Giveaway: Extra Large Wall Decal ‘The Owl Tree’ from Little Lion


What can You win this week :: this fantastic wall decal (extra large) for a nursery, play room or bedroom from Little Lion Studio… the Owl Tree.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item you like best from the Little Lion Studio shop

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 29 March and winner will be announced the following day.

..LittleLion Studio inc
..LittleLion Studio shop..

 The Giveaway is CLOSED, Winner is: Damaris S.

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  1. Adriana

    I adore this Owl Tree! It is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for our son’s nursery, which has an owl theme! Love it!

  2. Jenny Rose

    I like this one!!

    Follow the Little Rabbit Extra Large Tree Wall Decal

  3. annna

    The Owl Tree is the greatest. Also love The Owl Branch Wall Decal.

  4. Katrin

    I love exactly this tree that you are showing here – the blue version in the shop is also great. 🙂

  5. Livia

    wow, fantastic giveaway!
    my favorites are the Carnival Birds, Botanical Garden, the elephant, the koala, the giraffes, and the polar bear!
    Greetings from Hungary! 😀

  6. Lilian

    How Lovely is this!!!! It would fit as a treat on my little one’s room.
    I love this Tree( colours are perfect!)and also love the Mom and Baby Giraffe, utterly sweet!

    This tree and the little owls would be mostly welcome to live with us in Barcelona!!!

    Ps. I love your Blog!

  7. shalini

    I love the Summer Rain Drops print best of all. Such a great mix of color and pattern for a baby to look at.

  8. Jill

    The owl tree wall decal IS my favorite, followed closely by the royal safari nursery prints!

  9. summer

    I love the cherry trees, and the owl trees and the giraffes. They are all great!

  10. Bea

    I L.O.V.E the cherry blossom tree! I’m not even sure that it would really land into my little boy’s room, maybe it would make a stop in the parent’s bedroom 🙂
    I’ve been in love with Little Lion-Stickers forever, that would be the most amazing gift for me to win this giveaway!

  11. Minna-Leena

    Lovely give-away!
    I also like those Custom Baby Nursery Prints.

  12. Rebecca Garner

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cherry blossom tree!!! might just have to save up for that one in our new house :o)

  13. Sarah W.

    Love this – and just starting to think about baby #3’s nursery, so this is perfect timing…and I love the colors.

  14. Lara

    I love the Dahlia Wall decal- we’re planning on doing a floor bed for our 8 month old and I think that would make a great “headboard”!

  15. Brit

    the floral ostrich is really original.
    the owl tree is supercute, but its time for a new bird to come forward…

  16. Tatiana

    Decals and prints are adorable. My fave is the Follow the Little Rabbit; this bunny in a tree would be a total hit w/ some of the kids I know

  17. lauren

    my daughter would love the elephant decal. they are all lovely.

  18. ananda (montreal)

    They are SO pretty.

    I love the whale in navy blue, the yellow giraffe and the oak branches…

    I am currently doing the nursery of my baby boy and it would be perfect!

  19. Hiskia

    Wow, besides the Owl Tree off course 😉 I love the Dahlia Wall! In our garden we have dahlia’s every year, we are the 3rd generation that is enjoying those same dahlia bulbs & keeping them warm in the winter in our basement. Love them & love the Dahlia Wall! 🙂

  20. Gali

    I love the Backyard Nursery – Mint – Big Giraffe Wall Decal but I think I love almost everyhing else as well…. 🙂

  21. Gali

    I love love love Koala Tree Wall Decal For Baby Nursery Decor

  22. Karen

    Thank you thank you … I’ve been ummimg and aahring over whether it would be a good idea to paint a babys room in a dark colour and hey presto there was ‘moonbeams on a starry night’ it has convinced me I’m not mad! Love it love it! and I’m going down to my local paint shop at the wkd!! it was a hard choice they are all fab.

  23. rocioramon

    My 2 baby boys don’t want to sleepand I decided to put them in my bed with me. we are surfing on the web and i was showing them your blog and we all decided that we LOVE the Baby Zoo Whale Wall Decal !!

  24. Mo

    Just how cute is the Birds Bed Headboard Wall Decal?! Adorable!

  25. Silja Kristjánsdóttir

    Wow – I would love the tree and the owls.

    My absolute favorit is the Floral Giraffe Large Wall Decal – the dark orange version is just too irrisistable.

    Big hugs!!!

  26. nicci

    I love the giraffe wall decal, and all the nursery prints and the owl wall decal

  27. shelly ok

    the white floral giraffee and ostrich are my favorites, but i don’t think there is anything in this shop that isn’t delightful!

