Giveaway : Moka express silkscreen print from Mengsel design


What can you win: a fantatsic print from Mengsel: the Moka Express silkscreen print in the either the color red, green or blue.

What do you have to do: Just leave a comment below stating which color you like best for this Moka Express print.

This giveaway IS CLOSED runs until Tuesday 5 April and the winner will be announced the following day. 

The winner is : Kathy Tracksler




Bloesem loves comments
  1. Nelleke

    Wow I love red and green !! The Moka Express print is so beautiful I think I like the red one the best.What a nice giveaway from Mengsel. I keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Davy van der Zanden

    A big thank you to Mengsel for this giveaway! Green is my favorite.

  3. Bodil Kjelstrup

    I love the green print – vital and fresh as the comming spring.

  4. twirling betty

    I love the red. Mengsel’s little black boat on the blue, blue sea has been in my Etsy favourites for a while. But I covet pretty much everything Mengsel does.

  5. Wien

    Ik vind de blauwe mooi! Maar ik ben te laat haha. Ik kwam ‘bloesem’ al vaker tegen op andere blogs die ik volg, maar nu echt eens komen kijken door het interview in 101woonideeën. Leuk!

  6. Bodil Kjelstrup

    I love the green print. Vital and fresh as the comming spring.

  7. Jaimie

    blue blue blue. i use a moka express every day for my coffee. can’t live without it.

  8. Marlene

    Oh what a beautiful giveaway!! We discussed the print in a blog I am following some time ago… I am in love with it! I’d prefer the green print… Would match fantastically with our kitchen!

  9. Franziska

    I think as a colour green looks best. its very grassy. but as an overall impression i like red most. its not too cold and it doesnt blur before your eyes, as green does a litte.

  10. Diana Paisis

    I would love a red one! It will fit really nice with my red Uton Silo!

  11. Evy

    I L*O*V*E the red one! My boy always makes me coffe with the mocca express! I would love to give him the print to thank him…


  12. Emi

    Can’t decide! all three colors are great! maybe green would suit my kitchen best..

  13. Bec

    Red red red red red! It would look absolutely fab on our kitchen wall. Might have to treat myself to some of their tea towels 🙂

  14. colleen

    They’re all divine but I think red is the one for me. My husband makes us a coffee in one of these every morning 🙂

  15. Floddertje

    Blue would be best in the living room, red in the kitchen. i guess I would put it in the kitchen, so I’ll choose red.

  16. Jacquie

    They are all fantastic colours – I have been eyeing off this print for a while now! Its also the best way to make coffee in the morning! I love the red print

  17. katheena

    Oh yes please!

  18. Emily

    The red one would go great with my green roosters 🙂

  19. Nadia Colombo

    I’ve been in love with this print for a while now! I grew up in Italy and I make coffee with a pot like that every single morning 🙂

    Red would look lovely 🙂

  20. Agnes Brandels

    I LOVE the red one! It would suit perfectly in my new apartment!

  21. Dreisena

    It’s spring and I need something new. It would be perfect in my kitchen. I prefer blue (I always prefer blue :D).

  22. olivia

    I like them all but if I have to choose it would be the green.

  23. Piets

    These prints are on my whishlist for a long time! So a huge ‘thank you’ for this lovely giveaway. And I would go for a green one, because green is the way to go!

  24. Dionne

    I love them all, but the green one is my favourite!

  25. christine.mcmaster@hotmail.com

    I would choose the red one and second the green one. They are all nice !

  26. Liz

    It’s not in the etsy shop in yellow but I think this print would be gorgeous in yellow, framed and matted hanging in the kitchen. Love that tea towels are also available in this print. Thank you for offering this fun giveaway.


  27. Claire

    Coffee and the colour green – two of my favourite things. xx


  28. Marisa Name

    I love this print – actually, I love pretty much anything Mengsel!
    I’m torn between blue & red – love them both (then again, that green is pretty fab too!)
    Decisions, decisions… 😉

  29. Krisha Leer

    I like the RED- its my husbands favorite color, and he makes me fresh coffee from in a very old mokka can every morning!

