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A little while back I started a new series here on BKids that I really feel very passionate about… Why? Becasue I love hearing from other people the hows and whys about having your own business and particularly about having a fashion label… I don't have a clue what is going in this interesting world … the world behind the scenes of the clothes we love to give to our kids… Today I can share Fashion Story no. 2 with you and it's from beautiful Israeli label Ada Ada… I have a couple of other labels lined up for you as well, which will be shown in the weeks to come.


A Fashion Story by Miriam Bernstein from Ada Ada

A: Ada Ada stands for…
Many things actually. Almost every language we encountered had a different meaning to "Ada". For me- besides being the name of the designer, co owner and my beloved sister- it is mainly the first syllable of babies A…DA…. It is the beginning of their journey, their playground of words. 

D: Dreams I have for Ada Ada are…
Are endless and coming true everyday. I dream of a road that will take us, and help us explore and encounter new materials, designs, countries and people. Every image of a child wearing our clothes is a dream come true and every kind word warm our hearts.

A: Accessories are…
Anything a child can play with, dance with, touch, hug, kiss, throw, squash, paint on, pass on and most importantly- love.


Ada-ada  Ada-ada-b-1 Ada-ada-b-10 Ada-ada-b-17 Ada-ada-b-11  

A: Admiration, I have for…. For anyone who loves what they do and do it with all their heart. Most of all I admire children- for their enormous ability to except without judgment, for their crazy and amazing imagination that enables them to build worlds and make dreams come true, and for their laughter…


D: Difficulties in fashion are… various and most of the times unpredictable. Finding the perfect material for a design, creating a coherent line, and time… There just never seems to be enough time!

A: Art means to me… great light, white walls, clarity, movement, nature- all combined together to create something greater.


L: Learning to make clothes… is a process that still continues and we don't really want it to end. It poses a great challenge. To make items that are original, unique and most importantly comfortable is not an easy challenge but when you hold the final garment in your hand it is all worth it.


O: Orders, our breakthrough order came when… we were ready for it. It is impossible to pick one breakthrough order- as all our orders make us so happy. The relationship with the buyers, the wonderful people we met in this process and the pride we feel that these people are willing to take what we created and spread further in the world- they are all a breakthrough for us.


V: Vision, our vision is…
Developing with time. For us "Ada Ada" is a living breathing thing, and as it grows, as we get to know it better our vision for it devolpes and intensifies. Most of all we wish for this adventure to continue bring so much joy, excitement and challenges in to our lives as it has done in the last three wonderful years.


E: Examples of other great brands are… many! So many great brands and artists out their! Tamar Mogendorff, Line + liv (created by the hands of wonderful wiebke), pepe shoes- these are all examples of brilliant people who make things that have changed the way we look at things.

S: Style means to us… the look of a child joyfully wearing his entire closet creating a new vision to ours.


Thank You Miriam Bernstein!


Ada Ada clothes available here online at Line und Liv and at Shak-Shuka

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