Giveaway: a gorgeous Diaper Bag + accessories


What can You win this week :: this gorgeous and handy Baby bag + Boarding pass holder + Undergarment bag organizer from Gin & Jacqie.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what are 3 essentials in your bag?

This giveaway is CLOSED open until Tuesday May 17 and winner will be announced the following day.

WINNER = Amanda, homely one.

Gin & Jacqie is very happy to give out discount coupon of 15% to all the BKids readers ursing this coupon code :BLM11 when checking out. (from 11th May – 11th June 2011. it can only be used on normal price items.)

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    Bag Organizer from Gin & Jacqie, hand sanitizer and diapers!

  2. Bec

    Wow, love the bag – very understated and chic! (it’s very hard to find a decent Nappy bag, i’ve found!). I’ve got a little one coming in a few short weeks – I will definetly have my water bottle, a swaddle wrap, and baby wipes at ALL times!

  3. Tania

    tht will be oil blotters, breath mints and my wallet 🙂

  4. Chow Wai Chee

    Tht wld be diapers, baby wipes, and my purse.

  5. NutellaNutterson

    The absolute essentials would be my phone, wallet, and a spare diaper. Next level down: teething toy, lip balm, and my knitting. The glamorous life, I has it.

  6. Wendy Heah

    Diaper, phone, wet tissues – the essentials in a Mum’s bag 🙂

  7. Christine Chua

    I love the gifts!!

    the 3 essential item in my bag w a baby around will be

    diapers, wet tissue & purse


    3 MUST inside my bag are:-
    1) handphone
    2) car key
    3) housekeys

  9. Delaney Tan

    Let me see… my sunglasses, mobile & keys

  10. Lara

    baby sunscreen, sunglasses, and my wallet – ready for any adventure!

  11. Winnie

    As a mom, i’ll always go for huge handbag that has a few mini slots for my “handphone” & “credit cards” and a big room for the “waterproof mini baby bag” that can fit at least a water bottles, small packet of wet wipes & 2 diapers!!!

  12. Nora Hamsan

    If going out with kids – Wallet, Diapers & Handphone

    If going to work – Wallet, Handphone & Makeup kit

  13. Anja Federbusch

    Oh, i’d love to win these! I’ll have my second child in july …
    The three important items in my bag are: phone, diaperbag, wallet.

  14. Eline

    Very important for me: keys, phone and face wipes!! I hope I can win this bag!!

  15. Norizawati

    3 essentials things in my bag are:
    1)wallet – is a must so I can BUY anythng i like (if i see one) for me and for my dotter 🙂
    2)phone – ready to SNAP a picture of my dotter 🙂
    3)hand sanitizer – to make sure my hand is ALWAYS clean and bac-free when handling my dotter…. 🙂

  16. Cindy Mobijohn

    Wallet – without it I have no identity :]
    Tissue – to wipe away all the messes I make in life
    Mobile phone – to keep my loved ones close

  17. Kat

    Oh god, how gorgeous.

    Mine would be: an umbrella, a wallet, and keys 🙂

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  18. Lisa lam

    1. Wallet
    2. Medicated oil “cap kapak”
    3. Camera

  19. ann

    Ohh I love the bag. My 3 essencials are credit card, phone and keys. xoxo

  20. Emily

    My 3 essentials are: a nursing cover, pacifier, and diapers of course!

  21. dana

    for a mom to be…right now it’s lip gloss, phone and four months i’m sure it will be diapers…diapers..and more diapers.

  22. Nicoletta

    Phone, wallet and snacks for hungry kids!

  23. Djuna

    Reusable shopping bag, wallet and toys for unexpected waits.

  24. Jay Wang

    A bag which suits my daily needs required to accommodate 3 of my essential things i.e. wallet, keys and cellphone.

  25. Maria B

    I’m loving reading the answers to this – such fun peering into other people’s bags!

  26. anne

    wipes+diaper, extra outfit for the baby and an emergency snack for the big sister!

  27. Anne

    I don’t have the bebe yet, so right now it’s chapstick, a pen, and my iphone. After baby – chapstick, diapers, my iphone?

  28. Pei Yeeng

    Mirror, oil blotter, now that my outlook is taken care. Third essential will be ‘attitude charger’, so that I can always plug myself right back in and continue with my positive and enthusiastic manner no matter what may be happening.

  29. N A

    Diapers, Muslin blankie, & Change(s) of clothes! ;D

  30. Sarah W.

    wipes, wipes and maybe a wallet, but probably more wipes! (Twice, I’ve gone without wipes in the past couple years and disaster always strikes when you’re without wipes, I’ve learned).

  31. Karen

    what should essentially be in my bag – 1. a functioning phone 2. vaseline and 3. debit cards in a fancy purse… what is actually in my bag 1. half a banana (squashed) covered in oatcake crumbs 2. an open pot of Sudacream also with oatcake crumbs! and 3. a chewed Nokia with a misty screen! Hoorah!

  32. Rachelle Bunting

    i’ve only been doing this for almost 3 weeks but i can’t leave the house without nappies, baby wipes and multiple change of clothes for my beautiful son 🙂 have run out of wipes once and it was messy!

  33. hello olive

    Hmmm… depends. If my toddler is with me then it would be: nappies, wipes & his beloved elephant blankie. If I’m heading out on my own: wallet, phone & keys.

  34. Meg T

    Beautiful bag!!! I always carry baby wipes, sunglasses and some money. Thanks!

