Singapore in progress….


Good morning! Perhaps you noticed (hopefully not) that I wasn't behind my desk last week… I prepared all the posts from last week one week in advance so I could sneak off to our new apartment in Singapore…. only 10 days ago we received notice that we could come over and pick up our key… YEAHH we waited a long time but boy was it worth the wait. I'm absolutely in love with our luxurious small new space in this wonderful city.


Last week week we (my husband and sons) were cleaning the house, unpacking the boxes, driving back and forth to IKEA, the hardware store, the internet shop and all the other things that needed to be taken care off… off course we are not finished at all yet, but we are making progress… above a small impression from the boys bedroom… so happy I brought the yellow lamp from a thrift shop from the Netherlands, makes the room immediately bright and happy… in fact all the furniture you see in the top images are from thrift shops from the Netherlands. We are now way done decorating the place, but this is just a small start… we ae hoping to have the floor painted white. 


Entrance to the kitchen including the door to our bomb shelter!!! Can u believe it we have a house shelter like the Singaporians prefer to call it… an absolute waist of precious space in my opinion, but we are not allowed to remove it, so it's going to be storage room and Lode's new bunk bed that he loves so much. 

ps. we are not moving to Singapore, we are staying in KL but due to my husband's job we will be spending lot's of days in Singapore too… keep you posted! 

ps. tomorrow a great new Let's Get Personal Tour.


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  1. Karen

    wow you’re here? in Singapore regularly? awesomeness!!! welcome welcome to our hot and humid sunny island. i’m glad you like our country. KL is wonderful too, but as a Singaporean my heart is here ofcourse. ;D

  2. Marjolein

    Looks amazing Irene, you’ve done a lot in a week and beautiful furniture! Have definetely to come by 🙂

  3. Marjon

    WOW jullie hebben hard gewerkt deze week! (as usual;)
    Ziet er uit als een heerlijk appartement met een positive feel! (ondanks de bomb shelter :-?) Lode vindt het ook helemaal leuk zo te zien! XX

  4. Karen

    How exciting irene! (I’m impressed by this bomb shelter law… I had to read to whole article you linked.)

  5. Katell

    Congratulation Irene, you did a wonderful job with the deco !! I love it 🙂 Katell

  6. Erlina

    I came across your blog post and being Singaporean – wanted to wish you good luck with your new home!

  7. arounna

    it’s beautiful Irene!
    can’t wait to see more
    good luck with the rest of the decorating

  8. OnePerfectDay

    It’s a beautiful home- as if it could be anything else, with your eye and your touch!
    I hope it’s a very happy house for you!

  9. betha

    welcome to Singapore! it’s so nice to know you’re going to settle here even if it isn’t permanent (or full time).

    hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful country 🙂

  10. caroline from Singap

    Welcome to Singapore! I would be curious to know the differences with Kuala Lumpur ( I think this is the place you live in don’t you?)…
    Your yellow lamp looks beautiful! I have a “Jielde” that I love, but because of the humidity it is getting rusty…

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