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For the last couple of weeks a lovely lady from Boston named Jennifer Hill has brought a beautiful tribute to my home country.. the Netherlands. She has written numerous posts, including this Biking behaviour fun,  about her love for our counrty and how she is looking forward to be spending some time in Amsterdam soon… 

Of course I was happily surprised when she invited me to give a little bit of an insight about my love for Amsterdam, I answered some questions and send her some pics… click here if to see what I mean! 


But that is not all Jennifer does, she also is a very talented graphic designer and she is known for her beautiful patterns, prints and posters. I absolutely love the 'Maps' series. The Netherlands and Amsterdam are recently added and it is amazing how a non-Dutchy has caputered our country so beautifully wouldn't you agree?


Thank you Jennifer for the warm invitation and the words you have written about me… made me blush! I believe I have not been a muse to anyone else before… well perhaps for my husband 🙂

ps. a report I have written about Amsterdam a couple of years ago is here.


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  1. annie

    I loved the Amsterdam pictures. I confess to a deep love of the city (and fascination with Netherlands as a whole) and would happily spend every weekend there. If I wasn’t in Rome or London… It is such a happy, friendly place and so stylish it makes me catch my breath round every corner!

  2. Maryellen

    at last! I am so excited to see a Netherlands print by Jennifer. I’ll add one to my lovely Dutch-inspired indy art. We lived in The Hague for 18 months and wish we could have stayed forever. Your door could have been one of my neighbors in the Archepel! thanks for this fun post.

  3. Amanda

    oh my goodness, your photos were so beautiful. amsterdam looks like an amazing place.
    love that last shot of the building with the black door!

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