Birthday ‘Help’ needed …

Perhaps you noticed… not so many posts this week (: … and I do apologise for this, but this mama was/is tired, not feeling too well and a lot of things to do in my private life. Among other things a very important upcoming Birthday. Lode my oldest son will be 5 soon and I really would like to give him a special party.


So i did some research yesterday on the internet to prepare myself. I will try and make everything myself, the invitations, party materials and decorations if you have any suggestions for printables, downlaodables, you name it, please leave a comment! I love this simple, but very colorful party in the top image from blissfulfetes, which I found via Hip Hooray.  


I will also use this free down-loadable disguise-kit from designhousedigital and put them on sticks, just for fun. Little animals like these will be part of the party bag.


Perhaps I'm setting the bar a bit too high for myself :), never made a real cake in my whole life, but I would definitely score big time with one these .. awesome found the via Momfilter and they are from Chez Bogata Bakery, in Paris.


and if I would have had enough time I would go to Daiso too and try create these amazing handmade journals myslef too just like … did for the ver inspiring lovelydesign blog. By the Congratulations Sharilyn with your beautiful new baby boy!

More ideas or if you would like to HELP me with downloads or printables pleases let me know, I will do a write up here on BKids about the party and give proper links!

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  1. q

    maybe there could be some inspiration at tomorrow’s crafty at market at jaya one – are you going?

    i had so much fun photographing my niece’s birthday last weekend so if you need help in that department just holler! 🙂

  2. Magda

    We have just had an outdoor birthday party for our 4-year-old son (it’s on our blog). I did all by myseld so I know really well, I mean REAALLY / 😀 / how much work that is!! I love all Yyour preparations – I am sure your party is gonna be awesome! Best wishes for your son and you!
    PS. I love your blog and it’s among my favourites – this is a true joy and inspiration for me. Best greetings from Poland. Magda.

  3. boo louis

    Happppppy 5th birthday to Lode!

    As a kid in Arizona (near to the Mexican border) there we very often piñatas at birthday parties. Traditionally, they are filled with candy or little treats. Fun for all ages and very simple to make in any shape with paper maché.

    wishing you a super celebration.
    ~ Boo

  4. Best iPod docking station

    That is a very cute setup. I especially like how you found everything online and printed it out, a great way to save money,very smart. Those cakes look too crazy haha. Happy birthday to the little guy and good luck on his party!

    Margaret Dash

  5. Corina

    Hi Irene,
    My twin girls just celebrated their 5th birthday…I managed to avoid the Princess/Dora/Fairy/Barbie scene and we went with Balloonapalooza! ( I came up with the name in the middle of the night, inspired by Elmopalooza but have since found out it is the name of a hot air balloon festival on the West coast). It was so much fun and so easy. We did have a balloon sculptor come and he made the most awesome balloon creations for the kids but that isn’t necessary for the party because at it’s simplest you could just fill a room with balloons (balloon pumps are wonderful things). We did have a few helium balloons that were filled with confetti, floating on the ceiling. The kids had turns popping them whilst blindfolded with a stick that had a pin attached to the end. It worked really well- showers of confetti! We couldn’t do a pinata as we were inside but this turned out to be big hit. The parents learnt how to twist balloon animals and the party favour included a balloon animal kit. Rocket balloons are enormous fun and we also inflated the little water balloons. There are lots of games that can be played with balloons. My little blog is about to die of neglect but I will attempt to upload some pics this week.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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