  30. csilla

    I love the red print!! Not to mention how well it would go in kitchen!!!

  31. Andrea

    Green. Already had it in my “things to buy” folder 🙂

  32. OurSoundHome

    Ooh! What a lovely give away. I am a big time coffee drinker, my first cup always on the way to work on my ferry ride out here in the Pacific Northwest. I think the blue is my fave!

  33. Annemette

    I like them all, but the blue one would fit perfect in my kitchen 😉

    Love your blog by the way!

  34. Anne Marie

    I love them ALL. Usually Green and red is my favourite colours, but to my surprise I think BLUE would be my favourite of this print.

  35. ClemenceH

    Hope, energy, creation, nature…in one word: GREEN.
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  36. Jenny

    The blue one would look wonderful in my kitchen! Thank you!

  37. Lie

    Love them all! Red as in Redbeans, Green as in Coffee tastes best when eco friendly and blue… well without it I suffer from morningblues.

  38. Annika

    I love this print – when I first saw it I thought it was a stylized woman-figure…. I like the red best!

  39. Marijke van Swaaij

    I think i like the green one best. I used to collect these pots and had a really big one, i bought in Venice in 1980. Wonder where that one is gone.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. Maria Franco-Hartleben

    The red one….the perfect color to a bright and energyzing day!

  41. Mussou Cl.

    Blue is the colour of early mornings and fresh coffe.

  42. Rebecca

    RED is my favorite! I’m loving the little bits of Red I’m seeing here and there as spring makes its gradual appearance 🙂

  43. Mar Ruiz del Río

    Blue is my colour.
    Then I prefer the blue one.

  44. kasiryba

    I definitely like the BLUE one most!
    Love the print! It’s beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing it!

  45. Catherine Fraher

    What could be more of a zingy espresso wake up than the brilliant green one. Great prints. All good things.

  46. Jennifer Manzano

    Oh, SO great. Amazing colors, but red would be best in my kitchen. Hoorah!

  47. Claudia

    A very difficult choice. But I have to: I decide for the blue one.

  48. Lucy

    so hard to choose…I’d take blue, or any others, really! Who’s being choosy when a fabulous print is being given away?!

  49. Ruth Swier

    The red one makes me think of my son the barrista. I would love it!

  50. Cony

    Notthing on the wall in my kitchen yet, so this print woud make a great change! I dream of the green print. What a nice giveaway!

  51. jojo

    o wat leuk, ik wil graag de rode hebben, voor mijn koffieleuterige man!!

  52. sarah

    my heart is torn between the red (if i gave it to my sister) or the blue for myself

  53. Margriet Sciascia

    My Italian husband makes our coffee this way every morning…
    Red is his favorite color 🙂

  54. Lisa Sorzano

    Ohh definitely the green! Would be perfect in my kitchen! Great giveaway!!

  55. Nienke

    Zonder koffie geen goed humeur…. Met deze print kan ik mijn koffie verslaving misschien onderdrukken en een shot schone kunst tot me nemen…. Groen is mijn favoriet.

  56. Chelsea

    What a great print! I’m partial to the Red for sure…my honey and I just had a chat about how classic but still fresh Red is in the kitchen. Spoken like a true Scandinavian!!

    Thanks for the giveaway and this makes me especially happy as this is what our coffee pot looks like!

  57. tess

    Vibrant green – just like the lovely grass I am hoping will grow this Spring (in the mud patch that is my lawn!)

  58. Floor

    That is funny, I checked out the Mengsel etsy store yesterday for the ….th time. This print reminds me of great years in Italy and I keep on coming back to their store asking myself if I would give myself a nice present or not. How nice would it be if the present would be from Bloesem!
    I would be very happy with the blue one.

