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A new look for Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen and I'm lucky enough to be part of this issue in a new jacket and style. Just before Christmas I was invited by the lovely Anne-Marie for an interview… couldn't have been a more hectic perdio to be honest and having a photo-shoot in my house with Christmas decorations already up didn't make my life easier either, but due to the help of my good friend An van Daele we managed to get some nice pics of my home. I especially loved having the actual interview with Floor Roelvink… the questions she asked really made me think about how my blog has grown in something worth mentioning in a super great magazine like the 101 Woonideeen

You can get a better impression right here on their blog and for all you Dutch readers please do buy the copy… you won't regret it… so many more nice interviews and  very beautiful homes! 


You perhaps wonder why i show you this image too … well i was so happy yesterday when they finally came over and placed a concrete floor on our outside terras … just a funny before&after … it's still not finished, some polishing will be done and then I can place everything back… will share some more images soon. 



….the hardest part is always to choose favorite… there are so many blogs out there that I really love, like and read but there is only space for a few to mention, so I thought it would be best if i mention the ones that have been super supportive of Bloesem, old friends… so to speak 🙂

..Big Thank you to An van Daele!

..101 Woonideeen

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  1. soraya

    Heb het blad in huis en het interview gelezen. Erg mooi huis heb je!
    Je blog ziet er ook goed uit. Ben na het lezen van de 101 woonideeën direkt volger geworden van je blog 🙂 Erg inspirerend!
    Groetjes Soraya

  2. Yvonne Kusters

    Congrats to you, will buy the magazine next week in Holland. And An is a Superstar. Yvonne

  3. sonia

    it’s great! I have a copy. and you mention lots of my favorites too: ana, elizabeth, sandra, jantine and irene off course! well done!

  4. MondaysMilk

    Your new outside floor looks absolutely great! It’s suddenly a bigger space. Off to get the latest 101 🙂

  5. Hagar

    Wow!!! Great pictures and what a beautiful house ….:-)
    101 is one of my favorite magazine here in Holland,and looking at familiar face bring a huge smile…:-)

  6. jan

    How fun! Congratulations Irene, you deserve it! (And I am so honoured). Wish I could get this magazine over here. Maybe they have a digital version I”m not aware of? Going to check now! And your terrace looks lovely!

  7. Marjolein

    Congratulations, how wonderful! Will buy a copy this weekend when in NL. Am very proud of you, well, you deserve it big time! X Marjolein

  8. desiree

    Het was een super leuk interview! en je vloer ziet er geweldig uit.. ik ben benieuwd hoe je dat polishing gaat doen.. ik hoor er vaker over maar weet eigenlijk niet hoe het nou precies in zijn werk gaat.

  9. French Gifts

    Congrats!! this is really great thing. You deserve it. its looks very informative. We should buy this magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Stephanie

    Congratulations! Well deserved 🙂 I would really enjoy reading the article so I’d love to know if there is a way to view the article online or order the magazine to the US? From the 101 website, I couldn’t find a ship overseas option. I did browse the few lovely pages available at issuu.

  11. Mammamsterdam

    I saw it a couple of days ago and thought that I was reading the blog before they did publish it. Just like watching a movie before it wins the Academy Award.

    and yes, I am going to check all of your favourites.

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