Giveaway: Tray and pillow cover from camp cirrus


What can Two of you Win: A set of '1 tray + 1 pillow-case' of your choosing from the wonderful camp cirrus

What do you have to do:  just leave a comment stating which tray design you like best from camp cirrus.

This giveaway is CLOSED and the winner will be announced the following day here on Bloesem. 

Winners are: Mandi and ibabe

Cina, the founder and designer behind camp cirrus also would like to offer all of you who didn't win a special discount on the 15% discount on Camp Cirrus range at this UK online shop, Caroline McGrath, using this Discount code: CM15CC

Or at this US online shop, Vitrine, using discount code: camp-cirrus

Ends: 10 May.


..camp cirrus on facebook 
..camp cirrus available at the vitrine


Bloesem loves comments
  1. helen:)

    Nice. Bumling tray 38 red – hands down!… well, and the HUS tray S red:) very fun stuff!

  2. Mandy F

    HAVET tray 38 light blue is lovely. Those pillow covers are fantastic too!

  3. jackie

    Oh dear. Not easy to pick! But BUMLING tray 38 red stands out for me. Fingers crossed!
    : )

  4. Joohee

    I love BULMING tray grey. The color combination reminds me of my favorite “marni” dress.

  5. olivia

    so hard to pick! my fave was the HAVET tray 38 yellow. fun stuff!!!!!

  6. Pa[u]

    wonderful!!! I love HAVET tray M ink blue!
    and the BLOMMIG bag M ink blue too, I need it!

  7. Cara

    oh no fair it was so hard to choose so many nice colours and styles but I think that BUMLING tray 38 grey is my favourite

  8. Meghan

    Ooh how lovely! I like the HAVET tray 38 yellow best.

  9. Susan D

    I adore BUMLING tray 38 green – it would look amazing with the houses in green pillow case. This would look lovely in my mixed eclectic retro decor. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! I hope it’s open to international readers!!

    <3 dozzie.doe@gmail.com

  10. karin leskly

    The tray I like the most is BLAD tray M purple

  11. Lauren

    Oohh, it’s a toss-up between the HUS tray S green and the Bumbling tray 38 grey

  12. elizabeth

    blooming green and brilliant red – lurve them!

  13. Gisela

    Lovely! My favorite serie is BUMLING (tray 38 green)

  14. Lx @ my mr lugs

    Hmmmm…A really tough choice but I LOVE the HAVET tray 38 yellow… it looks so happy 🙂 Love the pillows too!!

    laminag (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. Chris-T

    if i reallllly have to choose, i’d love the HAVET in any color/shape! I was literally in need of a tray today to bring my little sickling her soup and grilled sandwich to the sofa. can you believe i don’t own one… me neither!

  16. Rispa

    It’s a hard choice but I’d have to say the HAVET tray 38 grey is my favourite!

    Have a good Easter! 🙂

  17. Alexis

    My Fav’s are the Havet Tray M ink blue and the RUND pillow case blue. I really like blue and aqua tones. Fab collection!

  18. Pascale

    Love the HUS s green tray beautiful design… I could see thie on mug plate spoon!!! Everything! Stylish!!

  19. Kati

    Love love love the Havet Tray 38 in grey. The Hus trays are a very close second.

  20. debora

    Love the bumbling tray 38 grey, such a beautiful colour combination!

  21. tess

    I love Blad tray M in purple. The simple shape and vibrant colour remind me of childhood drawings.

  22. Michelle

    What a lovely giveaway. I love all the colours but particularly the Havet ink blue tray and the hus pillowcase in green.

  23. nine|tree

    Oh my! What a wonderful give-away and such beautiful trays to chose from. But I absolutely adore the HAVETs, specially the square ink blue one. Excited!

  24. Magali

    Lovely, Lovely. It’s hard to choose, but my favorite seems to be the BUMLING tray 38 grey. So elegant!

  25. Iris

    What a hard choice with so many nice ones. Ok, then, the Bumling in red!