  59. Aaron B

    Holy smokes! I love them all but I’d get down on my hands and knees and pray to that green one each and every morning! I don’t even know what that means but YES! GREEN!!! THANK YOU!!

  60. Bea

    Colourwise, definitely the green one!!

    Great prints by Mengsel btw!

  61. s. low

    Blue is best, but so are the rest! can’t go wrong with any color. love the print!

  62. Elin

    would be a perfect friend for our big mocca brewer that has a permanent place on our stove. I like the blue best. ( or red… or green..)

  63. Cortney

    Tough choice but I’d have to say the red…noticed this print a bit ago and loved it.

  64. Jolene

    Oh this reminds me of our trip around Europe in a camper! Love the red… the Italian-ness of it…

  65. Adrienne

    Normally I would say red, but I think green would match our home best.

  66. Cara

    Red please! Great give-away – My partner is absolutely coffee obsessed and would love it in the kitchen

  67. Lauren

    OMG we use our Moka coffee pot,
    Every morning before we leave for work!
    I’d choose the red print, because believe it or not,
    It matches our kitchen AND our regular caffeine perk!

  68. Jenni

    I love the blue print. It’s a wonderful mix of modern and vintage. What a great piece to have hanging in my or anyone’s house!! -Jenni =-)

  69. sacha

    I love them all- but my kitchen is yellow— so probably I’d like to keep with warm tones and go for the red pop!

  70. Gisela

    Green please!!!!
    Thanks for this chance

  71. Lillis

    The red one would be the perfect splash of color for my kitchen wall. Lovely!

  72. Nancy Park

    green grene green greine guhreene verde vert gron (there is a slash in the o) gron (there are two dots above the o) midori luse grun all in all the color green!

  73. la ninja

    blue please.
    would normally go for red but this shade of blue does s/thing to me.
    prachtig. dank je wel.

  74. marianna

    I like the blue one!! would be perfect in my Italian kitchen!!!

  75. Evy Andersen

    Oh….the red the red is the energy i need for my charcoal grey kitchen…to commemorize the fact that my actual coffeepot had a slight meltdown the other day…and is now history…a glowing red history…and red is also my favourite colour…and all my favourite kitchen utensils have the same sparkeling colour popping out of the charcoal… i love RED 🙂

    ps: i need a new coffeepot too!

  76. Tiene

    Oh wat mooiiii! Hier doe ik maar wat graag aan mee…
    De groene vind ik zo fris van kleur en zou perfect in m’n keukentje passen!

  77. elia

    The red print. It’s perfect for my kitchen with it’s new red toaster

  78. Monica A.

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  79. Charlotte

    I love the green, it is the accent colour for my white kitchen that we are currently decorating x

  80. Marianna

    I like it in green! I love “caffè” made with the moka! 🙂
    I think that I’m the only italian who prefers it to espresso!!!
    A friendly ciao to everyone from Italy! (Yes, I’m italian and I live in Italy in this illfated period)

    @ Sarah – When you were in Italy? And where?

  81. Zsuzsanna Papp

    In love with the green one! Absolutely delightful.

  82. T. Takahashi

    I like the blue print the most. It looks pretty.

  83. carla

    Great print!
    If you’ve got black, make it black. If not, the red one is gorgeous too.

  84. Erica

    green for me… totally in “sync” with my sink 😉

  85. Rispa

    I think the red is amazing!

    Whoever wins this beauty is very lucky! xo

  86. marloes

    today I get the keys of my new house, and a new kitchen:-) would love to make it more personel with this beautifull print.I lived in italy for a few years so it really fits me!! let it be black like coffee

  87. Karolien

    i am in love with the red one

    *dances like the coffee can*

  88. Margie

    I thought these were dress maker’s forms on first glance! So lovely… my man is a coffee addict and would LOVE these… Blue is the colour for him…

  89. melanie

    i love the blue print in the black frame, it looks fantastic – would love to win!

