Giveaway: Two readers can win a set from Pure and Noble

What can Two of You win this week ::
a set of the Say Something Tote OR Garland Tote PLUS a beautiful  8×10 photograph print of choosing

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item you like best from the pure and noble shop.

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 15 March and winner will be announced the following day.

Brooke Fish, the lovely owner, founder and maker of all the Pure and Noble items also
would like to offer the BKids readers a 10% discount for the month of March. Just use this when checking out: Promo code: BLOESEM10

 This Giveaway is closed and the winners are: Casey and Summer


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..pureandnoble etsy shop..

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Sharon

    Love the Say something tote! Boys really do rule!

  2. Gali

    I’m totaly inlove with the cute Plaid Ruffle Bag.

  3. Llolli

    Such a lovely shop, there’s a lot of nice cute items… I like the tic tac toe tote, Say something tote and city centre print. Nice work! 😉

  4. nic

    I love the say something tote.. (or the say something pillow cases, but they are not mentionned above :)… ) – also some very lovely photography!

  5. Nisa

    Can we only pick one fave? I absolutely love that sweet garland tote (and I also love the LOVE pillowcases). 😀

  6. Marta

    My favourite item from the pure and noble shop is the LOVE Pillow. My child and I love the Say something tote!
    Thank you!

  7. Jillian

    I can’t make up my mind which one I like the best but I sure do like the photo of that gorgeous red floral dress on the rustic green door. Ok .. decision time … I like the Garland Tote the best … it will go fabulously with the photo.

  8. Michelle

    Picking one thing is really hard! I am going to go with the Say Something tote bag though; how cute is it?!

  9. Kiki

    Very nice designs, especially the Say Something Tote, but I think I love the Tic Tac Tote the most. A bag and a game in 1. Genius!

  10. Stacey

    I just really loved the garland tote. It is so simple and sweet — plus blue is my very favorite color!

  11. susan h

    love the boys rule tote – my kids would love that!

  12. Erin

    I’m in LOVE with that Tic Tac Tote! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this shop with us!

  13. Catherine

    The love pillow, and the chocolate everyday tote–very fresh designs, all of them. Thanks!

  14. Hermine

    the tic tac tote is by far my favorite but I love everything!
    Bonne journée et à bientôt!

  15. meadow

    I think the black and white LOVE pillowcases are fantastic!

  16. mandy

    i love the “love pillowcases” and the say something tote.
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. Anika

    Say Something Tote is great! It was hard to pick a favorite! Great giveaway.

  18. Connie

    I love the rose ampersand pillow! It’d be so cute between the two of us on the couch.

  19. ingrid

    The say something pillowcases are so fabulous, I am fallen in love;)

  20. Jill

    The Tic Tac Tote and the Denim Tote are my favorites.

  21. Esther

    Congratulations, wonderful designs. It’s hard choice between the Say Something Tote and the Say something Pillowcases.

  22. whitney

    This was tough! I’m going to have to say that the Garland Tote is my favorite and the Hugs and Kisses tote is a close second. Thanks for the giveaway! xo

  23. sandra s.

    I’ve had the Say Something tote (sequin version) in my wish list for months! Love, love it! *fingers crossed!*

  24. holly

    the say something tote (and the airplane print!!!) fab

  25. Deneen

    The Love pillowcases with the multi-colored lettering. Having the last name St. Amour, the LOVE cases say it all 🙂

  26. Lori Meyer

    I LOVE the Garland Tote… so much fun. The Star Print is so vibrant; a real day brightener! Plus, the little arrows on the Denim Tote are super cute 🙂

  27. Phuong Tran

    I love love love, the Garland Tote. Such a whimsical design.

  28. Charlotte

    I can’t choose …. I love both the totes and in her etsy shop the “LOVE” pillowcases are a fave. Thanks for this chance

  29. Belle

    Oh, such a lovely giveaway!!
    I adore the garland tote bag, but the LOVE pillowcases are sweet too!

  30. Anne

    What a lovely store! I really like their choice of pillows 🙂

  31. rosemariee

    i love the Hugs & Kisses Tote from the etsy shop! So cute!

  32. Sarah R.

    Both the garland tote and the say something tote are so sweet! I can’t decide which I like better!

  33. Abby

    I love the say something tote and the L.O.V.E. pillowcases! Great giveaway!

  34. Maya

    The Say Something Tote is so simple and brilliant. I think I would definitely want to doodle in its margins!

  35. sacha

    I really like the Garland tote and the Van print is neat-o!

  36. Bec

    So love the Say Something Tote! I just love it all!!
    (the whole shop is fresh & vibrant, so inspiring!!).

  37. Choi Charlotte

    The LOVE pillowcases are beautiful~~ so soft to the eyes and sweet to the heart. All three colors are nice but my favorite is the blue one. This has become my must have of the month! With my little baby taking all of my time, I am craving for a caring and relaxing moment in bed with my husband. hehe~

  38. kacey

    As a teacher I love the say something baggie as well as the lined totes. Her LOVE pillow cases are super cute too!

  39. Karin

    The Say Something Tote is just too cute. The shop is full of great things, but that tote is just the best.

  40. marie

    i love those totes!!!
    And the photoprints too!!!
    My this be my lucky day? cause it’s my birthday!!!!!


  41. Elaine Ee

    I love the Ampersand pillow! And the pillow cases too.

  42. Denise S

    My favorite item from the pure and noble shop is the Say Something Baggie – very useful for a scatterbrain like me.
    The Garland Tote and the Vintage Dress print are both lovely!

  43. Maria B

    I love the say something tote – though I think I’d have trouble coming up with something worth saying enough to spoil it!

  44. Rebecca Nesson

    I like the say something baggie and the star print best of all.