  26. Katherine

    Tough choice! I like the BLAD M tray in purple, the green HUS cushion cover is pretty sweet too.

  27. Anne

    The green houses tray is beautiful! So simple, but yet so stunningly eye-catching!

  28. Julie

    So lovely..love the Blommig 31 tray the most, however I would be happy with anyone of those trays!

  29. Pernille

    It’s a hard one. I would say either “HAVET tray 38 yellow” or “BUMLING tray 38 green”
    Depends on what is on the tray 🙂

    Great give away!

  30. Nora

    Tough choice! I think my favorite is the design “BLAD tray M green”.

  31. **gaelle**

    Blad tray M green is very nice 🙂 have a good day.

  32. lucie

    it’s difficult to choose but I think my favorite is the Bumling tray 38 red! thank you for this giveaway!

  33. kate clarke

    Ooh…I particularly LOVE the BUMBLING tray design.. It’s a close one between the green and red..but I think I’ll say red. They are all gorgeous!!!

  34. Wendy / beeldSTEIL

    The Bumbling tray 38 green and the Hus pillow case green would be fantastic in my new (green) home!
    The colors and prints of Camp Cirrus makes me very happy…

  35. bec

    Oh definetly the Havet Tray in grey – quite an elegance, almost an art deco look!
    (and i’m eying off the Rund bag too!)

  36. Madalena França

    I really think they’re all beautiful but my favorite one is BLOMMIG 🙂

  37. ibabe

    I like the tray in red and the green flower pillow…welll like all, but these suit more at home.

  38. mevr. Snoeshaan

    I just fell in love with BUMLING bricka 38 grön, it’s really beautiful and would look stunning in my home! Together with HUS kuddvar grön, thats really cool too!

  39. Eva

    I love “BUMLING tray 38 red” the best. My boyfriends house is so boring black and white and these colors definetly will spice up everything! Nice giveaway!

  40. Catalina

    I really like the green BUMLING tray and the HUS pillow case in green. What a nice give away!

  41. paola suardi

    hard to say…my favorite tray is:
    1) BUMLING bricka 38 gra
    2) BLOMMING bricka 31 gron

    happy Easter!

  42. Tracy

    HUS tray S red
    “little boxes on the hillside
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same.
    There’s a green one and a pink one
    And a blue one and a yellow one”
    – Malvina Reynolds

    This tray reminded me of this song. Too cute 🙂

  43. elia

    They’re all lovely but I think I like the HAVET tray 38 yellow.

  44. sara

    ooh they’re all gorgeous, buy i think i love the HUS tray S red the most!

  45. Nicoletta

    They’re all lovely but I really love BLOMMIG 31 green! It reminds me of my days spent in Stockholm!

  46. molly

    i have such a thing for trays! i love the bumling tray 38 grey…

  47. Yuls

    they are all so pretty, but i really like BUMLING tray 38 green!

  48. eelin

    I think I stared at the choices for like 5 minutes. They are all beautiful.
    After imagining my cups and plates on it, I think the Bumling tray 38 grey will be perfect for my new kitchen.
    Can’t wait!

  49. MzTallulah

    So lovely! I’d like one of each please 😉 but my favourite is the Bumling in red. Thank you for the giveaway!

  50. peggyB

    HUS tray in green is so fresh and lovely. My favourite.

  51. Amanda

    I LOVE the ÄNG tray S red tray and the HUS pillow case in red or green!!!! Great giveaway – thank you!

  52. Rana

    Hard to say, but if I have to choose: HAVET tray M graphite

  53. kellie

    I love so many of them! I really like the HUS tray S green, the HAVET tray 38 yellow, and the BUMLING tray 38 gray. They are all awesome 🙂

  54. Kristen R.

    The Blad Tray M Green is lovely! A great addition to my decor. 🙂

  55. Margie

    Cute stuff, I especially like the BLOMMIG pillow case in olive green (so fresh!) and I like the HAVET tray in red. The bags are super cute too!