  90. eva

    red it is.
    would love to surprise my boyfriend with it who’s a bialetti -hardcore- fan.

  91. Tatjana

    The blue one. My boyfriend loves blue and couldn’t survive without his coffee. Also, his kitchen could use something pretty like this!

  92. Reda

    I so need the green one. My husband is crasy about good cofee. I – about green color.

  93. Julie

    Simply marvelous! Love em all but blue and yellow are my fav!!

  94. Marie-Anne van der Woning

    i love the blue one, because this is my favourite colour. Besides I always use this itemm when i go on vacation and have to miss my own coffee machine.

  95. Hermine

    Bonjour, J’aime le rouge! red is so nice in a kitchen!
    a bientôt j’espère,

  96. Lea M.

    oh, i love the red one!! thanks for sharing, lea

  97. Clare

    These prints are SO MUCH FUN! I am a blue girl, so naturally, I love the blue one!

  98. mirjam

    if blue is the color of the everlasting sky, then it will be blue because this is what it is: b l u e

  99. Mary

    I love coffee and red is my favourite colour, so red please.

  100. Mieke Bronckers

    I would love to win a blue one, very cool.
    Thanks for this give away.

  101. Tanya M

    Wow, what a cool concept. I loooove the blue one.

  102. Myrt

    De dag beginnen met een kop koffie in mijn zonnige tuintje.
    Heerlijk de lente in huis!!!

  103. sara oliveiri

    I love the RED…perfect for my gray kitchen!

  104. Marieke

    Blauw! I love blue and I love coffee. I would look at it at least 6 times every day and refill my cup on the way.

  105. reen

    They’re equally pretty, but I’d love to get my hands on the blue one! It would go so well with my new kitchen 🙂

  106. Stephie

    They are all lovely but i am a red girl through and through! Thanks for offering such a great prize in your giveaway, Stephie x

  107. niels

    Slowly rising to the top
    from beans red as love
    through water blue as morning breeze
    pushing its way into sweet condense
    I dream to be woken
    by the irrestiseble call
    of my green moka pot

  108. Carlijn

    I like the green print best! Love to have one on my kitchen wall 🙂

  109. Patsy

    groen – green
    mijn favoriet, kleur van de lente!

  110. Kristen R.

    This print reminds me of my grandfather- my parents still make their coffee on the stovetop, and every Christmas Eve we’d get together with my grandparents. After dinner grandpa would make “black coffee” (aka espresso), and every single year he’d ask my dad if he wanted some, and every year my dad would have to remind him that no, he does not like black coffee. Grandpa would undoubtedly respond, “since when did you stop drinking black coffee??”

    Both of my grandparents have since passed away, but every Christmas eve we still ask my dad if he’d like black coffee. 🙂

  111. Noelle Girard

    The Wedgewood blue is gorgeous, and taking care of two little babies, I drink a lot of coffee! This print is lovely.

  112. Femke

    I absolutely like the green one! It reminds me of my grandmother who had a green coffee pot, which looked a little like the silkscreened one 🙂 And I think they also look like dancing ladies 🙂

  113. tess

    Only a fellow South African would understand when I say I love the green best – that rich, delicious colour found only inside a Peppermint Crisp! Beautiful. Nostalgic too.

  114. Eva

    Hello! De red one makes me want to make an illy coffee right away!

  115. Jet

    OOO, de rode is mooi! Dezelfde kleur als ons stenen aanrechtblad!

  116. Maria

    I would love to have the blue print. Thank you so much! 🙂 Greetings from Munich. Maria

  117. W. Tideman

    Red would be fantastic next to my own coffeepot 🙂

  118. Lize du Plessis

    Groen vir die Bokke!! Bokke en Boeretroos… Jou print is lieflik! Sal beautiful lyk hier in die Stad van Goud. Groete vanuit SA ♥

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