  28. Wilma Boria

    I just love the tree decals!! These are such a fun way to decorate a child’s room..

  29. Sharon

    They are all as gorgeous. I kept coming back to the three owls peering down into the cot. I love how large the tree is. I also loved the Koalas and how one is nearly falling off.

  30. candice

    i love the Follow the Little Rabbit wall decal and the Lion King framed print – it’s all gorgeous though, hard to choose!
    x candice x

  31. Christina

    The cherry blossom tree is absolutely uber cute! And then I’m torn between it and the handsome blue lion king :o)
    Thank you for this wonderful chance at such beauty!

  32. Haley

    Tough to decide – I love the giveaway decal, I’m bookmarking one of the queen giraffe custom baby nursery prints for when we find out our baby’s gender next week and pick a name!

  33. anne

    oh my goodness, I love the Dahlia wall mural decal!! What a neat shop, thanks for introducing it : )

  34. sacha

    My daughter would like the floral giraffe or the baby zoo animals, but my son loves whales!

  35. Heather S

    Put a bird on it! Or how about 3 cute birds with long skinny legs. That’s my fave, but they are all very adorable.

  36. Carrie A.

    I really like the owls as well as the koalas!
    This is a great shop!

  37. Flora

    I’ve been planning to paint a tree on our daughter’s bedroom wall since she was a baby. She’s nearly 4. This might be a quicker route!

    Added the shop to my etsy faves – there’s some great stuff in there. Esp the whale with the little sailboat on top.

  38. Kate

    I like the cherry blossom and the owl tree. I guess I am drawn to trees! (I live in the Pacific Northwest so this makes sense!)

  39. babs

    like almost everything, but espacially the owls, the little zoo bear and the deer family.

  40. Stefanie Radach

    We’re moving into our new apartment in four weeks and I’m planning the nursery decor for my newborn daughter Sophie right now. I would love to incorporate the owl tree wall decal in the design scheme, it would be perfect with the mostly birch-colored furniture in her room. Thanks! Stefanie from Berlin

  41. I Bollen

    I adore owl so I like the Owl Tree Extra Large Wall the most. so cute…

  42. Sue Fairburn

    I like a number of the graphics – including the large floral giraffe, the baby heart print, the moonbeam starry and the whale! Great works and I’d be happy to have any of them on one of our walls…not necessarily in my son’s room. Thank you.

  43. naomi

    Oh what a fantastic prize – this would be absolutely perfect for my sons new bedroom!!
    So much goodness in that shop, and very hard to choose, but I do love the ‘Royal Safari Nursery Print Set’ – just gorgeous!

  44. Jacquie

    Beautiful giveaway – Some lovely work from Little Lion Shop. I love the colours in ‘the owl tree’ and my other favorite would have to be the ‘Baby Zoo Lion King’ wall decal!

  45. Iris

    It would have to be the custom Lion King print for the little one to be born early August …hence a Leo:)

  46. bec

    The tree is fabulous! Totally need it for my little nusery-in-progress!
    But the Giraffe’s (mother and baby) are quite precious too!

  47. custom logo designs

    Wonderful, that is exactly what I was hunting for! You just spared me alot of digging around. I’ll make certain to put this in good use!

  48. ELA

    Your Items at etsy are so beautifull! I nearly can’t decide which I like the most, but the Fawn Tree Baby Nursery Wall Decal the one I would buy if money wouldn’t matter.
    I don’t know if you would ship to Gemany but ether way I like to congratulate for this amazing shop.

  49. Marta

    Hi! My favourite itemfrom the Little Lion Studio shop is the Dahlia Wall in mustard colour.

  50. Susana

    From the wall decals, I love the Koala tree with 3 branches. The prints are also lovely, my favorite is the Royal Safari set.

  51. Åsa Klasenius

    So hard to choose one.. I could see myself with several decals around the house. But if I have to choose one, the Dahlia Wall is my favorite. But I love the Owl tree and the Carnival Birds for my sons nursery. Well, to be honest I love all the tree decals and would love any of them in my sons nursery that I am planning. Decals are perfect since we live in a rental.

  52. Minnie

    I love the “floral giraffe Mom and baby” decal and the owl decals. Both me and my daughter (chloe) adore owls! 😉
    Her favourite book is “owl babies”.
    I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to have an owl theme in her room for her coming 2nd birthday.