  56. Helen Kolenda

    They are all lovely but my daughter and I especially love the blommig tray in red and the blommig pillow cover in tomato. Fingers crossed:-)

  57. Ingela.friberg

    I like the coller. They are all gorgeous. The pillow are all really beautiful.

  58. Lou @ Littlegreenshed

    ooo lovely giveaway! I think I love the BUMLING 38 GREEN tray… yes this would go so well with my green kitchen.

    Fingers crossed!

    A perfect tray to serve homemade lemonade this summer!

    LOu x

  59. JanS.

    I really like the HAVET tray 38 in gray, it reminds me of fish scales and I love the colour. However, I like most of the trays so it was difficult for me to decide which tray I should select.

  60. Charlotte

    Hus tray S green is gorgeous and would fit the colour scheme I’m planning for my kitchen

  61. Emma Murray

    It’s a tricky one! Hmmmm, I’ll go with BLAD tray M green..or purple.. x

  62. Michou

    The tray ‘BUMLING 38 grey’ is my favourite. The shapes, as well as the colours are well thought through without being too designy. This mix of thirties colours and seventies shapes – yes!

  63. Mme M.

    Oh they are all lovely but the “BUMLING tray 38 green” is my favorite ! Thanks !

  64. Jo James

    HUS tray S red
    I’d SO love to win!
    This tray would go perfectly in my newly updated studio 🙂

  65. Saskia

    Great giveaway!!! I really love the HAVET tray M ink blue… it would be perfect in our new home! 🙂

  66. Alison

    Oh, such a hard choice! I love them all, particularly the Blomming trays, but I suppose I’d ultimately have to choose HUS tray S green. In half an hour, I may change my mind. 😉

  67. Laura

    Well it’s a difficult one to call but I think I love the BUMLING 38 Grey the most.

  68. Hermine

    the hus tray S red is one of my favorite!
    merci pour ce giveaway,
    a bientôt

  69. Jennifer

    Love the bumbling tray. A gift for my sister. We are staying at her house now and this would be perfect as her landing tray for all the bits and pieces lying on her kitchen bench.

  70. Siobhan

    I’m obsessed with trays! Love them all, especially the BLAD Pink one 🙂

  71. Mandi

    Bumling Bumling along we go.
    Pretty trays ever so:

    38: red; grey; green.
    Prettiest I’ve ever seen:
    All of them.

    It’s a little tricky.
    Being so darm picky:
    Any will do.
    Thanks to you.

    {great blog! thanks for the opp and a chance to entertain myself with silly rhymes apparently!)

  72. Elisabet

    I love HAVET tray M ink blue. Being from sweden, living in Australia they remind me of home.

  73. Ness

    I love the bumling in grey. So cute! Great blog too, one of my dailies!

  74. Robyn

    I love the colors on BUMLING tray 38 grey, and the RUND pillow case red would add a much needed pop of color to my couch.

  75. Sofia

    Love the HAVET 38 tray. Can’t decide the colour though, they’re all lovely!

  76. sacha

    I love both the Havet Tray in yellow and the Havet tray M red!

  77. Emily

    The Havet 38 trays are lovely. I especially like the grey and light blue.

  78. Rachelle

    I have just discovered your blog. I like the green hus tray. Just lovely!

  79. Valerie

    They are all really great, but the green Hus tray S is my favorite.

  80. alatheia


    BUMLING tray 38 grey

    In case I’s be the lucky one, but you don’t sent to Germany, just give it to the next Person with best wishes from the South!

  81. Rita

    Wow, nice trays (and pillows too)!
    I like the BUMBLING tray 38 grey the most. Fits perfectly with my self-made pillows 🙂

  82. Grace

    I love HUS tray in green! It says “spring is here!”

  83. Kim

    BLOMMIG tray 31 green

    Reminds me of my cottage and all our retro olive green appliances 🙂

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