zijn!

  23. Stephanie

    I think the “wind blowing” decal is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it becomes this awesome feature on your wall which could be used in any room!

  24. amber kane

    I love the flock of birds flying in the first one. I really like how each one of these creates movement. Great Design

  25. Julie

    The flock of birds is amazing. She has a great talent!

  26. Lauren

    The tree decal is beautiful, it would be an amazing addition to my new house!

  27. Madalena França

    Beautiful blog and beautiful decals, my favorite is Bird flocks! Thank you!

  28. Eliza

    What a great give-away. My favourite? The birdhouses with the yellow birds :-)!

  29. A. j.

    The wind blowing moves me in a way I cannot describe.

  30. Wendy Swenne

    Oh wat gaaf zeg. Die tree branch garden swing is gaaf.
    En kiezend uit de vier hierboven, dan vind ik Wind Blowing het allermooist.

    Wat heeft zij gave dingen zeg!!! Had het nog niet eerder gezien.

    Dank je wel voor een kans om te winnen.

  31. Djuna

    I love the flock of birds. They somehow remind me of Esher. Beautiful.

  32. greenapple

    Wind blowing makes me feel happy. It sure would make my living room happy too!

  33. Patricia

    I love all of them, but I think my favorite is the flock of birds. Awsome!

  34. Courtney

    The tree with colourful leaves is exactly what I have been looking to put in my daughter’s room.

  35. anna gogolek

    I love Cute tree Wall Decal, so gorgeous!

  36. Dervla Kelly

    wow, the wind blowing through the trees … stunning for any room!

  37. Bea

    They’re all lovely, but my choice would be the birdcages!
    Thanks for this and good luck to everybody!

  38. Alice

    I love the trees.. I can on see the tops of trees from my converted church flat, and can imagine the leaves fluttering up to my high windows. Beautiful.

  39. Maeve McGeown

    These are all beautiful. cherry blossom with flowers is one of my favorites

  40. Nadine Engelbrecht

    definitely the round shaped tree, bent by the wind with the black background and green birds hovering nearby

  41. Anna Rika

    The bird flocks are really lovely. It makes me dream of joining them and just explore new worlds.

  42. Lola

    aaah! I’m a total adult, so I love the Giraffe! super awesome! 🙂

  43. Natasha

    The ‘wind blowing’ is amazing. Great lines, movement and personality all in one! All her designs are beautiful the blowing wind is my favorite.

  44. Nanda

    wind blowing is just like my favorite autumm dress, an umbrella in the wind with raindrops on the bottum of a wide skirt , can’t wait to be standing next to it

  45. Irma

    I love, love, love the birds flock. Would go great in my hall way…

  46. Mandi

    The Colorful Tree is lovely indeed! Who couldn’t use a little more color??
    Thank you for sharing!

  47. Amanda Zorosky

    Tough choice. Both are inspiring, but I would have to say the wind blown tree would be my fav!

  48. Holly

    Tree with Colorful leaves is my fave. I think, Love them all!

  49. lauren

    Love the tree with colourful leaves. This would look great in my daughters room!

  50. Maren

    The bird cages are absolutely beautiful. They’d look beautiful on my red wall in the living room!

  51. Kath McLoughlin

    I love them all!! but tree with colourful leaves is very special, it would be beautiful for tummy baby’s nursery (due 21st July!)

  52. Nicoletta

    It’s so hard to choose but my favourite one is BIRDS FLOCK! I would like to give it as a gift to my youngest son who loves every bird on earth!

  53. Deb Poole

    I would be delighted to win any of these pieces! I’m a fan of the “wind blowing” decal, it reminds me of the live oak trees that grow in uptown New Orleans. I would donate this beauty to my place of work (a library) where it is sure to inspire our students, faculty, and staff! Fingers crossed…

  54. Victoria

    the wind blowing as such great motion and really owns the space… that’d be my pick!

  55. Kirsten

    I love the bird flock, great movement yet still peaceful!

  56. Jenn

    Love the tree in the wind blowing one! Beautiful!