  53. christelle

    un coucou de France, pour dire que je lis votre blog tous les jours et qu’il est une vraie source d’inspiration !
    sur Etsy, mon préféré est le “Tweet Tree Nursery Wall Decal” que je verrais bien dans la chambre de ma fille, customisé avec des feuilles toutes colorées.

  54. Noga

    Thank you for this option to win such a beautiful thing! I loved the Leaning Tree Wall Decal the most. The decal is just perfect for my kids room..Thank you!

  55. Eloise White

    The Extra Large Wall Decal ‘The Owl Tree’ is my favourite item from the Little Lion Studio! It’s perfect!

  56. Nyssa Rae

    I actually have this exact decal favourited in my Etsy, I would love it for my Baby boy due in June! 😀

  57. sarah

    My daughter would love the set you feature in your post – also the Botanical Garden & Little Friends is adorable. Cheers!

  58. barbaram

    I really love the Dahlia Wall.
    Finally I’d stop staring at the useless ceiling!
    lovely lovely lovely.

  59. Catherine

    I love the Lion King nursery print. Thanks for sharing this great shop!

  60. Jenny H

    I love the Moombeams on a Starry Night mural – gorgeous!

  61. MzTallulah

    I’m finally decorating my little one’s room, and this would fit in so nicely! I love all tree decals, especially the cherry blossom and the follow the little rabbit. Thank you for the giveaway!

  62. Yin

    The koala tree wall decal is super cute and perfect for a nursery. I have been on the hunt for decals and searched all of etsy for one last week. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. becky peterson

    Actually, the Owl Tree is my favorite and would look perfect in my boys’ toy room. The runner up is the deer family silhouette. My boys are big into animals and nature.

  64. Melody

    The Dahlia wall is one of my favorites, but it’s so hard to choose from.

  65. Nicoletta

    I think they are all wonderful but my children prefer the ones with trees and howls, koalas and rabbits!!!
    They’re so sweet!

  66. Rian

    Love the Black Label Berry Tree – simplistic and stylish!

  67. Lena

    Everything’s so pretty ! *___*
    It’s hard to decide but right now my favorite is the Carnival Birds Wall Decal.

  68. Jennyroo

    The promise of spring (still cold and snowy here!) has me dreaming of Cherry Blossoms!

  69. Lori Meyer

    I absolutely LOVE the Floral Giraffe Large Wall Decal. It is so beautiful, but honestly, so is everything else from Little Lion 🙂

  70. Baboon

    I love LittleLion! My favorite item is the Royal Safari Nursery Print Set. I’m hoping to get it soon!

  71. Carmen

    I love the Summer Rain print! Thanks for organizing the giveaway and for showing this great etsy shop!


  72. Cuicui

    Oh, everything is so beautiful. If I have to choose, I will go for the lovely Little Rabbit Branches Wall Decal.

    Thank you for this giveaway and making me discover this wonderful shop.

  73. Morgan

    sooo hard to decide all are great ! but I’m pretty in love with the deer family and fawn !

  74. Anna

    I love the owl tree and the cherry blossom tree, they look so great!

  75. Bess

    I love all their tree decals. I also love that they are Canadian!

  76. Morgan

    Oh my, everything is so cute! I think my favorite item is the Birds and Flower Wall Decal.
    (The Owl Tree would look sooooo cute in my daughter’s nursery!)

  77. Ashton

    so hard to choose from! I love the bontanical gardens and anything with giraffes

  78. mel

    the black label cornet tree wall decal and the peacock. visually rich.

  79. Shireen

    Wow, such cute wall decoration
    MY favorite is the Birds Bed Headboard Wall Decal and for my litte i would choose the Carnival Birds Wall Decal.
    So cute!!!

  80. LOla

    So many cute decals! Its is so difficult to choose one to stand out…
    After much consideration, i think my favourite would be Moonbeams on a starry night. Have a good weekend all!

  81. Focipresley (Bon)

    Well, I adore the Owl Tree… but that Cherry Blossom design is a very strong contender!! 🙂

  82. Florence

    My little son Tom (3 y) just loves owls. He wants to be one himself actually.
    We thus actually prefer The Owl Tree. It’s so cute.

  83. Stephanie

    So hard to choose but the Cherry Blossom Tree is the favorite here! What lovely decals, thanks for sharing 🙂

  84. Anna

    The Dahlia Wall is beautiful!

    and I like the Polarbears xxx

  85. Frances

    the owl tree, owl branch, sleeping koala…love it all!!

  86. Susi

    i can not choose one as my favorite. I like all tree prints. they are a kind of romantic.

  87. Greet

    Ow(l)… so difficult. I really like the owl branch, but the carnival birds are very attractive too. Gives a kind of holiday feeling!