  35. The Knapps

    I haven’t had my baby yet, but for now I have to have hand sanitizer, money and chap stick in my purse at all times

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  36. Katie

    Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway! Since I’m expecting my first baby in a couple of months, I will tell you my purse must-haves (rather than diaper bag): sunglasses, lip gloss and mints or gum. I have a feeling my priorities are about to change a LOT. 🙂

  37. hanna

    wallet, chapstick, phone.. But I usually also have some pens, a notebook, ipod, change, etc…

  38. lauren

    awesome diaper bag. essentials-chapstick, phone, wallet (for me). for toddler-sippy cup, snacks, wipes.

  39. Tracy Alverson

    Whoa, neat bag!

    Okay my essentials (beyond diapers/wipes)

    a book (for me..) if the babe is napping or my 3 year old’s happily playing or BOTH kids fall asleep in the car (score!) I’m reading.

    Fruit leathers – they don’t go bad, they are great for snacks

    A small pouch with crayons for art on the go.

  40. Virpi

    i LOVE this bag!

    my three essentials would be:

    1) weleda lip balm
    2) sunglasses
    3) baby wipes

    thanks for the generous giveaway!

  41. Vagiunta

    rad bag!
    my essentials are my wallet, my keys and my sunglasses…for me at least. for the baby, there’s a lot more stuff…

  42. Heather

    What a cute bag! Three essentials in my bag include strawberry chapstick, breath mints, and my coffee card 🙂

  43. Cynthia Lee

    OhH my lovely Gin & Jacqie diaper bag ^_^

    My 3 essentials in my bag are: –
    Wipes + Cellphone + Wallet

    Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway:-)

    Gin & Jacqie…awesome!!!

  44. Lisa

    LOVE this bag!
    3 necessities: crayons and notepad, wallet, water bottle.

  45. Jennyroo

    Hand sanitizer, Aveda lip tint, and peppermint gum! What a lovely giveaway, thanks for sharing!!!

  46. satoko

    cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and snacks to distract my kids while I am in line at the grocery store!

  47. Karen Tan

    wallet, cellphone & baby kit (diapers, sippy cup, baby wipes, baby snacks, etc)

  48. Ellendellen

    Allways in my handbag – Lips and dry spot balm, wallet and wips..
    Thank you for a lovely, inspirational and beautiful blogg.

  49. Ineke

    woow nice bag.
    – phone
    – wallet
    – handcreme

  50. Elaine Wong

    1) Handphone

    2) Wallet

    3) Water Bottle

  51. dorit steinberger

    i have always in my bag a matchbox car for my little son, a lip balm for me and a pencil.

  52. Sally

    Three items that I always have in my bag are:
    -change of clothes for my kids
    -my cell phone
    -hand sanitizer/wipes

  53. Katie

    Beautiful bag.
    I always carry wipes, a crayon roll, and a tiny camera, hopefully fully charged.

  54. Megan Ferguson

    Beautiful bag!
    My 3 essentials are:
    ipod, little red notebook/sketchbook, baby wipes


  55. Hermine

    merci for that giveaway, I hope I can be the one!
    in my bag I need my phone, tissues and water…
    but my bag is big and you could also find babyfood, diapers, sunglasses, toys, bubbles, mirror, keys, money, drawings, scarf, ….
    a bientot,

  56. tara

    how fabulous!

    I’ve always got wipes, sunscreen and and water bottles for the kiddos.

  57. Heather S.

    (1) California Baby Calendula Cream for my dry skin & the baby’s, (2) blue blanket knitted by my mother for breezy streets and cool shop interiors, and (3) burp cloths for unexpected burpees and post-feedings.

  58. Wesley

    Pistachios, lip balm, change of clothing for me & the kiddies

  59. Kath McLoughlin

    suncream!! (in Australia), water, and my wallet.

  60. Dorothea Parmenter

    Diapers, wipes, and change of clothes!

  61. megan wilson

    phone, diapers, and a change of clothes!


  62. chiara

    great giveaway! diapers, wipes, a few plastic zip-loc baggies (for leftovers, dirty diapers, bubble solution that is going to spill, or any number of other random reasons).

  63. Julie R

    beautiful! i’ve gotta have wipes, diapers and an extra onesie or two. you never know WHAT will happen while you’re out and about…

  64. francie

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant now, so haven’t had a diaper bag before. At the moment, I don’t leave without rose lip balm, a bottle of water, and something to read (usually on my kindle). When Baby arrives, I imagine I’ll need diapers, wipes and a change of clothes (among other things)…thanks for the chance!

  65. Patricia

    I gave up caring anything for me as we always have to carry so many for the kids! So the essentials would be: Diapers, wipes, and change of clothes.

  66. Kelsey

    i’m sure my answer will change once my little one arrives in 6 weeks, but until then I don’t leave the house without water, wallet, and my aveda chapstick! thanks so much for the chance to win!

  67. Arin

    diapers/wipes-obvious #1, snack #2, and #3 Thin flannel blanket (1 sq. yard)rolled up,it doesn’t take up much space-but is great for laying baby down or for extra warmth or just for comfort.

  68. erin

    diapers, wipes and tissues for my toddlers runny nose.

  69. Eva

    Love the color! So pretty! Essentials are WIPES! Diapers and snacks (for both of us!)

  70. Rebecca

    Wallet, phone and baby wipes; even though my ‘babies’ are now 3 and 6, wipes are still so handy!!

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