  57. cony

    Ik waag mijn kans en hoop misschien wel de bird flock te kunnen winnen. Bedankt voor al de inspiratie. Grtjes

  58. tina

    The birds are amazing! Brings so much movement to a room, both do actually.

  59. OrangeFarmhouse - Maike

    Oei wat een leuke stickers! Voor mij de boom, maar weetje welke ik nog mooier vind op de site? Deze (Vinyl Wall Decal – Tree with birds wall sticker. Size 70″X63″ Home decor Original Wall Art) mooie boom met gele vogels zou het zo leuk doen op de baby/peuter kamer! Ik ga duimen!

  60. Nicole Small

    It’s between the Wind Blowing and the Colorful Tree ones… I’ll go with the Colorful Tree since I would most likely put it in my 19M old daughter’s room 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Hermine

    Ilove them all but the oak tree with birds is my favorite!
    thanks for that giveaway,
    à bientôt j’espère 🙂

  62. Heather

    I think I’d have to choose the bird cage, though they are all lovely. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to try out a new product:0

  63. Val

    i love the tree but as an only chair the bird flock
    look better is not that they look better i can picture my self in the chair and i can hear the birds. BUt they are all very nice

  64. Saskia

    Bird Flock is georgeous! Would fit nicely into my lounge:)

  65. Rita

    The flock of birds reminds me of my 13 year old’s new obsession with photographing birds and several of her poems, she would love these birds in her room.

  66. autismvox

    Cherry blossom branch and the dark birds: I can see it on the wall behind my office desk — very cheering (my office is in a dreary building).

  67. Saskia


    The “wind blowing” decal is really great!!!

  68. tess

    The flock of seagulls is my favourite as it reminds me of the wild, Irish sea surrounding the Isle of Man and I can almost smell the kelp and see the windswept beaches if I close my eyes! Beautiful in every sense.

  69. Monica

    Tree with colorful leaves and birds definitely my favourite !

  70. Yvette

    Tree with colorful leaves will color my days during the grey periods here in Holland

  71. Michelle

    Tree with colourful leafs is my favourite, but there are so many other wonderful ones on their site!

  72. Kat

    Tree with colorful leaves and Bird Cage, they both have a beautiful design and colors, any wall will look cool.

  73. Vicki Harrison

    Love both, but have been looking to make a photographic family tree for my kids…have the citron paint for the wall, oval frames for the photos, just need the tree!

  74. christine

    I adore the forest – so mysterious and yet really sweet. It’s different to any wall decals I have seen so far. Lovely work.

  75. Sam Green

    The windy tree with coloured leaves has a lot of character for a 2D object! And of course all of the designs on their website are very nice. Lovely give away, thanks for the chance

  76. Fifi

    The ‘Tree with birds wall sticker ‘is just what my dull wall needs,and with those cute yellow birds flying around it will feel like spring all year around!

  77. Jenny

    Oooh, tree with colourful leaves and birds. But they are all beautiful!

  78. Joanne Cantwell

    all are fab and would be happy with any but having to choose i would pick the tree with colourful leaves

  79. Kirsten Wolfe

    I like the tree with the wind blowing the leaves best!

  80. Pat

    Thank you for such a great giveaway…& such an impossible choice. They are all so wonderful! The movement in birds flock & wind blowing are amazing. I am choosing bird cage. The cages are so detailed & pretty and also there are different options for placement (together or on different walls).
    Thanks, again!!

  81. Anna

    I think the tree in the breeze is quite lovely and evocative

  82. Valerie

    The tree with wind blowing is my favorite, I think it would be great at the beginning of a hallway, leading you down the corridor.

  83. greenapple

    Certainly Wind Blowing. Although the name sounds funny it looks very serene. You know what I mean. Yay!

  84. Sandra

    Wow, these are very pretty! I certainly prefer the dynamic design of the wind blowing through the tree leaves. My hubbie might like that one best too, as he is a passionate kite surfer 😉 PS: I like the option of choosing an individual color!

  85. Jet

    The bird flock in my bedroom would be an amazing way to wake up…

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