  88. Hermine

    I like the floral giraffe!!!
    thanks for that giveaway, hope there will be a tree in the mail!
    a bientôt,

  89. Karroum Mouna.


    I ‘m in love with the tree wall decal….there is some poetry and colours are merely sweet….and tender…..

    good continuation……

  90. psyche

    this would be perfect in my son’s room. it already has a forest theme! fingers crossed.
    and i love the summer rain drops print as well!!

  91. Kit Knitty

    My actual favorite is the Owl Tree, but I also love the Deer Family Silhouette. Thanks for the contest!

  92. Fiona

    We heart the ‘Owl Tree Wall Decal’. We have just finished building our dream home & it would really compliment our beautiful 5 month old daughter Willow’s grey & white themed nursery.

  93. A Offler

    I looooooove the Croc King Custom Baby Nursery Print, the green is gorgeous and my boys favourite colour!! youre decals are stunning!!!

  94. Esther

    We love the Koala Branch 1 decal. A reminder of home.

  95. Angela Tripaldi

    Birds Bed Headboard Wall Decal! It’s so cute!

  96. Denise

    I absolutely love the custom baby nursery prints – the ones in mustard yellow are beautiful.

  97. hilary eyres

    Thanks for sharing Little Lion’s etsy shop! My favorite for my son is the peacock – especially since we live in Portland – where everyone needs a bird on their wall!
    I have an ongoing obsession with wall decals – I want a huge gold tree for my bedroom – so I appreciate this posting. I love all details they go into as shop owners on Etsy. So lovely!

  98. tartankiwi

    A difficult choice, but I think my favourite is the Backyard Nursery – Mint – Big Giraffe Wall Decal

  99. Serena

    What an amazing piece of work!
    I just adore the OWL art!!!
    Owls are my new passion.

    *crossing my fingers*

  100. Sarah S

    I LOVE the giraffe wall decal! But the tree wall decals are all so amazing too. Beautiful!

  101. Inger

    They are all just absolutely cute, but I think my favorite is the Deer Family Outline Wall Decall….or was it the sleeping koala…., or maybe the trees…hmmmm…..too difficult as you can see.

  102. Estelle

    My favorite is the cherry blossom wall decal – but everything in their shop is beautiful!!! Thank you!

  103. dina perna

    I am purchasing the koala sleeping trio for my baby’s nursury. I have scoured the web, and by far Little Lion has the most adorable wall decals & prints.

  104. KellyB

    I purchased custom prints for our twins’ nursery. The Lion King and Queen Giraffe will watch over their slumber and greet them in the morning. I can’t wait to introduce our little ones to their royal friends.

  105. Stephanie

    ooooh – all so lovely. so hard to choose, but i think the mysteries mural and tweet tree are my faves.

  106. Donnet

    The Polar Bear nursery wall decal is definitely a fave!!

  107. Ann Verhoeven

    The owls ofcourse! But also the cherry blossom and the lion!

  108. Amy

    Besides the Owls up for grabs (thanks!) I *love* the Follow The Little Rabbit Branches wall decal – it’s so beautiful and dreamy – gorgeous! 🙂

  109. pang

    I love the Floral Giraffe Large Wall Decal, it makes me feel like I am in the grassland.

  110. Sarah

    The owl tree kills me with it’s cuteness, but that Lion is my absolute fav. And I thought I was over wall stickers!

  111. Kiva Stewart-Annum

    The Blue Elephant Wall Decal – Summer Rain is my favorite. So cute!

  112. Kelli

    I’m in love with the Dahlia Wall Mural. We have slanted ceilings like the one in the photo. Simply wonderful look!

  113. Shana Talley

    I love the Extra Large Wall Decal ‘The Owl Tree’ from Little Lion. It’s so hard to find an owl decal that is not too girly. This is perfect!

  114. Rachel Smith

    Wow, some lovely items in the shop, like lots of the wall decor stickers, especially the rabbits and owls :o)

  115. Andrea

    What a wondferful etsy shop! I love the Koala Tree Wall Decal too! – so calm and relaxing.

  116. S Hussey

    Gorgeous shop..Hard to choose one …but large owl tree is mine and Sophie’s (16 month od daughter with great taste)favourite!

  117. Leah

    I love the Dahlia wall decal–so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Rachel

    Owls have always been my fav! Now they are becoming more popular!! So odd!! But loving that I have lots of options to look at!!

  119. Nina

    The Blosson Branches wall decal is gorgeous and makes me think of what’s ahead…spring weather 🙂

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