Guest post: make your own ABC cards by Hiskia van Leeuwen


**Guest post by Hiskia van Leeuwen

Hello, I'm Hiskia van Leeuwen, Dutch mother of 4 year old Isis. Recently we moved to the Swiss countryside from where I write a blog kleinezaken

Since Isis is eager learning the alfabet these days, I made her her own ABC cards. With a 'S' for Snow White, 'A' for Ariel and an 'O' for 'Opa' (Dutch for 'granddad') etcetera. Most ABC cards are in English, making them nice to decorate, but useless for us to learn the alfabet.


I figured that there might be more kids out there wanting to learn the ABC their own way, so I made a free download that you can customize yourselve.

Here is how:
*downlaod the file
*Click 'File' and 'Download original'.
*Then open the document in Adobe Reader (if you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it here for free.
*Click the middle of each card to enter your own image. Portrait orientated photo's will fit best.
* After you entered all pictures print the cards on paper. Or, if you want to save your finished project you can do so by printing the document to a pdf-file.
*You can print the cards on card stock paper and / or laminate them to make them more durable)
*Please note that after printing the file into a pdf, it becomes non-editible.

..free ABC cards download..

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  1. daan

    Geweldig idee, Hiskia! Die ga ik onthouden voor Roof als hij in september naar de eerste klas gaat!

  2. Marta

    Thank you! It’s fantastic and I’m going to print one for my son! Best regards from Barcelona,

  3. Kerstin

    This is so cool! Thank you so much. Gonna make some for my little boy, letters are starting to interest him.

  4. sarah jane

    Such a smart idea! Laminating them is the perfect touch…and even putting them on a key ring for easy flipping (and traveling). Thanks for posting!

  5. Adela

    Thank you for sharing, these are such a fantastic find!

  6. merica

    Thanks for making those. I need some in German and had the same problem as you to find sth. suitable. Thanks for making them. 😀

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