  45. Bea

    everything is SO pretty!
    SO SO pretty!
    I want it all!
    the vintage dress, the love-pillows, the say something-tote! everything is GREAT!
    Oh, I would LOVE to win!!!

  46. Melissa

    Adore the garland tote! And kind of smitten with that Twinkie picture!

  47. Brittany

    Everything in this shop is precious. I love love love the say something tote!

  48. Isabella

    Mi piace TUTTO di voi! (everything is SO pretty!) 🙂
    Adoro The Garland tote 🙂 (So adorable!!!)
    un bacino dall’Italia

  49. Amanda Conley

    What a great shop! I love everything in there! I have to say, though, the pillows are gorgeous. I love the ampersands and the love pillows and pillowcases. I’m also really felling some of those totes! Everything is just lovely.

  50. Stephanie

    Oh! That garland tote is darling- definitely a favorite here 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  51. Kristine Dudina

    Say Something Tote is so cute. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  52. Brandy

    Love the airplane print…but the LOVE pillow cases too 🙂

  53. Simone

    The item I like best ist the Chocolate Everyday Tote.

  54. Meg T

    The “Say Something” baggies are really cool! Thanks!

  55. Amanda

    OH my gosh, I have been a Pure and Noble follower for awhile – LOVE these adorable goodies! First and foremost, I, of course, LOVE the garland tote. I’ve been eyeballing this beauty. And I am also head over heels for the floral ampersand pillow – it would look SOOO good in my abode, I swear!

  56. Veronica TM

    my favourite item from the shop is the garland tote. love the little detail of fabric in the opening.

  57. Kylie Loy

    I love the simplicity in Brooke’s design it definitely has great style.
    I love the LOVE pillow cases with the black lettering.
    Also this the star print is great.
    Thanks for the opportunity :0)

  58. Shelley

    While I love everything they have in store, my favorite is the Twinkie print; it is fun and quirky and I love the bright colors! Thanks for introducing me to one of my new favorite Etsy stores!

  59. Sue Fairburn

    I like the quirky and clean style of all their creations – but my heart goes for the LOVE pillowcases (colourful), the fun ‘say something’ pillowcases and the totes too, of course – you can never have enough totes!

  60. zzipper

    I’m loving the Chocolate Everyday Tote.. and so many of the other items.. love love love..

  61. Lisa D

    As a mother with a young child I am delighted with the tic tac tote. Such a fun and practical way to engage children of any age!

  62. Melissa

    I really like the garland tote with the feedsack lining. So simple but sweet and perfect!

  63. Amy

    Hello! I love the hugs and kisses tote and the twinkie print the very most. But everything is lovely! Thank you for the giveaway! xox.

  64. shalini

    I love the garland tote, so whimsical and sweet. I also love the Rose Ampersand cushion and the Love cushions…so many great things.s

  65. Eelin Loo

    Like all the say “say something” and “LOVE” series.
    It’s like carrying a big notebook around… Too cool!
    Would definitely love to carry my thoughts around : )
    Or at least show off my little boys doodles…Thks!

  66. Mieke

    I just love the ‘garland tote’. I will be following this blog from now on, it is just fantastic! Thank you.

  67. jessica collins

    I’m loving the say something pillowcases!

  68. Grace Linker

    I love the garland bag and the boys rule bag!!


    What i really love is the say something tote!!! , i´d love to have it and enjoy this summer with it

  70. Erica

    Just love the Tic Tac Tote bag and the airplane print. Makes me think of summer.

  71. Katie Santos

    I really like the LOVE pillowcases!! They’re unique 🙂 I also like the airplane print…

  72. Melody

    Garland Tote is screaming my name! I would be the “hip” mom for sure with this! 😉

  73. Melody

    LOVE the Garland Tote bag! I would for sure be the “hip” mom! 😉

  74. fin

    The Garland Tote was the first thing I saw when I read this post, and I’m sure it was love at fist sight!

  75. Anjo

    The Say Something Tote makes me want to write something nice.
    Love it!

  76. lizzieloo

    Ummmm, decisions, decisions…can I say I love them all? But….if I had to choose….then it would have to be the LOVE pillowcases, the airplane print and garland tote. x

  77. Hillary Jeutter

    The totes caught my eye, and my brain thought of how it must buy it now, and my pocketbook thinks how great it would be to win it 🙂

  78. Nanami

    That noteboke Tote is really great!!!
    just came by this site, It is great!

    Maybe one with musiclines would be great to!?

  79. Brody Lee

    I love the Garland Tote… The lining is really pretty and the theme on the exterior is timeless (those flag banners that hang above used car lots and the like…) But wait, there are a bunch of other totes I love too.. They all seem to have different linings. It almost seems like this is hand drawn on each bag – am i right… anyone? If I won this I would use it as an overflow bag for those extra things that don’t fit in the diaper bag when we are leaving the house with the kid.. Or maybe groceries depending on how big it is.As for the prints, I like the City Center Motel, and Airplane prints.

  80. pimpelwit

    for me I absolutely love the hotel window print. I think Im gonna order it! and for my boy, or is it me cause im gonna walk with it, I just love the boy bag to take to the kindergarten to show of with it 😉

  81. Patricia

    I love the Say Something Baggie. So cute! Great giveaway. Thanks!

  82. Molly

    I like the Say Something tote, and the Star and Twinkie prints

  83. brianne errett

    love the say something tote and pillowcase!!!!!

  84. mirij

    garland tote is my favorite, sooooo sweet!

    hope i can particitpate although from germany?
    btw – i really love your blog.

    lg, mirij

  85. shiori

    What a lovely give-away – and it’s so hard to choose!!! The garland tote is just adorable and the LOVE pillowcases and the polka dot ampersand pillow is just priceless…can’t decide!

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